So I’m back posting again. Nine months ago I stopped. A conscious decision made after blogging became a chore; my six-or-seven posts a week schedule dropped to one or two and even they became tired and laborious. I got fed up dealing with the politics of blogging and sociopathic machinations of another blogger. But the moment I stopped …



The UK Government are at it again … ;-(

“The real point is: censorship doesn’t work.

It just doesn’t.

It harms society, restricting freedoms and shackles expression. It provides a barrier to legitimate forms of entertainment and suppresses free speech. It’s a cancer, a scourge of intelligence and ultimately ineffectual. It’s the last refuge of the desperate, the first refuge of the hysterical moron.”

A meme button for FFF

The problem Flash Fiction Friday is one of my favourite memes but it is the only meme I participate in that doesn’t have it’s own badge; SinfulSunday, WickedWednesday, TMI Tuesday, EDK, KOTW et al all come with their own badge, but FFF doesn’t. So I asked Advizor54 if I could create one. He said yes, …


Hey, O2 Wifi: Your filters are leaky

So O2Wifi think they know better than me, want to protect me and all that malarkey, but they don’t know that most sites on the net can be accessed from both HTTPS and HTTP protocols. Seriously, guys: the only thing worse than censorship is incompetent censorship.


One week to pass the law: no debate, nothing. One week to pass powers that the European Convention on Human Rights have already ruled as unlawful. One week to offend our democracy.

WickedWednesday: Wank Away!

But a lot of my words are written to stimulate. Sure, I like to weave in some of my twisted humour into my work, but what I write is to provoke you, my readers. And erotic writing is intended to cause blood to flow liberally to the nether regions.

What makes a sex writer?

Last week, I asked a number of sex writers and bloggers to complete a Myers-Briggs Personality Test and provide me with the result. I wanted to see if there was any commonality in the personality of the people who were attracted to writing about sex or were comfortable with sharing their sex lives. This train …


Unduly lenient sentencing

There are many things wrong with this country. There are many things wrong with British justice. This is evident, and almost universally acknowledged, but in British society there are many rights conveyed upon citizens that are almost unknown. Like, the ability for any child to withdraw permission for his or her school to use their …


ETO Show 2014

The ETO Show is held at the NEC in Birmingham, and attracts the biggest and best companies who specialise in adult products – from manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers. It was a blogger’s dream and although I had four hours there, it didn’t seem like nearly enough time.

A warning for erotic writers and bloggers

However, at the end of the day, we are all adults. We are not faceless, inhuman robots but real people with real desires, urges, fantasies and hobbies. These will vary. I like walking, I adore writing, I enjoy football, I have a flair for IT and I enjoy sex with a twist of BDSM. That’s me.

WickedWednesday: YKINMK

If consensual parties wish to come together to enjoy themselves in a way that does not harm anyone else, then I rarely see the problem. The moral code I have will never seek to impose intolerances and prejudices inside people’s houses and bedrooms.

WickedWednesday: Trigger Warnings

Personally, I like my politics central and my news unbiased and neutral. Guardian is neither; I have no time for it, and avoided commenting on the article as I don’t want to help them into their revenue-boosting marketing strategy

Do “the gays” cause rain?!

Questions such as, is homosexuality illegal, and what are the punishments if so? Are homosexual same-sex relationships recognised? Are same-sex marriages allowed? Can same-sex couples adopt? Can gays serve in the military? What anti-discrimination laws exist and are there laws permitting transgender status? Wikipedia and the Internet assisted in collating this information, with the legality question influencing the Index score by a factor of 5:2.

I came second!

Last week, when I was still John D, I entered Exhibit A’s “Suitcase” short story competition. The gentleman who ran the competition I met at Eroticon, and was keen to enter his challenge, despite only having five days from when I saw his post, to the closing date. To be fair, he did say it …


Lady Laid Bare Elsewhere

For those people who have bookmarked Jilly at Bare Naked Lady, you will need to update your bookmarks. She is now at: And if you haven’t read her blog, then go do it! Best of luck with her new site.   Related Posts:PostingsHey ATVOD …Updating licensing terms

Comment: A misguided teenager

Although I’m an atheist, and Saint Valentine has Christian origins, I have always loved the idea and principle behind the day. I blame this on some of my idealistic and overly romantic influences as a young teenager: Cider with Rosie, Rebecca, The Blue Lagoon and many more. Even now, with rose-tinted glasses, I don’t see …


Wicked Wednesday: Marriage?

Kyle trembled. He adjusted his suit, and looked nervously at his best man. “You’ve got the rings, right?” “Yes!” “They’ll be here shortly,” the registrar promised the anxious groom and Kyle gulped, straightening his tie, and running his hands through his hair. “Ten minutes late,” he mumbled, and took a deep breath as he consulted …


Moments that Mattered 2013

I must confess 2013 has been a troubled year for me and my family; in the Summer, my employer announced that they were closing my subsidiary over the following eighteen months and although I am still employed at the moment, that will not be the case by the end of this year. In September, my …


Eroticon 2014 Introduction

What’s your name? John What are you most looking forward to about Eroticon 2014? The social aspects: meeting particular people from last year, and having a drink with some awesome bloggers I know who are attending. From a personal perspective, I am also looking forward to seeing the sponsors’ wares, especially the Doxy, as I …


How Under-18s can break the UK Internet Filters!

As anyone who knows me will know, I abhor censorship. It simply doesn’t work: it inflicts the narrow world view of a minority on the majority, often causes suffering and ultimately fails in its objectives. When my parents first got the Internet, back in the mid-1990s, they were given a NetNanny-style product. It took me …


Awards and recognition

As far as my blog goes, it’s been a good December! I placed in Molly’s SinfulSunday competition with my take on Fairytale of New York. I then placed 22nd in Rori’s top sex bloggers list before being 14th in Beck’s equivalent list. Thank you to everyone. It is appreciated! And Merry Christmas 😉 John Related …


Kinky and sexy Windows 8 themes

About six months ago I won a Windows 8 slate and have slowly been trying to use it more and more; one nice feature with Windows 7 and Windows 8 is the ability to create “themepacks”: a combination of background images around a common theme that the system rotates, and matches the colour scheme appropriately. …


I am not a masochist …

… I just enjoy receiving pain from my wife. 😉 I do have a problem with being labelled as a masochist, and feel slightly awkward using that word in a positive sense, as it stems from the etymology of the word – masochism – from the author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Von Sacher-Masoch, wrote a number …


No Censorship here!

Here is an article published at Oliver’s blog that was recently pulled by WordPress. Here, at John D Towers, we (well me), doesn’t like censorship so thanks to Oliver, it has been republished! You guys are all great – for anyone asking, you have my permission to publish the most recent article anywhere you like! — …