Writers wanted for July madness

Calling all writers!

I have a challenge for you …

How often do you check and write for the submission calls to ERWA? How often do you write for “your” genres and never step outside those? How often you mean to write something and never quite get around to putting it down?

How about writing for EVERY submission call for short fiction in July?

I have taken part in the Spanking A-to-Z Challenge, the Blogging A-to-Z Challenge, the February Photo Fest as well as Race to 2000 Spanks and the Race to 100 Orgasms: doing a challenge with other bloggers and writers motivates me and I am hoping to do the same here.

So, in the last week of June, I will take all* the submission calls for shorts (3000 words or less), with deadline dates on July 30th or later and list them. We then have 31 days to write and submit for every single one.

That it? Not quite; when you sign up to do it, I’m going to ask you to pledge a forfeit – for example, £5 to the charity of your choice, 100 spanks, underwear ban for a week – whatever floats your boat. A task that you promise to do IF you don’t complete all the listed submission calls. We work on trust here!

Furthermore, I will happily track all of the participants with a leaderboard; just let me know when you submit a call and I’ll mark it up. If falling down the pack or seeing your top spot usurped doesn’t raise the motivation to get writing smut, surely nothing will! 😉

Why? I like pushing myself to write genres I’d never write, and I love the idea of a wager. And I want to write more submission calls.

And I think a small group of writers supporting, cajoling and encouraging each other, with a small element of competition and the threat of a self-imposed stick, would be excellent.

So … is anyone willing to partake in this madness with me?

*=In the unlikely event that there are more than ten calls that meet the criteria, I will randomly select ten using a PRNG overseen by impartial sadist (my wife).

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  1. As I’m writing this comment at four in the morning, with absolutely zero sleep in me, I know for a fact that what I’m about to say will come back to bite me in the arse.

    Fuck it, sign me up. I’m in.
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