Spank A-to-Z Fiction: Yellow.

But Fiona wanted to play: she had the fiery look of arousal in her eyes, the latex stockings that made her feel confident and sexy, and the gleam of a sadistic imagination desperate to be set free.

Growing Pains: New Pleasures XVIII

New Pleasures Chapter XVIII Andy experiences an unbelievable blowjob while he also has a date with a girl from the football team, much to Sarah’s horror. He is scared by “the Hamiltons” and Abi’s attempt to teach him how to take a girl out ends in disaster. Codes: BDSM – exhib – MF – oral – …


The Lottery Winner’s Challenge

The Lottery Winner’s Challenge A truth-or-dare fanatic sets up a series of challenges with her Internet friends where the top prize is a cool million. This contains story codes that I have not written before and the entire story was written at the request of a person a few years back on a forum. She …