Wicked Wednesday: Teasing!

Her fingers lightly traced the chest of the restrained man, dressed in just his white boxer shorts, as his breathing strained. “You’re thinking about it,” she whispered in her seductive voice, straightening his blindfold and laying on the bed beside him. “I bet you’re thinking what would happen if I moved my finger.”

He gulped as the naked woman idly allowed her finger to roam freely over his tense body, touching his nipples gently and rolling effortlessly over his erect cock, prominently straining the white cotton and dampening his garment with pre-cum.

She slid her hand over his erection and watched as he flinched and writhed; the cool arousal saturating his body was briefly liberated as a flurry of sparks flowed from his loins, and momentarily soothed his desperation. “I bet you’re wondering when I’d let you come,” she whispered sexily, nibbling at his ear lobe.

He panted, snatching at the air as her fingers tapped lightly on his cock and he strained at his bounds, anxious to touch his dick and cure himself of the insatiable lust torturing his body. His thirst needed slaking and freeing, but her hand pressed down on his belly to calmly reassure him. “Imagine,” she breathed. “Me on my knees and licking the length of this massive cock.”

He sighed; his mind whirred as he fantasised, feeling the imaginary hot breath on his cock and then a fiery embrace of sensations as the mirage’s tongue swept along the shaft with effortless ease. He could see her, smiling at him as her tongue danced across his dick, loving his teased cock.

He groaned and she whispered in his ear, recounting her dirtiest of stories as her fingers lightly brushed against his body and her lustful fantasy played out in his tortured mind. He could see her mirage, smell her, taste her and feel her, her loins bouncing on his face as his tongue delved into her wanton snatch and she gleefully sucked on his cock.

“You there; I bet you can feel yourself ready to explode?” She asked as he whimpered and cried, begging for a release from the girl. “You’re right there, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” he begged, tears of frustration streaming down his face as her hands gripped his shaft and he squealed in shock and delight. “Yes! There!”

“Good night, love,” she said, before freeing herself of her partner’s cotton undergarments and yanking his blindfold free.

“But …” The tied man cried, panic and desperation etched in his voice. “Please, I …”

“You need to wait,” she replied malevolently, as she flicked the light off, leaving him tied beside her in the bed. “It’s only been three weeks and six days. Maybe tomorrow,” she promised and gently tickled the top of his erection through his white underwear. “Or maybe not; back in your chastity cage tomorrow morning!” She added, allowing her husband to cry himself to sleep, his body tingling and desperate for a merciful relief.

I know that tying someone up for hours while they sleep is dangerous, but I had to write the story up when it occurred to me! The imagination of feeling things I find easy to do, ever since my body gave me my first adult wet dream after a bout of abstinence and I am very intrigued by it all.

I am often teased by my wife, but often only for hours: chastity play and orgasm control isn’t something that we have discovered, yet! I would love to, but I want to go a lot quicker than my wife does! 

Wicked Wednesday


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  1. My piece this week is about orgasm denial. We have played with this ‘kink’ a few times but for me there is a fine line between being turned on and being pissed off

    Molly recently posted…Tease For TwoMy Profile

  2. I know how it is to let a piece just take you somewhere, even if it’s darker than you would normally go. Props for trusting yourself. :)
    TheSinDoll recently posted…My PantiesMy Profile

  3. I once did that, the tease part not the leave tied up part, and sent him off to a church function. I sure got it once he returned!
    Wonderful as always.


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