Story: Tell me your fantasies

A woman tries to get her new husband to admit his fantasies on their honeymoon; humour, no sex.

“Neither could I admit that I longed to be on the end of that paddle she was holding. The one she was threatening me with. How could a person want to be beaten? It was too kinky, it was a sold as a punishment device but yet I wanted to be punished.”

Story: Wrong Number

A stripper gets a bigger reaction than she expected to her performance.

“…I got the feeling there was something wrong at that point, the stunned silence from everyone was unnerving but Lorna just continued; she fell into her performance, sliding her stocking-clad legs up the inner thigh of the birthday boy, staring at her wide-eyed. His hands trembled excitedly…”

Story: Graceful. Provocative. Classy.

A lady doesn’t always play tennis on the tennis courts.

“…I groaned as her fingers swirled over my cock, pulling it gently as her thumb rubbed my purple tip. She applied calm strokes as she smiled into my expression, my frenzied lust stroked by her firm fingers on my cock…”

Flash Fiction: Masked Justice

Flash fiction about a sexy vigilante.

“…Naked, with a black eye mask and a red shoulder-length wig. He screamed: they both did, but the neighbouring rooms had heard screams and yells all night. We know she shocked them with a taser, using the period of their immobility to tie them up and gag them….”

Story: Remote Control Punishment

A girl seeks to stop her arousal from becoming public.

“…The toy squealed and hummed, barely audible over the noise of the train as her month-long horniness boiled angrily inside of her. I watched her writhe and squirm, bouncing on the heels of her boots as her breathing became ragged…”

Story: And she was…

I lowered my trousers, unfurling a condom down my shaft as clubbers walked past; a couple drunkenly videoed us on their smartphones. I cared not. She gasped into George’s cock, sliding past her gag reflex, as my dick opened her. She rubbed her clit as I pushed deep, holding the tops of her exposed waist.

Story: A bit of beach fun

She had barely moved an inch since I arrived on the beach and I imagined her frolicking naked with me in the surf: the soft, red hair flowing behind her as she danced to a carefree tune. I imagined her falling onto me and sliding her mouth down my prick, sucking my cock with wanton abandon. I imagined her begging for sex until I filled her pussy with my manhood and pounded her with desperate fury until I filled her with my cum.

Story: Learning from the past

I may have been her first kiss at twelve, but the young naturist had had many lovers since that moment on the school trip to the butterfly sanctuary: her kaleidoscopic hair was a magnet to the winged creatures then, our tentative kisses broken by the fluttering of wings on her hair.

Story: Got Wood?

I loved those couples, his hand exposing her bare skin to the sky, caressing her tender bosom as I showered them with purple blossom. She would slide down his body, slowly kissing every inch of the bare-chested warrior. His trousers were a trivial obstacle, his underwear even less so, as her luscious tongue swept up and down his erect shaft. And then, as they sought to consummate their love, she would straddle his wood: firm and hard like my branches, but bringing her undeniable pleasure as she rode him to a guttural climax.

WickedWednesday: Wank Away!

But a lot of my words are written to stimulate. Sure, I like to weave in some of my twisted humour into my work, but what I write is to provoke you, my readers. And erotic writing is intended to cause blood to flow liberally to the nether regions.

WickedWednesday: YKINMK

If consensual parties wish to come together to enjoy themselves in a way that does not harm anyone else, then I rarely see the problem. The moral code I have will never seek to impose intolerances and prejudices inside people’s houses and bedrooms.

WickedWednesday: Trigger Warnings

Personally, I like my politics central and my news unbiased and neutral. Guardian is neither; I have no time for it, and avoided commenting on the article as I don’t want to help them into their revenue-boosting marketing strategy

Flash Fiction: The maids of dishonour

The fair-haired girl was unfazed by my presence: she leant over to the floor, to deposit her cleaning box on the carpet, ensuring that her short frilly skirt, rose seductively to reveal dark fishnet stockings and deliciously creamy thighs under her black lacy trim. I grunted appreciatively at her impromptu display, watching open-mouthed as she adjusted her skirt, to reveal the peachiest, most beautiful arse, split with a thin black thong.

Story: An unusual couple

I set out to write a 500 word flash fiction piece; I’ve ended up with a 2500 word fiction piece; but the couple grew on me!  They are an unusual couple. He is an IT manager at a city bank, she is a protesting hippie. He graduated from Cambridge with a double first, she wasn’t …


WickedWednesday: Getting the message

Getting my message across is not something I struggle with, often to my benefit but occasionally to my detriment. Even in my middle age, I still struggle sometimes to tone down my thoughts and feelings, and exercise restraint, especially when I feel threatened or perceive natural justice to have been compromised. Candour may be seen …


WickedWednesday: Hidden

I have just returned from Eroticon and attending a workshop that including Flash Fiction from Molly Moore as well as Janine Ashbless; I have therefore tried to do this WickedWednesday in a flash fiction style.  Enjoy: if you can find the story. It’s “hidden!” 😉 Related Posts:Story: Wrong NumberFlash Fiction: Masked JusticeStory: Remote Control Punishment

Poem: Nymphomaniacs Anonymous

I know I might be on shaky ground with this one, but once the idea entered my head, I couldn’t think of anything else. After all, what a conservative may call rampant sluttishness, might be quite tame to other people. But anyway … imagine a table where four people come to bear their sex lives …


Story: First time in chastity

“I don’t like the word but,” she snapped. “Remember what happened the last time you used it?”

“You paddled my butt until it was bright red and I cried.” She smiled as she recollected a particularly vicious weekend playing with my soft bits and sighed. “However, I have done all the cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, everything you’ve asked, so I beg you to release me.”

Wicked Wednesday: Marriage?

Kyle trembled. He adjusted his suit, and looked nervously at his best man. “You’ve got the rings, right?” “Yes!” “They’ll be here shortly,” the registrar promised the anxious groom and Kyle gulped, straightening his tie, and running his hands through his hair. “Ten minutes late,” he mumbled, and took a deep breath as he consulted …


Wicked Wednesday: Unsafe

Catching the signal from one of her friends, Angela brushed her skirt, took a deep breath and walked towards where he was sitting. She felt her insides dance, as she strode across the pub, trying to appear confident but feeling very nervous. “Michael?” She asked. The man looked up from his textbook as the cash-strapped …


WickedWednesday: Christmas is a time …

“Sir, just a question: what would you like for Christmas?” She smiled as she spoke and giggled at my expression. “What would a lovely, sexy man like you want to unwrap tomorrow?” She stroked her cheek with a cheeky grin as I laughed at her, and hummed.

WickedWednesday: Marie

No … not THAT Marie! I swore, fumbling with my keys in my right hand as I held my mobile phone to my ear; why do people always ring me when I am driving? I cried in frustration as the metal implements dug into the palm of my hand and I turned my attention to …


Wicked Wednesday: Being bad?

“Been a very naughty lady,” he said firmly; she writhed as his right hand touched her stockings and she gulped. “Who put laxatives in her boss’s hot chocolate yesterday?” She glanced down at the buttons on his suit and muttered. “Who kissed her boyfriend’s dad at his birthday party under the stairs last week?”