Spank A-to-Z Fiction/FFF: Finding God

Oh Lord I need some kink, some filthy and some desire
Because jilling off to porn, is no life for me,
I want to fill my loins with passion, a roaring angry fire
As I am thrust forward to my master and thrown across his knee.

Poem: Nymphomaniacs Anonymous

I know I might be on shaky ground with this one, but once the idea entered my head, I couldn’t think of anything else. After all, what a conservative may call rampant sluttishness, might be quite tame to other people. But anyway … imagine a table where four people come to bear their sex lives …


Poem: Spanking Cribbage

The rules are simple, but quite fair:
My poor arse, it needs a prayer
We total up the score each game
The winning margin is the strokes of cane

Goodbye, Internet Freedoms

Oh what a tool; that’s so very lame! Our bloody Government, are censoring pornography again. This time they want, rape porn to be banned Why do politicians meddle? They don’t understand! Why do people think, that rape porn causes rape? The lack of proper proof, they really can’t escape! Where’s the evidence, that this stuff …


Poem: Day-dreaming

I have written about my dreams of S&M loving female pirates but occasionally  my mind wanders at work, like this time …  Arguing over deadlines: Today I’ve been in meetings, But I’ve sat there dreaming, Of pirates giving beatings. Young ladies smiling, Soaked with wicked intent. Weapons readied and waiting, To issue painful torment Lined up …


Confessions of an outraged Daily Mail reader

Molly’s Daily Kiss is one of the most popular sex blogs in cyberspace, and she has a part of her site given over for anonymous people to be able to write and air their views on something that is troubling them. It’s worth a read (in fact, the whole site is worthy of a read!) …


Wicked Wednesday: The memory

Totally fictional poem, but hopefully should amuse.  Four years ago, to the day, I wore a suit, it was gray, The missus sighed, whined and groaned “That’s looks silly,” she whinged and moaned “That’s old,” she cried. “And very bland. There’s nowt that duller across the land.” I protested, it was excellent! She said I …


Bad Idea!

I may have done a thing quite silly, I thought I’d tease a pretty young filly, This young lady is my wife, She’s the centre of my life. But she does possess a wicked streak, Which for Northern lasses is not unique, And teasing her when she is tired, Is bravery that should be admired. …


Lovehoney Birthday poetry!

Lovehoney turns eleven this week and to celebrate they are running a competition here, to write [them] a poem, entertain [them] with your favourite Lovehoney moment or tell us how you’re celebrating to be in with a chance to win.” Anyone who knows me, knows how much I detest poetry but while the kids were …