WickedWednesday: Christmas is a time …

“Excuse me, Sir,” she asked. Her soft eyes danced lightly over me as I hesitated; I was stressed: I still had presents for Aunty Laura and my ungrateful wife to buy for, not to mention the turkey and the dozens of bottles of wine. “Won’t take a moment.”

She looked gorgeous: dressed in a velvety red costume, striped stockings with a short skirt and bright red bobble hat. She smiled warmly, inviting blue eyes and long blonde hair trapped inside her sexy Santa outfit. Was it a charity collection, or some sort of elaborate promotion; she was with two other girls, equally as well-dressed and another guy. Why did they have to stop me on Christmas Eve of all days? “Ummm …”

“Sir, just a question: what would you like for Christmas?” She smiled as she spoke and giggled at my expression. “What would a lovely, sexy man like you want to unwrap tomorrow?” She stroked her cheek with a cheeky grin as I laughed at her, and hummed.

“You,” I replied, teasing her. “Definitely.”

“Ahhhh,” she cried appreciatively and wrapped her arms around me, posing for a photograph taken by her colleague as dozens of people pushed passed us. “Smile!”

The flash blinded me and she wished me a “Merry Christmas.”

And it was, up until I got to the front of the queue and found my wallet had been lifted from my trouser pocket. She was gone by the time I returned to that place on the High Street.

Christmas is a time for giving, but it shouldn’t really be a time for taking!

I’d like to wish all my fellow WickedWednesday-ers Merry Christmas and hope 2014 is prosperous! 😉

Wicked Wednesday


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