Growing Pains: New Secrets VIII

Growing Pains: New Secrets VIII Rhea’s ulterior motives for being a referee become apparent, Andy spends some time with Scarlet and he gets a bit of help when doing a personal favour for Olivia. Ray is the talk of the Christmas Disco, Sarah plans Operation Debauchery and Rhea objects to Grace’s date. Codes: MF – oral …


Growing Pains: New Secrets VII

Growing Pains: New Secrets VII Zoe and Andy get taken to dinner, Sarah and Andy unintentionally exhibit themselves to half of Year 10 and Sarah is given stripping lessons by Abi. Andy takes a single friend to a photo shoot and Zoe is disgusted when Abi and Sarah choose an explicit bondage film for their …


Growing Pains: Poppy

Growing Pains: Poppy This story is part of the “Growing Pains” world. It shows the life of Jack Fox, who is friends with Andy when he goes to University and is set in April/May 2000. This story also introduces the two girls of Popppy and Dannielle who will return in the main story. Codes: MF – …


Growing Pains: New Secrets IV

Growing Pains: New Secrets IV Simon, Rhea, Sarah and Andy are stuck in Lancaster for the night and they check into a hotel. Andy has a decision to make regarding his nightmare sister, as Sarah drags him to a nightclub. Codes: MF – oral – flirt – Erotic Word Count: 7,000 Release Date: 07 December 2012 File Download: …


Growing Pains: New Secrets II

Growing Pains: New Secrets II Rhea’s cheating on the water makes Andy angry and Rhea purchases an unsuitable weapon while in Keswick. Sarah and Rhea both get new underwear while Terry gets drunkenly candid when offering relationship advice. Codes: MF – oral – exhib – Erotic Word Count: 12,000 Release Date: 23 November 2012 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – …


Growing Pains: The Confessions of a Vengeful Teenager

Growing Pains: Confessions of a vengeful teenager Ezra hates his family and in his quest to hurt people, the arrogant teenager takes the virginity of his only friend. Codes: MF – oral – viol – exhib – Erotic Word Count: 24,000 Release Date: 26 October 2012 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – Mobipocket/Kindle – PDF Related Posts:Flash Fiction: Outlawing “Sorry”Me …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XIX

New Pleasures Chapter XIX Sarah refuses to talk to Andy and Rhea has some interesting homework to do. Abi has an interesting way of taking Andy’s mind off his troubles and Zoe drags her friend down to London to see her un-Christian uncle. Codes: exhib – MF – oral – Erotic Word Count: 17,500 Release Date: 5th October …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XVIII

New Pleasures Chapter XVIII Andy experiences an unbelievable blowjob while he also has a date with a girl from the football team, much to Sarah’s horror. He is scared by “the Hamiltons” and Abi’s attempt to teach him how to take a girl out ends in disaster. Codes: BDSM – exhib – MF – oral – …


Growing Pains: Sarah becomes a SLUT

Sarah becomes a SLUT Andy’s fantasy about Sarah involves his friend going naked in school for a week. Codes:exhib – hand – humil – MF – nud – oral – reluc – teen – Erotic Word Count: 8,000 Release Date: 20th September 2012 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – Mobipocket/Kindle – PDF Related Posts:Growing Pains: New Secrets IXGrowing Pains: New …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XVII

New Pleasures Chapter XVII Rhea celebrates her fifteenth birthday as Grace also ticks off another year. Zoe is left angry by her Maths homework, Andy has a dilemma with Sam and he claims his prize from Abi. His money making scheme continues to deliver until he meets someone quite unexpected. Codes: BDSM – FF – MF …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XV

New Pleasures Chapter XV The students get their GCSE results, and Rhea gets to tease. Andy’s money making scheme is a success but he is lonely as Sarah jets off on holiday. Meanwhile Rhea is brooding as she is also without her boyfriend, only all is not quite as it seems. Codes: exhib – hand – …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XIV

New Pleasures Chapter XIV Andy hits on an interesting money making scheme, while Sarah takes some friends to London to see her boyfriend. Zoe agonises over her mixed emotions and Abi finds a nerdy college boy to torment. Codes: anal – exhib – F-Solo – hand – M-Solo – oral – toys – Erotic Word Count: 16,500 …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XIII

New Pleasures Chapter XIII Grace is away and both Rhea and Sarah sense opportunity. Abi gets very horny after some male strippers visit, and Zoe gets more confused than ever after getting drunk. Meanwhile Simon manages to make Rhea speechless. Codes: anal – flirt – hand – light – MF – M-Solo – Erotic Word Count: 29,500 …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XII

New Pleasures Chapter XII Abi gives Andy a multitude of sexual lessons as they have a wild weekend together. Andy dislikes much of Abi’s family while bridges are built by the flamboyant stripper. Codes: hand – MF – oral – public – toys – Erotic Word Count: 13,000 Release Date: 10th August 2012 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – Mobipocket/Kindle – …


The XXX Olympiad

The XXX Olympiad There is currently the 30th Olympiad – also known as the XXX Olympiad taking place in London, but what if the XXX wasn’t Roman numerals, but something else? This is a short flash story of some commentary that might be being said! Codes: exhib – MF – oral – Erotic Word Count: 3,000 Release …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XI

New Pleasures Chapter XI Andy and Sarah have an embarrassing confession to make, Abi treats her lover to a new experience while Zoe’s trip to Rockfest ends with a bit more than she bargained for! Codes: exhib – oral – Erotic Word Count: 12,000 Release Date: 3rd August 2012 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – Mobipocket/Kindle – PDF Related Posts:Growing Pains: …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures VIII

New Pleasures Chapter VIII Andy goes to church to see Zoe, Abi is loud during their sex and Rhea finds herself up against someone she has hated for two years, but all is not as it seems. Codes: creampie – exhib – MF – Erotic Word Count: 12,000 Release Date: 13th July 2012 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – Mobipocket/Kindle – …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures IV

Sixteen year old Andy has a tearful Sarah staying the night with him, while Rhea gets to tease everyone and Abi is asked out. This story is the eighth instalment of the “Growing Pains” universe.

Growing Pains: New Pleasures III

Abi fights with Andy before going on a picnic with him and his friends in a beautifully romantic and picturesque location. Meanwhile Sarah has some new boots, Rhea teases Jez mercilessly and Andy receives a most unexpected guest.

The Au-Naturel Girls

Chauvinistic Adam Hodson, has the experience to remember when his new rented house catches fire and he is moved into a house of liberal, female nudists. As he struggles fully adapt, it is not just Adam who has to learn, as the girls have to adjust to his own foibles, weaknesses, and those of his violent, racist friend

The Lottery Winner’s Challenge

The Lottery Winner’s Challenge A truth-or-dare fanatic sets up a series of challenges with her Internet friends where the top prize is a cool million. This contains story codes that I have not written before and the entire story was written at the request of a person a few years back on a forum. She …