Wicked Wednesday: Being bad?

I’m sorry I didn’t get around to commenting on everyone’s WickedWednesday last week: I had a familial emergency that has deprived me of much time and will continue to do so. That said, I had a little story buzzing around in my head since I saw this week’s prompt and had to quickly write it up. Sorry, if it’s not up to my usual low standards! :-(

“But I’ve been good!” The elf sneered at the pretty receptionist, dressed in a long black coat, and shook his head. “Please.”

“Is that Miss Jones?” A voice called from behind the short green creature. “Send her in, Hermey. Send her in!” The blonde-haired girl pouted and blew the miserable elf a kiss, as he reluctantly allowed the pretty woman to walk into the room, and close the door behind her. “Back again, Evie? So soon.”

“Santa,” she cried, almost running up to the overweight man. He put down his papers and watched the flushed woman, unbuckling her coat. “Santa, I’ve …”

“I know,” he said, scratching his long, white beard and beckoning for the coquette to sit on his knee. She giggled and skipped over to him, parking her slender frame onto the scarlet red of his lap and looking mischievously into his eyes.

“I’ve …”

“Been a very naughty lady,” he said firmly; she writhed as his right hand touched her stockings and she gulped. “Who put laxatives in her boss’s hot chocolate yesterday?” She glanced down at the buttons on his suit and muttered. “Who kissed her boyfriend’s dad at his birthday party under the stairs last week?” She sniffed and wriggled, murmuring as Santa’s fingers pushed against the hem of her short skirt. “And who was it, who took the virginity of a young man on work experience only two days ago?”

She fidgeted, blushing profusely. “Me. But Santa, if I’m really, really good from now to the big day, will I get what I want for Christmas?”

He smiled, looking into her pleading blue eyes as he pulled her tartan skirt to her waist to reveal a pair of knickers over a scarlet garter belt and matching lacy stockings. “And we all know what you want for Christmas, eh Evie?”

“But Santa …”

“Models and ladies wear their knickers under the garter belt, Evie. Only naughty girls wear their knickers over the garter belt,” the fat gentleman explained with a smirk. “Easier for bad young ladies to give eager men access.” She shifted uncomfortably on his knee as his fingers slid into her knickers.

She purred, smiling involuntarily as she parted her legs to give the intruding fingers better access. “If I was a really naughty girl, I wouldn’t wear any knickers,” she countered with a grin, and gasped as he found her clit and pressed gently on her button.

She leant back onto the rotund man, groaning as he caressed her delicate moistness. She panted as she felt Santa’s hard cock press against her writhing body, gulping and mewing in delight as Santa’s fingers delved into her cunt and pressed against her slick opening.

Evie squealed and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing the bearded man passionately as he took her towards her climax. His fingers explored her cunt, his hand massaged her clothed breasts and his tongue swirled against hers, as her body was driven closer and closer to her orgasm.

She gulped and yelled, trying not to scream as the red-suited Santa pushed her over the edge and into heavenly ecstasy. “Yesssss –” She squealed, holding her breath as his fingers swirled in her dripping cunt. “Oh my God!” She tensed and quivered, mewling loudly and gutturally as her loins were flooded with intense satisfaction.

Santa smiled into the receptionist’s eyes, writhing against his touch as she rode her hedonistic lust. “What is this disgraceful noise,” a voice barked as the door was opened loudly. “The store’s going to open in …”

“Mr Walker,” the flushed young lady cried as the store manager burst into the Grotto. “This isn’t what …”

“That’s it!” He yelled. “I’ve had it with you two. Enough is enough!”

“But …”

“No! No more excuses Evie. No more. You collect your things and you get out of my shop! And you too,” he cried, pointing at Santa. “Out! And don’t ask me for references.”

He sighed, and dramatically strode out of the Grotto as the two employees looked at each other. “He doesn’t mean it,” Evie whispered to Santa. “I’ll do what I did last time.”

“Which was?”

“I was a very, very, very bad girl,” she replied and straightened her clothes out as she stood up. “But Santa likes bad girls too, doesn’t he?”

“Of course!” He admitted. “Sometimes, being very bad is actually very good.”

A question to the ladies: do you wear your knickers over or under your garter belt?!

Wicked Wednesday


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  1. mmm I would love to sit on Santa’s lap and be treated like that!

    Rebel xox

    PS: I barely ever wear garters but if I do, my knickers go over the garter belt. But mostly I wear hold ups without any underwear :)
    Marie Rebelle recently posted…To escort or not…My Profile

  2. None of the women I’ve ever been with have ever worn their knockers (if they were wearing any) anywhere but over the garter belt. I guess I’ve been hanging out with the right sort of woman. 😉
    SilverDom recently posted…#WickedWednesday – EnoughMy Profile

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