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Reviews of Sex Toys for Men

Sex toys are getting more creative with time. There are plenty of good sex toys to choose from in the market. Sex toys for men, however, are always considered weird and almost a taboo. Only recently, men are opening up about their interests in sex toys, which can provide an alternative to their sex lives for enhanced pleasures. There are more options available for men today than every. This list will review the best sex toys for men that they can order today. You can explore a range of advanced sex toys that can do much more than yesterday’s fleshlights.

The Autoblow AI

A team that was probably tired of the unsatisfactory blowjobs took the task of creating the ultimate blowjob machine. The Autoblow AI is a new-age masturbator that can detect your behavior to change its technique and provide a sensational blowjob. Its flexible canal capacity can work for any size penis, making it compatible for all men. It may be a bit bulky to keep in your room without someone noticing it and always needs a plug to work. Overall, it is a modern solution for getting the blowjob you desire.

The Fun Factory Manta

Manta From Fun Factory is an innovative design to the fleshlights that are getting outdated. This sex toy provides two wings that go around the penis to provide intense vibration. The user can adjust the speed and intensity of the vibration to find the right pleasure spot. It is a rechargeable toy that can last for more than most of the other sex toys in a single charge. The drawback of this toy is that it is not handsfree, and you will need a helping hand to keep it performing.

The Lelo F1s

Lelo is a newly introduced device that provides more customization to the user than any other toy in the market. It has a classic design and precise ergonomics. There is also a compatible app that gives the user full control of the device. The device is also compatible with VR porn to provide a realistic simulation of sex. It can track your progress and change the sensations accordingly. It is waterproof, which makes Lelo easy to clean. The biggest strength of this toy can also be its biggest drawback, as the users can struggle to operate all its functions.



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