Growing Pains: Fiona

Fiona This is the erotic tale of a fun-loving eighteen year old, who has to rely on the support of her boyfriend when she is attacked, and how she blossoms wth her new friend. Codes: MF – FF – MMF – exhib – oral – Erotic Word Count: 55,000 Release Date: 09 August 2013 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – …


Growing Pains: Escaping from a Murderer

Teenage mother Annabel Sprott is embroiled with London gangster Tony Radcliff, but as his empire starts to crumble, the violent murderer starts to unleash his violent streak on those closest to home. Can Annabel get her baby to safety with the unreliable George before Tony finds out and what will become of a sleepy Scottish town …


Growing Pains: Desperation

Growing Pains: Desperation Jasmine is resolute and despite the fact that University is just around the corner, she will not “put out” for her boyfriend – no matter how pushy Tony gets. Codes: nosex – viol – m-solo – Erotic Word Count: 1,000 Release Date: 14 December 2012 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – Mobipocket/Kindle – PDF Related Posts:Flash Fiction: …


Growing Pains: The Confessions of a Vengeful Teenager

Growing Pains: Confessions of a vengeful teenager Ezra hates his family and in his quest to hurt people, the arrogant teenager takes the virginity of his only friend. Codes: MF – oral – viol – exhib – Erotic Word Count: 24,000 Release Date: 26 October 2012 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – Mobipocket/Kindle – PDF Related Posts:Flash Fiction: Outlawing “Sorry”Me …


Growing Pains: The violation of Miss White

The violation of Miss White This story is an additional tale of the “Growing Pains” universe; one of around 40 short flash stories designed to introduce characters and provide back story where required. Not all of the characters will be familiar instantly, but it will all tie in at the end! This story takes place …


On the Run

In this book, three people set about stealing from a mad Ukrainian gangster and then have to evade the Police, the heavies and anyone who is prepared to double-cross them for a slice of £800,000 in used banknotes, some jewellery and three priceless Argentinian artefacts.