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Review: is Pandora Blake’s pornographic production studio specialising in “FairTrade” spanking scenes. It’s UK-based and features F/m, F/f, M/m and M/f play in a variety of venues and settings. A cursory glance of Pandora’s bio, it is clear that she knows her way around spanked bottoms and her love for the subject matter certainly shines through in her art. In addition, I’d recommend both her personal blog and the Dreams of Spanking blog as being well worth a read.

As of July 2014, access to the Members’ Area costs £10 for five days, £20 for thirty days and £50 for ninety days. These do not automatic re-bill, although the site does offer a £20 for thirty days subscription with a £15 per month thereafter recurring subscription for those that want it. Non-members can purchase individual scenes if they’d rather, instead of paying for site-wide access. Payment is via CCBill (credit/debit card), Bank Transfer, gift card or a nameless but popular Internet e-commerce site.

There are over 200 scenes on the site, and obviously I did not peruse them all although I would have liked to! The ones that I viewed had an undercurrent of professionalism and shine that too often is missed in pornography. The costumes were utterly fantastic and the selection of scenes full of variety. There is attention to detail throughout and Pandora has produced lots of well-acted, well-produced sets of sizzling hot spanking where thought, love and care have been given to the entire scene. This is not BDSM gonzo so prevalent on the “tube”-style sites but a wide range of scenes containing a variety of storylines on a site that is updated a couple of times a week.

Many of the scenes have “behind the scenes” features as well as interviews with the stars. Watching a couple of these was enlightening: there is a genuine love of spanking and BDSM from the cast. I am not sure what the spanking equivalent of “gay for pay” would be (red for readies maybe?!) but it’s totally not relevant here. The actors have chosen this genre of pornography because they are spankos, they clearly had fun producing the porn, and to me, that made the scenes all the hotter.

Visual scenes can be downloaded as a ZIP file containing all the images, as well as WMV and MP4 files for the scenes with video. The latter option, certainly for the newer scenes, was 1440×1080 or HD. This leads to some impressive file sizes (around 450Mb for the Honeytrap) but the site could max out my ADSL2+ connection with ease; there are no speed issues I could find, and the smaller file sized WMV were still highly impressive on my laptop.

The site also offers live streaming of the videos; the JWPlayer worked fine on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 8.1 trial devices, I had some issues with the Android and IOS tests, but HLS implementations in all mobile devices are renowned for being ropey so this wasn’t totally unexpected.

One thing I would like to note is the detail gone into the keyword tagging – the scenes are tagged by performers, implement, genre, atmosphere, orientation, photographer and then “details.” If “Gym Knickers” is your thing, then all the scenes featuring gym knickers have been tagged for your consumption. Same for tears, strap-ons, solo female, Riding Crop and over 230 options of selecting the scene you are in the mood for: there was even the option of “cats in porn” for those people who like to see their spanking performers being cat-bombed! For a pervert like me, the wide choice was like being in a kinky sweet shop; I had no idea what to choose first!

The spankings in the scenes are firm and clearly painful but not blisteringly hardcore. I didn’t want to see the performer left in a bloodied mess of agony and the site stayed on the right side of the line. I sincerely doubt many people will hit their red lines here.

As for my favourite scenes: The Honey Trap featuring FtM porn star James Darling is just incredibly hot and I defy any spanko not to find the bright red naked bottoms in Bathtime alluring and sexy. I found the Houseboy scenes very erotic while those featuring Lola Marie are definitely worth checking out!

But it would be unfair to highlight just a small section of the content. is a fantastic site, that is full of scorchingly hot scenes of kink and debauchery that’s well-organised, well-produced and fantastic value for money! 😉



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