Story: An unexpected treat?

Her fingers squeezed the base of his cock, warm to her firm touch and joyfully erect. Her tongue slid effortlessly over the tip of his rigid manhood as the naked man watched the scantily-clad woman tentatively fellating him in front of his hotel window as the city’s nightlife roared into life below.

He groaned as her tongue swept over his glans and shivered; seventeen long years had elapsed since his wife had last indulged him with a blowjob as the honeymooning couple had retreated to their Norfolk hotel from their rainy balcony. He shuddered as her fingers pressed firmly on his perineum, wriggling against him, as he glanced towards the discarded double-glazing brochures from his sales conference, abandoned on the sofa when the lustful angel enticed him from his evening’s banality.

Who was she? Was she an angel? He had no idea; she hadn’t given him an explanation as he opened the door to his hotel suite and she sauntered into his room, discarding her long trenchcoat and leading him towards the window. His damp body, covered in one of the hotel’s bathrobes, was soon uncovered as she knelt down in front of him and blew gently on the tip of his cock; it responded instantly.

Two minutes later, he was groaning lustfully into his oversized hotel suite as her fingers explored his anal bud and her mouth slid along his shaft, gleefully running her tongue over his frenulum. His loins fizzed, his fingers tingled and his breathing became ragged; he felt the unmistakable itch welling up inside of him. He gripped the side of the window, watching her and groaning.

She watched his expression, a collision of tortured guilt and immense pleasure as her fingers massaged his balls and her mouth drove him to edge of his peak. She knew she was able to reduce him to to a quivering mass of desperation before she had even slid her hands under his dressing gown and now, as he whimpered she knew he wanted nothing else.

His soul was crying for her to push him that little bit further, suck a tiny bit harder, push her fingers slightly firmer against his perineum and take him to the heavenly, ecstatic paradise his spouse had always denied him for so long.

She felt his cock twitch and shake, his body quiver and his muscles tense. She grunted into his cock, ready to receive a mouthful of the stranger’s cum. He held his breath and grunted, squealing into the urban vista as his body pumped several waves of his seed into the young lady’s mouth. She smiled at him and sucked his manhood clean, licking her lips dramatically as her mouth disengaged with his sensitive cock.

She smiled knowingly, pulling herself to her feet, and blowing him a kiss as she picked up her grey trenchcoat from the floor to cover herself. “Wait,” he cried but she said nothing as she effortlessly glided out of the extensive hotel suite, the taste of his cum lingering in her mouth.

Her sister smiled at her in the corridor. “He was the worst,” the young lady cried, glaring at identical twin, dressed in dark clothing tip-to-toe. “His cum tasted … horrible.”

“But worth it,” the sister replied and opened up a bag to show the scowling lady a small haul of valuables and money. “But quick! Before he realises.” She pawed at the fellatrix and pulled her sister towards the lift. “I love sales conferences!”

Wicked Wednesday


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