Flash Fiction Friday: Aimee’s Job

Forbidden Words: Money, Regret Extra Credit:  Tell us if you’ve ever paid for sex, on-line or off Bonus Words:  50 if you make her barely legal, barely My friend glanced up, my unfettered cock rising at the sight that befell my eyes. “Looks like you’re ready for me?” “Yeah,” I muttered, my heart pounding as …


FFF: The Birthday Party

Although, I enjoyed it too. Deprived of my senses and liberty as man after man took turns in me, pushing their thick cocks into my tingling pussy and pounding me to orgasm after orgasm.

Story: Got Wood?

I loved those couples, his hand exposing her bare skin to the sky, caressing her tender bosom as I showered them with purple blossom. She would slide down his body, slowly kissing every inch of the bare-chested warrior. His trousers were a trivial obstacle, his underwear even less so, as her luscious tongue swept up and down his erect shaft. And then, as they sought to consummate their love, she would straddle his wood: firm and hard like my branches, but bringing her undeniable pleasure as she rode him to a guttural climax.

FFF: Come Back!

Those passionate meetings made me fly. While Albert rarely wanted sex, my lovers wanted it all the time. I was the tart of Tottenham, the harlot of Harringay and the strumpet of Southgate. Renowned for miles around, I was stealing more virginities than bikesheds and roller discos.

FFF: Flying Naked

But the words disappeared as I saw her. The naked brunette, leaning against the cabin door, pouting provocatively as two naked men entered the plane. “This is Annette.”

Birthday Release (Flash Fiction)

“Are we horny?” She needlessly asked, tracing her long finger from my forehead, down my nose and torso. A little flick of my cock made me squeal; I needed a couple of deep breaths as every touch swamped my senses with arousal.

No laughing matter

But she continued: belly laughs as I tried to do what I needed to do. Thrusting, ramming, pounding, fucking her. And I wanted to fuck her. To drive my manhood into her until she screamed with delirious orgasm.

FFF: Sonja (Flash Fiction)

She would watch my eyes trace her dripping body across the screen, drooling slightly as the pouting woman pulled on her left strap to expose her breast. She did it every time: the soft, rounded orb of gorgeousness, freed for my benefit.

Spank A-to-Z Fiction: Yellow.

But Fiona wanted to play: she had the fiery look of arousal in her eyes, the latex stockings that made her feel confident and sexy, and the gleam of a sadistic imagination desperate to be set free.

FFF: Rolling Stock

Key Words: Parting, Station Word Limit: 200 Forbidden Words: Discreet, Forbidden, Tryst Extra Credit: Name the train and the destination Tears at the station were tough; parting from my wife was difficult but the war tore families away from each other, sometimes permanently. We had to cherish the good times, and I had spent two …


FFF: Eager

“You’re eager,” she giggled. It was the best part of the day. It was the time when I was allowed to entice the underwear from the gorgeous Lily and dive into her muff, savouring the gentle fur against my face. The succulent muskiness, the warm wetness and the red marks I leave as I grab her thighs bearing down on my head.

Spank A-to-Z Fiction/FFF: Finding God

Oh Lord I need some kink, some filthy and some desire
Because jilling off to porn, is no life for me,
I want to fill my loins with passion, a roaring angry fire
As I am thrust forward to my master and thrown across his knee.

The Rescuer’s Gratitude

I wrote this a few months ago, and never posted it. Let me know what you think.  A strong hand gripped onto her wrist, pulling the office worker from the water as she flailed in the stream. “Hold onto me,” the male voice yelled, just audible above the deafening roar of the freezing water and …


SinfulStories: His torment

So what that’s it’s been ten months since you last came? Honey, your suffering really makes me happy. Your desperation and pleading makes me horny. You’re … it hurts? Really? Do you think I care?

SinfulStories: Academic Integrity

She pushed me forwards, watching me topple face-first into my musky cushions and swiping my underwear to my knees. The first blow of her weapon struck my buttocks with a deafening crack, swishing ominously through the air to inflict a white-hot stripe of pain across my exposed bottom. She cackled at my screams, repeated her demands and snapped at my failure to concede.

Flash Fiction Friday: The End?

“I stole her innocence. I love virgins! She was so nervous, but my oily hands against her warm back soothed her inhibitions away. Then a kiss on her thighs and she was warmed up nicely. Been reading erotica her entire life but every guy’s been too scared to go near her.”

Sinful Stories: Dear George …

Do you have any idea how sexy it is to be fucked on a conveyor belt? The swell of their thick cocks filling my cunt and stuffing me with their cream as we were surrounded by doughnuts being filled with custard and bulging as the thick goo was piped into them; it felt an apt venue! There wasn’t a day that went past without my naked body being squashed up against the Belgian Buns or finding sugary delights ground into my person

Flash Fiction: A gift

It was guttural and raw, desperate and uncontrolled. Clothes being shredded from her body as she undressed in the commuter carriage. A couple tried to reason with her, but there was no hope as her blue bra was pinged across the carriage, and her fingers plunged into her sodden knickers.

Flash Fiction: A confused voyeur

It was her weekly gift, and that evening was particularly intense: no quick rub around her clit, but over an hour of delicious solo love making, coaxing repeated climaxes from her deliciously lithe body: the gentle curves, the succulent breasts that I would do anything to feast on, and long, toned legs. Today, they were encased with the mesh of fishnets. I wanted her.

Flash Fiction: Men vs Women?

She gasped, groaning with every slam of her cock against my bud. She gripped hold of the back of my thighs, digging her nails into my flesh as she panted; my own body betraying my violation. My prostate swam with sensation; stimulated for the first time with a strap-on, as she pounded. Intense. Instinctive. Visceral. As her deep thrusts drove through my concerns and inhibitions, her body shuddered and pulsated.

Flash Fiction: Properly Attired

But for a moment, she was not interested in the bed; sliding the dress from her body and facing her new husband in her expensive white lingerie: she had never adorned such fine garments for their play before. His blue eyes undressed her further, imagining her smooth skin underneath her lacy panties or the succulent orbs hidden beneath the unwelcome straps.

Flash Fiction Friday: Nicole!

It wasn’t the first time I’d seen Nicole have sex, and it wouldn’t be the last: the perils of being best friends with a cam model. As she frigged herself towards orgasm, she stopped to tell me to set up the camera and join in.

Flash Fiction: Commuting Sunshine

But what were we doing? She was gently rubbing her fingers across my trousers and no-one had said a word. No-one had objected or noticed. I closed my eyes and savoured her exquisite touch, pressing harder and firmer on my cock, as she rubbed it through my cotton garments.

Flash Fiction: For her

I wore a thong, a tight black thong, as I ran around the pitch. I tried not to feel self-conscious, but had hundreds of people watching as my cock bobbed obscenely in the minimalist underwear. Our right winger wore a white tutu and pink boots, while our goalkeeper was wearing something see-through.