Poem: Nymphomaniacs Anonymous

I know I might be on shaky ground with this one, but once the idea entered my head, I couldn’t think of anything else. After all, what a conservative may call rampant sluttishness, might be quite tame to other people. But anyway … imagine a table where four people come to bear their sex lives and ask if their excesses are “normal.”

Welcome to Nymphomaniacs Anonymous. We are all honest here.

“Dildos, dongs and plugs, workplace affair,
Fucked on his desk, wore vibrating underwear.
Going to a club, just to find younger dick,
Husband thinks I’m working; yes he’s really thick!
While I get stuffed, feel guilty that I stray,
But I need that rush, ten times a day.
Is it wrong to feed, my very personal need?”

“Nipple chains, clamps and rope tied around my tits
Squealing in pain, angry pegs clamped on my bits
Harder, he angrily cries. Then he makes me weep.
Make me scream all day; know I’m in too deep.
Doesn’t give clemency, he takes me to hell
This is my destiny, I live under his spell.
Is it wrong to feed, his perverted need?”

“Wanking in public, wanting all to see,
Tied up at a gangbang, lost count at eighty-three!
I’m the nastiest pervert, that there’s ever been;
Think Pink Flamingo’s bad, I’m far more obscene!
Vids across the net, I get called a slut,
But that makes me wet, when people watch my smut.
Is it wrong to feed, my exhibitionist need?”

“I know sex-starved people, special people in my life,
Don’t get sex from partners, their husband or their wife.
They have some very normal, wishes and fantasies,
Like hands around their cocks, or kisses on pussies.
My wife understands, my friends and I are close,
Their sexual demands: with me, anything goes!
Is it wrong to feed, their desires and needs?”

“The trick is a balance, use some common sense,
Wild sex is fantastic, but you lot sound intense.
Consider the risk, and try to ascertain:
If you’re an “addict;” could you abstain?
An addict has no control, of themselves or their excess.
Devoid of self-control, and with sex they do obsess.
But if you could avoid, your sex for some days,
You won’t be overjoyed, but it shows you’re OK.
Only then you can feed, the “perverted” need.”

(Obviously, not trying to slight Sex Addicts Anonymous, or any other support group)

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. what is “NORMAL” anyways. Normal is so many different ways my norm can be your weird and so on. I think you did a lovely post it is deep.The photo is hilairus

  2. Hmmm I think it is only in excess when it invades your every thought and pervades through the things one needs to survive daily.. perverted is defined by what side of the fence you fall on when told of the fetish.. well written and I might have seen a bit of myself in some of them.. ahem I won’t say which ones
    Twisted Angel recently posted…When Balance is thrown off.. WWMy Profile

  3. Wow this is great and could see myself in a lot of it. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Sure is making me think. I really do like it. Cute photo to go with the post.

  4. Cute photo to go with the post. I am far from normal I learned that long time ago.

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