Story: First time in chastity

This is fiction!

The malevolent minx giggled, kissing the small steel object in her hand. “Not yet. Maybe later. I’ll think about it.”

“You promised,” I wailed, shifting awkwardly on my haunches. “You said one week. Try it and see if I get on with it. It’s been a week” My wife giggled and shrugged her shoulders, leaning back on the sofa and sliding her feet up my bare thighs and unclothed body.

“I know. Aren’t I the naughty one,” she teased. “And you know the rules!”

“But …”

“I don’t like the word but,” she snapped. “Remember what happened the last time you used it?”

“You paddled my butt until it was bright red and I cried.” She smiled as she recollected a particularly vicious weekend playing with my soft bits and sighed. “However, I have done all the cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, everything you’ve asked, so I beg you to release me.”

I pointed towards my chastity cage, encasing my masculinity inside a metal spiral, and she shrugged, sipping her wine with an uncompromising detachment. “I will, when I’m ready. When I think you deserve it.” I tried hard not to groan, and she opened her gown at the front, to reveal her bare crotch. “Kiss it,” she said with a grin. “And then I might think about it.”

I knew her game, but had to play it; with eagerness, I kissed the tops of her thighs, working my way around her firm muscles to her hairless slit. She sank into her seat, and parted her legs further; her promise glistened invitingly and I kissed her warm sex.

She sighed, leaning back as my cock strained in its cage: she knew giving oral always made me incredibly horny and she had no intention of relenting on her once-every-eight hours routine she had so recently adopted!

I savoured her deliciousness, a fragrant honey that exploded on my tongue and tasted more divine that any fine wine. I relished her scent, a sapid muskiness that smelt better than any rose, and I adored the slippery touch of her moistened clit, sliding around my tongue as I flicked it relentlessly.

Whether it was the thought of my caged cock, or my lust-induced frantic cunnilingus, but she groaned, swore, cried and wriggled with incredible haste. She ran her hands through my hair, before sensations powered through my gorgeous dominatrix, her body a detonation of intense climatic satisfaction as her body heaved and quivered.

My painful cock ached to be released and I looked at her once more with pleading in my eyes.

“Maybe later,” she promised with a giggle. “I’ll think about it.”

For those that don’t know, February 15th is International Male Chastity Day, which is why my posts this weekend have been chastity themed. 

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