Flash Fiction: Getting out of hand (Caution)

Her smell of her fear permeates the cell; her face is riddled with terror. She’s new, she’ll learn. I’m going to fuck her up but not kill her. The whip indicates my dominance, a hard smack across her thighs reinforces it. She screeches; the sound of her pain is nothing but blissful music to my ears.

Growing Pains: Rhea’s Protege

Growing Pains: Rhea’s Protégé Paula tries to move on from Andy but her new boyfriend has nefarious intentions towards her and it is left to Emily to get even. Codes: MF – nc – drug – Erotic Word Count: 9,000 Release Date: 09 November 2012 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – Mobipocket/Kindle – PDF Related Posts:Growing Pains: The wooing of …