Wicked Wednesday: A little bit of confusion

This is fiction, written in a very unusual style for me, and is the work of a diseased and perverted mind. Apologies. Please let me know if it does or doesn’t work for you!

Gentlemen: This is a public service announcement.

I wish to warn you about a scheming little minx called Marie and to tell you to avoid her. She is dangerous. The wicked girl has a cute face with a little button nose, librarian-style glasses, long brown hair and a fantastic, bouncy bosom. She also has a dirty mind, an evil laugh and a sadistic streak so wide, Marquis de Sade would probably steer well clear. She is not for the feint of heart.

The evening in question, started nicely enough; our sales team had hit all of its targets, almost solely down to Dino who would sell his daughter to a brothel if he was offered enough commission for the transaction, and the company had given us the usual treat: dinner at the Italian, night at the Gold Lounge, and all with free booze!

Nothing much happened at the Italian or for the first two hours at the shabby nightclub, unless you count Dino setting fire to his pubic hair or Micky getting ejected for picking a one-sided fight with the 6ft 10in martial arts expert moonlighting as a bouncer. Then, I saw her. She smiled briefly in my general direction and looked away as I beamed back. I called over to her, but she ignored me which is when I made my first mistake: I went over to her.

I sat down in the chair next to her and squeezed her bum through the slats in the wooden seat. “Hello sexy,” I said confidently and took a swig of my drink. “What’s ya name?” Now obviously, this may sound like I wasn’t being very seductive, but a few beers will knock you off your stride a bit, and I was feeling extremely confident. She coughed, and pointed towards her friend hovering behind me.

You’ve taken Angie’s seat,” she said matter-of-factly in her Northern accent.

Oh well, she can go dance then,” I quipped, and looked onto the packed dance floor. “She looks like she needs the exercise anyway.” I bit my lip the moment I made that comment; I am always too candid after beer, but the girl stared at me for a split-second, before giving a giggle and looking away from my grin, shaking her head.

You can dance with me,” she demanded after a few seconds, and she got up from her chair, finishing the last of her drink and depositing her glass on the table. I smiled: clearly there was too much charm in the old man, and the sweet little twenty-something was putty in my hands. I pushed a couple “dancing” out of the way as we made our way onto the dance floor, and put my hands around her body, encircling the short blue dress that was stretched across her thighs.

She whispered something in my ear, but the club was too loud to hear, and as we danced, my hands cupped her rear and squeezed her callipygian buttocks; they were firm to the touch. She did not object as my touch pulled her dress higher, to flash my buddies from across the club her bare arse, or nor did she care as I brazenly French-kissed her.

She touched my body and slid her hands over my torso, and gently rubbed the outside of my fly. My cock swelled inside my trousers and I knew she felt it through the boxers that I was wearing. She flashed her sweet smile at me and licked her lips. “Let’s go back to my place,” she offered and, despite the din of the nightclub, I heard that!

She was like a tigress in the taxi she called, as it wound its way through the town to her house. I didn’t hear her giving the driver her address but she pawed and fawned at my clothes, kissing and touching me, running her hands inside my trousers and hitching her dress to her waist.

I told her to take off her knickers and the little slut giggled and coyly looked at the driver, before passing me the lacy black underwear. I twirled it around my finger, staring at her immaculately shaven crotch before looking up to see her giggling. She was on heat!

The sexy trollop kissed her finger before tracing it down her bunched up blue dress, sliding over the ruffled fabric before gliding over her slit. I smiled and went to touch her, but she pushed me away with her free hand and then slid her finger over her button. She was gagging for it.

She squealed and moaned, pushed her body back against the seat of the car and rotated her fingers against her crack. I have never seen a girl get so excited so quickly, and I kept seeing the taxi driver glance into his mirror at the sweet little bitch playing with herself in his cab.

He stopped at the address just as my hot date, groaned and cried out, closing her eyes and panting as she climaxed on her own fingers. The little cunt driving the car demanded £100 as a “cleaning fee” but the girl just flashed her eyes at me, promised me a great night if we hurried and I reluctantly handed over £120 without checking the “soiled” seat; it was all the money in my wallet and I had spent it on our journey, but I wanted to get inside to fuck the horny minx. She blew the driver a kiss as we left, which was a little strange, but I didn’t care too much when she kissed and groped me in the street. She pulled out her keys from her matching handbag and opened the door to a small town house in an area of the town I didn’t ever venture. “What you going to do to me?” She asked coyly, as she kicked her shoes across the hall.

I was honest. “I’m going to fuck you,” I replied. “Hard and rough. Like the little fucking slut you are!” She giggled, shook her head and rubbed her nose.

What if I don’t want hard and rough?” She cocked her head and smiled at me, swaying gently as she straightened her dress, and then ran her hands over my torso.

I do. And you will do,” I said calmly. “The moment I get fucking you, you’ll want it.” There was silence for a moment. I got “the look” I got earlier in the club and she shrugged. This was my second mistake, but I didn’t realise the warning, as she grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs to the large bedroom. It was decorated in black and red and she giggled as she pushed open the door, gesturing towards the bed with her hand.

I looked over to the black silky sheets, and matching pillows, and spied a flash of red. Attached to the metal headboard were scarlet restraints and I squinted at them. “What the fuck?” I muttered, but heard a dirty laugh behind me.

I turned to see my date, naked. She looked stunning: not a blemish out of place on her toned body, and with her pert breasts and cute librarian look, she was every guys wet dream. “I have to be tied up,” she said, reading my mind to answer the question I was about to ask. “I can’t come without being tied up.” I stared at her, open mouthed for a moment and rubbed my chin.


I need to be tied up.” She ran her soft, sensual hands over my shoulders and then undid my shirt, looking into my eyes as she did. “It’s fun.” My guard was disarmed by her sapphire eyes and gleeful smile and I smell her lust in the air. The girl was practically begging me to tie her up and screw her. I was going to pound her tight little cunt like she was a virgin on prom night!

She smiled at my face as my mind wandered, and pushed my trousers down to my ankles with my boxer shorts deliberately caught in her thumb. She giggled as my painfully erect cock bobbed up and down. Her eyes looked up at me, and I pushed her towards the bed.

Do you want pussy or anal?” The brazen hussy asked. Her eyes gleamed through her glasses and she giggled at my expression.

You what?”

You want anal sex?” She asked and I nodded. Never, ever, ever, had a one-night stand offered me access to her butt, and I agreed appreciatively. I was taken in by her warm nature, and slutty disposition. This was my third mistake. “First,” she cried. “I need to show you how to release them.” I shrugged and she grabbed my right wrist and dragged me onto to the bed.

Do it on yourself,” I moaned, but the naked coquette shook her head, and told me that she needed both hands to free the mechanism and she needed to show me, on me. I was too drunk with lust and consumed with anticipation to object, and just allowed her to push the restraint shut over my right wrist. This was my fourth, and most fatal mistake.

She giggled and pushed me onto the bed. I stumbled against the mattress and my left wrist went sprawling over the pillows on the double bed. I shouted out to her, and looked behind me, only to see her jump onto my body and pull my left hand into the other restraint. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I cried, as my body was laid out over her bed.

She didn’t respond and I felt her move my ankles onto the silky bedsheets, and I shouted out again. “Shut up!” She snapped angrily, her voice harsh and nasty. This was not the little slut who was offering me her butt sixty seconds ago. I was lay face down on the pillow, but had enough slack in the restraints to push my arms up and look over my shoulder. She pushed her hands through her hair and smiled at me. “I’m a woman of my promises,” she told me. “I will only do, what we have agreed.”

I coughed. “Then what the fuck is all this about?” I shouted. “Untie me.”

She didn’t acknowledge my request but opened her wardrobe door and removed a camera tripod, and then a camera as she talked to me. “The problem with you and your types is that you think sex is a god-given right. That I want you to pinch my arse, or touch me up on the dance floor or anything like that? Why did you think that it was OK to do that?”

Yeah well, you’re a bird,” I replied, my alcoholic tactlessness still abundant. “Yer like it.”

She chortled menacingly and rubbed her eyes as she flashed me the sadistic smile. “Oh, and when I asked you not to be rough, you told me you would ’cause you want it. Not to worry, I have taken note.” She pulled out a pink dildo from her drawer attached to a leather harness and held it in her fingers, twirling it like they were a pair of discarded knickers in a taxi. “Know what this is?”

Fuck off,” I snapped and pulled against my binds. “I’ll scream the place down,” I panicked.

Scream,” she suggested airily. “Both my neighbours are away, so scream.” She shrugged and pulled out another strap-on dildo, at least three times the size of the previous one and looked at me. “But we can do this the easy way or the hard way?” My eyes bulged at the monster cock in her right hand and looked into her crazy eyes. “It’s the Ass Destroyer,” she explained with a grin and put the giant dildo on the bedside table in front of me. Why did I have to pick the deranged lunatic to go home with?

I coughed and she patted my hairy rump. “You wanted rough sex, and you wanted anal sex. You asked for both, and I shall give them to you,” she promised as she strode behind me. “I have done this many times before,” she said in her regional dialect and soothingly ran her hands over my bum. “It’ll make you a much better lover.”

I don’t want to,” I hurriedly cried. “You can’t make me.”

She replied softly. “I’m in control. But I’m not going to force you. This will make you a better lover,” she promised and giggled. “But feel free to object any time you want and I will stop pegging you with this toy.” She let the words hang in the air deliberately; if I asked the scheming witch to stop would she simply change the toy to the frightening Ass Destroyer inches from my gaze, or would she stop her fun and games? How could I stop her without definitely making it worse for myself? “I’m waiting?”

I’m not gay.”

And unless I’ve had a sex change in twenty seconds I won’t turn you gay,” she quipped. It was not appropriate and I gulped in worry at what was to come. I felt her fingers grip my waist and pulled me up; the fingertips digging in painfully to the bony part of my body and I yelped in shock. She pushed against my thighs and I found my arse being raised. She slid a couple of cushions, or pillows underneath my belly. “Last chance,” she sang and I shook my head, still staring at the Ass Destroyer inches from my nose. It was scary and I closed my eyes, not wanting to think or contemplate what the cow would do me.

It was a one-way street – unless you were gay or a girl – but she gently ran her hands over my buttocks and then parted them with her finger tips. I was under no illusion at what she planned to do. I felt a drop of ice land on my starfish and clenched my cheeks instantly but she slipped her finger between my buttocks and pressed against my cold anus. I breathed in sharply as she massaged the slippery substance into my ring and braced myself.

Was this just her game? Would she really penetrate me? I felt her body press against mine, her thighs touching mine, her hands on my back, her shins on my feet, and her pink dildo against my butt. I tensed my buttcheeks but she rubbed my back and soothed me with her gentle voice, promising me that I would like it, and it would make me a better lover. How do I know what it feels like to be penetrated unless I have been penetrated, she argued. I am confused: how can this girl go from sexy slut, to angry bitch to caring punisher inside fifteen minutes.

She forced me to relax and pressed her fake cock between my cheeks and against my anal ring. I felt butterflies in my stomach and closed my eyes as she pressed against my butt. I felt it starting to give way, it cannot resist her motion.

A sharp tinge of pain swept through me and I cried in shock. I swore, thinking that I was passing the largest shit after the severest constipation, and I pulled against my bindings, but could not move. Her soft, gentle voice calmed my fears and she stroked my buttocks with her soft hands and then applied more pressure to her toy.

It slid into my rectum uncomfortably but slowly and I felt the cold leather straps of the strap-on pushing against my warm buttcheeks. She waited a few seconds for me to adjust to it, and then slowly pushed back, using my waist as a pivot with her two hands.

The insides of my ass started to tingle and my body betrayed me. My cock, limp and lifeless a few moments ago when I thought I faced mortal danger, was proudly erect and poking into the soft cushion my waist was lay on. With every push of her toy against me, it caused a wave of erotic tension to explode in my ass, tickling my testicles and exciting my cock. My glans was wet, dripping with pre-cum as my host started to build up a rhythm with her pink strap-on.

She mercilessly pounded my sorry anus with her slick toy, causing my loins to cascade waves of sinful pleasure to my body. I panted; I knew I mustn’t enjoy the shameful humiliation but she was squealing and crying with every thrust, and I bit into the pillow. I was enjoying it. I was enjoying the sensations and pleasure coming from my prostate. I was enjoying her dominating me.

My mind was screaming for her to stop; to end the disgrace and mortification for a heterosexual man being fucked in the arse and enjoying it, but I could not do so. Wetness poured out of my cock and dampened her cushion as she wildly fucked me from behind. But it was enjoyable, delightful and wonderfully taboo. I mewed and sighed as my body began to shake and my muscles quivered uncontrollably; it wasn’t a real orgasm as I didn’t ejaculate, but a kaleidoscope of colours and emotions flashed before my closed eyes.

I squealed into the silky pillow and bucked my hips against the cushion; I was not expecting the waves of lustful release to engulf me so shamelessly as my body instinctively reacted. She must have realised what had happened, as she slowly withdrew her toy and I felt her climb off the bed.

My exposed arse tingled, and she giggled at me as she walked into my eyeline and looked at my sweaty self. “Well you asked for anal!” She crowed. There was definitely some confusion as forcibly being taken up the chuff by a crazy strap-on wielding young lady was not what I had asked for! “What I’m going to do,” she told me as she picked up her camera. “I’ll upload this little video to an account of mine. If you do anything stupid after I untie you, then this’ll go viral. You know what that means?” I nodded and she unclipped the camera from the tripod and took out the memory card while my anus throbbed; she had not been gentle!

I watched as she retrieved a laptop from her drawer and pushed the memory card into the computer before uploading a large file to the Internet. The blue bar crept slowly across the screen and she ran her hands therapeutically across my back. I said nothing: I had nothing to say. My mind was a whirr from what she had just done to me and what I had just felt.

Before I forget,” she cried, jumping off the bed and reaching for some scissors. My heart froze. Was the deranged bitch now going to stab me to death? I spluttered into the pillow but she held up my boxer shorts and cut them into several pieces. “Oi,” I cried. “What the fuck do you think I’m doing.”

It’s all part of your lesson,” she snapped, and then picked up my shirt and did the same. I protested in vain, and she cackled aggressively at me as she destroyed my clothing. “And now for the trousers.”

Why?” I cried. “You’ve done enough to me.”

No,” she sniffed. “Guys like you think it’s fine for girls to be wandering around half-naked at night because you’ve hiked up our dress. You’re about to find out what it’s like when someone undresses you in the freezing cold.” I shook my head and cried out but she ignored me and ran the scissors up the material to my crotch. “Nearly copied,” she gloated as her sharp scissors destroyed more and more of my navy trousers. “Oh, and no, I didn’t come in the taxi,” she told me with a giggle. “I wasn’t trying to. But if you think looking at you while you leer and dribble at me is sexy, then you have so much to learn.”

With the final kick at my ego complete she looked at her computer copying my humiliation to the Internet. She rubbed her hands gleefully as the window on the laptop disappeared and closed the lid with a smile, before leaning across me one-handed to push two levers together on the metal restraint holding my left hand to the bed. I frantically unclipped my right hand free and scrambled free of the silky sheets, feeling my damp anus. It was still smeared with lubricant. “Leave now.”

I can’t go out naked,” I moaned and her eyebrows rose a couple of notches.

Out.” An hour previous I probably would’ve shouted abuse at her or told her I was not leaving until she paid for all the damage to my clothes, but there was no point. She stood akimbo with her shoulders relaxed and the penetrating dildo jutting out from her waist, still covered in the glistening lubricant and she smiled. She was in control, and she knew it. “And next time you meet a pretty girl,” she said. “Treat her nice, and she might just play fair.”

So that was that, and I am running down the road, having to jump into the hedgerows whenever I see a passing car. It’s 4am in the morning, I am naked and have only my keys and wallet (without any money) in my hand, and have no idea where in the town I am. I have no idea what that little minx did to my body but my loins have not stopped tingling since she finished fucking me, despite the freezing cold weather, and can only hope that she does not show anyone that video. So gentlemen, if you meet Marie, beware. She is not what she seems to be: she is too wily for us.

However, I am now left with a burning question as my bare feet pound painfully on the rough asphault underneath. If I can find her, and I ask her very, very nicely, do you think she will play with me again?

Sincere thanks to Dirty Little Whispers who proof-read this for me.

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  1. I must admit I have never pegged anyone but like the previous commenters this one has me squirming in my seat. I think I like the way Marie thinks..

  2. That was delightful! I am looking for someone to break in my new strap-on. You can call me Marie if that helps. 😉

  3. Wow this is a pretty powerful and brave piece. There were moments that I found myself quite uncomfortable with what was happening but that is about me and my sexual desires not about this piece as such. My sex drive is very much linked to dominant men and so this post doesn’t do it for me however that doesn’t mean it is not a great piece because I actually think it is. It challenges so many stereotypes whilst seeming to play along with them at the same time. Bravo!


  4. Normally I am not a fan of long blog posts. I think that they should be short and snappy to keep the readers’ interest. The only time I think that they should be longer is if they have something to say. Holy hell…yours had something to say! Wow, that was brilliant. I loved the context, the start, the twists… I was riveted. Bravo my friend, bravo.

    Rachel xxxxx

  5. It was certainly an interesting angle to read from. Some words were uncomfortable to read as they didn’t seem to match the rest of the text. But, I definitely wanted to read to the end.

    Pea ~x~

  6. That was brilliant!! I love her reasoning and hope that fellow truly learned his lesson!! 😀

    ~Kazi xxx

  7. So much voice and personality in your turns of phrase. Your narrator is great – I love the “seeing inside his head” through the whole experience. And I like the unexpected role-reversal. The car scene was pretty damned hot…

  8. A very sobering story. Once I’d started reading I was compelled to finish. The story drew me in and spat me out the other side.
    Uncomfortably compulsive. I’m glad I read it and applaud your ability to tell the story so well.

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