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Review: Lelo Loki Wave

Last month I was sent a LELO Loki Wave, their new male prostate massager with “come hither” and “WaveMotion” technology to review.

I adore prostate play; the feeling of a well-lubricated finger massaging against my prostate is a delicious treat that no sex toy has ever managed to successfully replicate. Sure, there are many toys which stimulate the prostate. Some, like the Aneros, put pressure on the prostate and use the motion caused by muscular movements to massage. Others, like the Rocks-Off use vibrations. The Loki Wave is different; it tries to emulate a prostate massage.

The girth of the toy is not insignificant, but any man who has played with any sort of anal play, should not be daunted by the tapered head; it’s not massive, just not tiny either. As with all anal toys, the Loki Wave does require lubricants and as a silicone-based toy, water-based lubricants are recommended. When the main part of the toy is inserted and presses against the prostate, the perineum is stimulated from the massager that protrudes from the shaft of the toy.

The main selling point of the toy is the dual-action stimulation; one to vibrate the prostate and perineum, and the other to “wave” and bob against the prostate to mimic a finger performing a traditional prostate massage.

Using just the vibrations was a good way to “warm up”: it is a sizeable toy and the initial settings pressed and vibrated my perineum and prostate; it felt satisfying, yet no different from the Rocks-Off.

But the Loki Wave’s ace up it’s sleeve is a big one. The WaveMotion “come hither” technology does really work. Starting it slowly, it began to play with my prostate in a way no toy has ever managed. The unmistakeable pressure building inside, and the warm feeling of the enjoyment emanating from my loins.

The powerful motions are undeniably strong; the pressure is beautifully perfect and the orgasm builds in the waves of relief that is so common with prostate massages, getting stronger with each release. It’s an incredible toy that does so well to emulate the feeling of a slow, firm prostate massage with a finger.

I had no problems charging or using the toy; the controls are easy to use and a little self-explanatory. I would say that it’s not a quiet toy. They aren’t as loud as the Doxy, but I wouldn’t call the dual-action stimulation whisper-quiet either. The manual says it is under 50dB, which is the noise generated by a standard home refrigerator or portable air conditioner, and I think that is about accurate.

I should note that unlike some other prostate toys, I found the Loki Wave best enjoyed when I had an hour or two of peace. It’s not a quick satisfaction like the Fleshlight but rather something that requires an investment that yields a bumper harvest.

The waterproof toy is constructed using body-safe silky-soft silicone. It is USB rechargeable and comes in a smart presentation case with a USB charging lead and a black storage pouch. It takes around two hours to charge fully, and lasts for two hours of playtime. As a note, I have loads of toys in my toy drawer in a black storage pouch; it would be great if other colours were used by manufacturers too!

I should also mention the 10-year product guarantee offered with the toy from LELO; that’s one hell of a time-period to offer for a sex-toy and shows the confidence that they have in the build quality of their product. It feels a well-constructed, well-engineered product, and with the excellent design one that will no doubt see a lot of use.

So, at the start of my review I said that “the feeling of a well-lubricated finger massaging against my prostate is a delicious treat that no sex toy has ever managed to successfully replicate.” I have to confess that the Loki Wave goes a long way to doing just that. I’d like to see the prostate waves be able to go faster, or stronger. The feeling of satisfaction builds, but it does build slowly, and while the big explosive orgasm arrives, I’d like the ability to get there quicker!

But these are minor points. The Loki Wave is a leap forward for what I had, and will surely just continue to get better and better. It is, without doubt. the best prostate toy I have.



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