Story: Tell me your fantasies

A woman tries to get her new husband to admit his fantasies on their honeymoon; humour, no sex.

“Neither could I admit that I longed to be on the end of that paddle she was holding. The one she was threatening me with. How could a person want to be beaten? It was too kinky, it was a sold as a punishment device but yet I wanted to be punished.”

Story: Wrong Number

A stripper gets a bigger reaction than she expected to her performance.

“…I got the feeling there was something wrong at that point, the stunned silence from everyone was unnerving but Lorna just continued; she fell into her performance, sliding her stocking-clad legs up the inner thigh of the birthday boy, staring at her wide-eyed. His hands trembled excitedly…”

Story: The Pussy Patrol

A man on Pussy Patrol meets a rule-breaker but she has the last laugh.

“…But I wasn’t the real enemy: her lust and arousal were. The trembling cock ring was delivering unrelenting vibrations to her sensitive clit and her body was releasing the torrent of frustration with a vocal climax that echoed in the small thoroughfare….”

Story: Alicia’s Art

She teased relentlessly; the soft pink of her femininity regularly on display during the two weekend days as she taunted her sexuality to me. I wanted her. I wanted to fuck the little minx, hold her down and pound her pussy. Or I wanted to throw her mischievous body over her wooden log and take her from behind, slamming my cock into her as she squealed and grunted, taking my orgasm from her wretched body.

Story: Birthday Trouble

“Slovakian girls are even better,” she promised to him, causing his mouth to drool slightly. “We amazing … for a hundred pound each, I show you two hours of heaven. I’ll be two minutes.” She slid from her seat at our table and tottered to the toilets.

Story: Learning from the past

I may have been her first kiss at twelve, but the young naturist had had many lovers since that moment on the school trip to the butterfly sanctuary: her kaleidoscopic hair was a magnet to the winged creatures then, our tentative kisses broken by the fluttering of wings on her hair.

Story: Revenge Chess

“Sure. But if I win you go down on me.”

“What? All three inches of it.” A low blow, Paula. A very low blow. “OK. But when I win, you go down on any guy I choose.” She waited for a few moments. “You can even do it in my bed, with my lube and I’ll record it for you.”

No laughing matter

But she continued: belly laughs as I tried to do what I needed to do. Thrusting, ramming, pounding, fucking her. And I wanted to fuck her. To drive my manhood into her until she screamed with delirious orgasm.

SinfulStories: Her cock vs his cock

He was well-endowed. Very well-endowed. His veiny thick manhood stood prominently erect and I squealed as it bobbed in front of him. “Nice, huh?” Donkeydick muttered, boasting as his hands cupped his erection and exhibited it for me. “You next.”

Flash Fiction: Sex is safe?

Take Maria at University, for example. She was a biter. No penetration was complete without the crazy minx sinking her teeth into the flesh of the man as he pounded his cock into her. His screams would increase as she neared her orgasm. The flailing cries of the aroused man, in pain and pleasure, totally rocked her boat. We had a very short-lived relationship: I had bite marks all over my arms.

Flash Fiction: For your thighs only (007 Parody)

“Thunderballs. Jack Thunderballs.”
She gave a cursory smile, as her eyes focused on a big spender a few tables away from the bar. “I trust you will have a good night, Mr Thunderballs, but I have …”

“You’re watching Gregori,” I voiced loudly as she went to move away from me; she froze. “He’s staying the night in room seven-zero-two.”

Flash Fiction: Unloved and Brutal

His mates didn’t care either, laughing and jeering as the groom – and twelfth man – took his turn that evening. It was a stag night, these things happened. Just a bit of fun, they would say. Just a laugh.

She came from China to Britain in a lorry; tightly packed with little room until she was sold in a back alley. She was bought exclusively for sex, everyone knew that.

FFF: Heather

Everyone knew Hannah; everyone. Some called her a good-time party girl, others were less charitable, but everyone knew her.

FFF: The School of Erotica

“I could not believe what I was reading,” the middle-aged woman howled. She thrusted a dog-eared piece of paper into the hands of a nude young lady. “Read it,” she demanded as the mixed and naked class giggled.

Wicked Wednesday: The memory

Totally fictional poem, but hopefully should amuse.  Four years ago, to the day, I wore a suit, it was gray, The missus sighed, whined and groaned “That’s looks silly,” she whinged and moaned “That’s old,” she cried. “And very bland. There’s nowt that duller across the land.” I protested, it was excellent! She said I …



Secrets Everyone has secrets: Katherine is pregnant but doesn’t know who the father is, Joseph is screwing his secretary, Charlotte has a gambling addiction with a loan shark on her back, Gareth secretly likes unusual sexual practices, Paul is an embezzling paedophile, Lewis is infatuated with the Russian au-pair while Matthew knows exactly who the …