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What Is Some D.I.Y Sex Toys That I Could Use?


There are many advantages to shopping for and using DIY Sex Toys. For starters, you can avoid the embarrassment that many women suffer from when visiting a retail sex toy store. Also, it is much easier to buy a “one-time-use” electric vibrator or dildo versus buying multiple pieces of similar items. It is also much more convenient to pick up items at a local shop than it is online. Finally, there are fewer chances that you will end up purchasing an unsafe product if you shop at an adult novelty product store.

Many people wonder why anyone would need to use toys or masturbate with anything other than his or her own hands. After all, don’t people use anything that is not in their private parts? The answer to this question really depends on the circumstances of the person in question.

There are many people who masturbate with their hands just because they are too lazy to use a vibrator or other product. However, many people find that they can increase their masturbatory performance and pleasure by being creative and experimenting with a new toy or technique each time they are with a partner. Additionally, some men find that they can solve the issue of premature ejaculation by masturbation alone. This alone should be enough of a reason for you to look into the possibility of trying out masturbation with a new vibrator or other sex toys.

While shopping for your DIY Sex Toys, it might find that there are a few things that you would rather not have. For instance, it might find that it is difficult to come up with something to make yourself doggy style (i.e., stimulate yourself in the butt with a sex toy). In addition, you might find that it is difficult to come up with something to lubricate your genitals, and/or if you have never used a d.i.y. toy before then you might find that it is difficult to go insert it the first time without feeling silly and uncomfortable.

However, if you are willing to explore your possibilities with a d.i.y sex toy then you will be able to come up with a lot of things that can help increase both your pleasure and your control. One example is the Vibrator Body groom. It comes in a whole variety of different functions including clitoral stimulation, masturbation, and body groom. Furthermore, the vibrator has an Adjustable Clitoral Stimulator so that you can find the best spot on your vagina to stimulate yourself. The Adjustable Clitoral Stimulator is designed to massage sensitive areas of the vagina in order to help alleviate any discomfort, and the Body groom’s design also allows for maximum control so that you can last longer during your masturbation sessions.

Another example of a great sex toy that you could make use of is the Erogenous Enuresis Electric Toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is probably something that you have never given much thought to, but it is actually an extremely powerful way to stimulate yourself during masturbation sessions. When you combine an electric toothbrush with a vibrator then you will definitely have a powerful orgasm. Some women might find it uncomfortable to use because it feels really weird when you brush your teeth with them but other women may find it to be a lot of fun. It is definitely something that you may want to consider if you ever wondered what would happen if you used both an electric toothbrush and a vibrator during masturbation.

Reviews of Sex Toys for Men


Sex toys are getting more creative with time. There are plenty of good sex toys to choose from in the market. Sex toys for men, however, are always considered weird and almost a taboo. Only recently, men are opening up about their interests in sex toys, which can provide an alternative to their sex lives for enhanced pleasures. There are more options available for men today than every. This list will review the best sex toys for men that they can order today. You can explore a range of advanced sex toys that can do much more than yesterday’s fleshlights.

The Autoblow AI

A team that was probably tired of the unsatisfactory blowjobs took the task of creating the ultimate blowjob machine. The Autoblow AI is a new-age masturbator that can detect your behavior to change its technique and provide a sensational blowjob. Its flexible canal capacity can work for any size penis, making it compatible for all men. It may be a bit bulky to keep in your room without someone noticing it and always needs a plug to work. Overall, it is a modern solution for getting the blowjob you desire.

The Fun Factory Manta

Manta From Fun Factory is an innovative design to the fleshlights that are getting outdated. This sex toy provides two wings that go around the penis to provide intense vibration. The user can adjust the speed and intensity of the vibration to find the right pleasure spot. It is a rechargeable toy that can last for more than most of the other sex toys in a single charge. The drawback of this toy is that it is not handsfree, and you will need a helping hand to keep it performing.

The Lelo F1s

Lelo is a newly introduced device that provides more customization to the user than any other toy in the market. It has a classic design and precise ergonomics. There is also a compatible app that gives the user full control of the device. The device is also compatible with VR porn to provide a realistic simulation of sex. It can track your progress and change the sensations accordingly. It is waterproof, which makes Lelo easy to clean. The biggest strength of this toy can also be its biggest drawback, as the users can struggle to operate all its functions.

Best Prostate Massagers for The Good Times

Most men might be unaware of the fact that they have their g-spot in the prostate, which is left underutilized for pleasure. Straight men look at any form of insertion in their butt with trepidation, and this can be warranted for because of the lack of information. The prostate gland is an essential part of the reproductive system, located around two inches in the rectum. Plenty of nerve endings are present in the prostate, making insertion one of the most pleasurable experiences.

The intensity of a man’s orgasm can be increased by massaging the prostate. The prostate produces much of the fluid present in the semen. Only a few men know about the element of pleasure linked to the gland. But there has been a boom in the sales of prostate massagers in the last few years, most of which can be ascribed to the pervasive effect of the content that is posted online.

The toys used for this purpose include anal dildos, stainless-steel wands, and small butt plugs. With multiple options to choose from, you could go on teetering between the best products. Before buying the massager, you must learn how to use it and what activities are involved in the process. Choosing your style and preference is important when seeking pleasure with these toys. Your perineum needs massaging before penetrating the toy. Having your partner stroke and massage these areas can stimulate the effect. Get the massager inside your butt only when you are relaxed and ready for it. Let us look at the best prostate massagers that can take you floating in the most vivid zones of pleasure.

1.     Rocks Off Rude Boy Dual Action Prostate Massager

This revolutionary anal massager offers you an escape to the world of sensuality. The small bullet vibe is the part of the massager that sends a wave of pinpointed stimulation to the perineum. The body of the toy vibrates against the prostate to create one of the best sexual experiences. Stimulation of orgasm is no more a difficult task with Rocks Off Rude Boy at your service.

2.     Aneros Trident Prostate Massager

Sex educators recommend Aneros prostate massager to be one of the best on the market. Anyone using massagers for the first time is likely to be intimidated by the size and shape, but it is simply a classic anal plug used to stimulate the arousing effects. The short, curved portion aligns with the prostate to gratify your desire. It is easy to use since the wide handle provides a firm grip to hold during penetration.

3.     Vector Prostate Massager

You are buying a combo when spending money on Vector; the vibrating massager stimulates the prostate, and the perineum is rubbed using the other part of the toy to give you extra pleasure. The heads of the massager can be adjusted appropriately to hit your g-spot the right way.

4.     Loki Prostate Massager

The name is familiar to all Marvel movie fans. But you don’t necessarily have to look at this device as the character because you have your partner to squeeze your testicles and massage your perineum. If you are bisexual or homosexual, you can surely switch to the thought of having Thor’s brother having a great time with you. Keeping the fictional side of it apart, this massager is said to be the favorite of all guys who use such products. The six vibration patterns keep giving you the desired impact with strong continuous vibes. Loki is waterproof and made of silky silicone; so, you can use it in the shower to add a tinge of cool kinkiness to it.

5.     Desire App-Controlled Prostate Vibrator

This massager works best when controlled through your smartphone. The technological advancements have added this special feature to the massager, making it easier for you to understand the process. Eight vibration patterns and twelve intensity levels are offered on this massager, and the added benefit is that your partner can control it from a different place even when he/she isn’t with you.

6.     Hugo Prostate Massager

If you are looking for the daddy of prostate massager, you have stumbled upon the right option. The two vibrating motors come with a remote, which your partner can control without removing the plug. This waterproof massager can be adjusted for the vibration patterns to attune to your requirements. Hugo is one of the best options if you want a great time in the shower.

7.     B-Vibe Rimming Plug

Prostate play is not the only benefit of using the Rimming Plug. You can also experience another level of pleasure at the anal opening and the nerve endings present in those areas. The rotating beads in the plug add another element of fun to the whole experience.

8.     Njoy Pure Plug Medium

Putting extra pressure on the prostate using the metal butt plugs can up the ante. Njoy Plug is a stainless toy that comes with a heightened masculine feel. It is more appealing to the men who aren’t fond of the higher-end toys. One of the greatest benefits of using stainless-steel plugs is that you can easily clean and disinfect them by throwing the plug into a boiling pot of water.

9.     LoveHoney’s Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug

Beginners can have a great time with this butt plug. The effect it brings might be less intense compared to the other massagers on this list because it has been programmed to work only to a certain level of vibrations. However, anyone new to the practice can have a lot of fun with this product. The inflatable plug expands when inside your anal hole, stimulating the effect of the sexual drive. While all the other butt plugs focus on the depth of the product, LoveHoney aims at giving the user the pleasure of experiencing the expansion within their body. When the inflatable plug touches the inner walls, you are sure to experience something new in life. If you are planning to use it, try the first effects with your partner so that you don’t end up using it the wrong way. The inflation and deflation will work in your favor only when another person operates the device.

Review: Flying High


Last month I was given a complimentary copy of Cleis Press‘s latest anthology Flying High to read and review.

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and with a foreword by Alison Tyler, the book contains nineteen hot short stories of the Mile High Club. Other contributors to the book include Kristina Wright, Sommer Marsden, Elizabeth Coldwell and over a dozen other talented authors who seduce the reader with salacious words woven into fantastic tales.

As with all anthologies, there were stories that I loved, and tales that I didn’t; that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with any of the stories, but there were some scenes that I adored and they became my favourites. But there isn’t a “bad” story here at all; they are all hot, great tales that rock.

Get On, Get Off by Jeremy Edwards was the premise of an airline having a “masturbation class” and that enticing idea was brought to life with some excellent, and well-written prose. When Your Girlfriend Wears a Very Short Skirt by Thomas S Roche is a red-hot erotic, brilliantly crafted scorching story that ended with me wanting much much more, and I think that’s the mark of a good anthology piece when I instinctively want a Part 2! I love the creativity in Wing Walker and the turn in 34B, but my favourite story was definitely Craig J Sorensen’s Top Banana, from which this excerpt is taken:

“You’re almost too perfect.” Her face was sweet and warm, but there was a darkness swelling in her eyes. “You’ve got a beautiful cock, though.” She traced it.

“Uh, thank you?”

“Spread your legs.”

I surveyed the tiny lavatory. She turned so the front of her yellow dress was pressed to my back like a chair. One cool hand smoothed down my back, across my butt, around my hip. The other circled my cock tightly. “Spread your legs,” she repeated.

I opened my feet as far as I could.


(The introduction was posted here by the editor.)

But, in all honesty, it would wrong to single out a particular submission; all of the stories are quality, with sizzling hot sex scenes and delightful premises. They are all reasonably short, ideal for that journey into work on public transport which is a “stop-start” affair and would kickstart any tired mind in the morning.

For that reason, the book must come recommended.

Review: Lelo Loki Wave


Last month I was sent a LELO Loki Wave, their new male prostate massager with “come hither” and “WaveMotion” technology to review.

I adore prostate play; the feeling of a well-lubricated finger massaging against my prostate is a delicious treat that no sex toy has ever managed to successfully replicate. Sure, there are many toys which stimulate the prostate. Some, like the Aneros, put pressure on the prostate and use the motion caused by muscular movements to massage. Others, like the Rocks-Off use vibrations. The Loki Wave is different; it tries to emulate a prostate massage.

The girth of the toy is not insignificant, but any man who has played with any sort of anal play, should not be daunted by the tapered head; it’s not massive, just not tiny either. As with all anal toys, the Loki Wave does require lubricants and as a silicone-based toy, water-based lubricants are recommended. When the main part of the toy is inserted and presses against the prostate, the perineum is stimulated from the massager that protrudes from the shaft of the toy.

The main selling point of the toy is the dual-action stimulation; one to vibrate the prostate and perineum, and the other to “wave” and bob against the prostate to mimic a finger performing a traditional prostate massage.

Using just the vibrations was a good way to “warm up”: it is a sizeable toy and the initial settings pressed and vibrated my perineum and prostate; it felt satisfying, yet no different from the Rocks-Off.

But the Loki Wave’s ace up it’s sleeve is a big one. The WaveMotion “come hither” technology does really work. Starting it slowly, it began to play with my prostate in a way no toy has ever managed. The unmistakeable pressure building inside, and the warm feeling of the enjoyment emanating from my loins.

The powerful motions are undeniably strong; the pressure is beautifully perfect and the orgasm builds in the waves of relief that is so common with prostate massages, getting stronger with each release. It’s an incredible toy that does so well to emulate the feeling of a slow, firm prostate massage with a finger.

I had no problems charging or using the toy; the controls are easy to use and a little self-explanatory. I would say that it’s not a quiet toy. They aren’t as loud as the Doxy, but I wouldn’t call the dual-action stimulation whisper-quiet either. The manual says it is under 50dB, which is the noise generated by a standard home refrigerator or portable air conditioner, and I think that is about accurate.

I should note that unlike some other prostate toys, I found the Loki Wave best enjoyed when I had an hour or two of peace. It’s not a quick satisfaction like the Fleshlight but rather something that requires an investment that yields a bumper harvest.

The waterproof toy is constructed using body-safe silky-soft silicone. It is USB rechargeable and comes in a smart presentation case with a USB charging lead and a black storage pouch. It takes around two hours to charge fully, and lasts for two hours of playtime. As a note, I have loads of toys in my toy drawer in a black storage pouch; it would be great if other colours were used by manufacturers too!

I should also mention the 10-year product guarantee offered with the toy from LELO; that’s one hell of a time-period to offer for a sex-toy and shows the confidence that they have in the build quality of their product. It feels a well-constructed, well-engineered product, and with the excellent design one that will no doubt see a lot of use.

So, at the start of my review I said that “the feeling of a well-lubricated finger massaging against my prostate is a delicious treat that no sex toy has ever managed to successfully replicate.” I have to confess that the Loki Wave goes a long way to doing just that. I’d like to see the prostate waves be able to go faster, or stronger. The feeling of satisfaction builds, but it does build slowly, and while the big explosive orgasm arrives, I’d like the ability to get there quicker!

But these are minor points. The Loki Wave is a leap forward for what I had, and will surely just continue to get better and better. It is, without doubt. the best prostate toy I have.