Wicked Wednesday: The memory

Totally fictional poem, but hopefully should amuse. 

Four years ago, to the day,
I wore a suit, it was gray,
The missus sighed, whined and groaned
“That’s looks silly,” she whinged and moaned

“That’s old,” she cried. “And very bland.
There’s nowt that duller across the land.”
I protested, it was excellent!
She said I was an elephant.

Five star hotel we were headed,
Tom and Laura were getting wedded,
Everyone dressed up to the nines,
My fashion, a little less refined

My suit may be getting on a bit
But it is, a cracking fit
Not to tight around the waist
Just not to my wife’s taste

Her criticism made me upset,
And if she thought I’d forget,
Her words, then she was remiss
I was angry, I was pissed

But revenge, is best served cold
If it is to be extolled
Four years, I had to wait
To right the wrong, to put it straight

My wife found in a shop,
A magnificent riding crop
She bought it home with untold glee
“Five light spanks, pretty please.”

She did think that’s all she’d get
Forgetting all about the debt
More spankage she was due
And her punishment, I’d see it through

When she came to me that night
I bound her, nice and tight
To the table, she could not budge
While I exercised my grudge

The first stroke was very firm
This caused her to scream and squirm
“Not so hard,” she begged and cried
The hardness, was mine to decide

I reminded her about my suit
My memory she did refute
But big hard strokes she would get
And this was no idle threat.

She pleaded for some clemency
For me to stop her penalty
I laughed and spanked her hard once more
I would make her arse real sore.

Five marks across her peachy rear
On her face, a tumbling tear
She begged and cried for me to stop
And put down the riding crop

By fifteen spanks, she was crying
At her arse I was defiling
Red marks slashed across her rump,
All ’cause hubby had hump.

She had thirty and was weeping
Little welts, they were bleeding
By now, she knew she had to be
Always complementary

Four years ago, I looked elegant
And she said I was an elephant.
Well an elephant does not forget
The hurtful words caused upset

So this is my memory
I turned her bottom leathery
I untied her and went to kiss
But she was extremely pissed

Although her ass was utterly bruised
Her safeword she had not used
The word she could not recollect
To stop her arse getting wrecked

She said I was way too rough
Her arse is really not that tough
She said I used the crop too hard
She thinks her arse is marked and scarred

She says she thinks memories blur
And she says it was not her
Who taunted me about my suit
That turned me into a nasty brute

She knows it was my sister
That made me very bitter
I sat and thought for a mo,
And think’s she got a point, you know

I issued her with remorse
But I knew they’d be recourse
Five hundred hits, she would give
Before my wife would forgive

My memory, it failed me
And mercy, I did plea
But she tied me, quite irate
A painful bottom was my fate

I needed to engage brain
Before going to inflict pain
My memory altered in my mind
So now I’ll have a sore behind


Wicked Wednesday

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  1. LOL. You should put a warning before posting something so witty. People in the train look at me funny for laughing out loud 😉 not suitable for trains or something…

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