A-to-Z: Zzzzzzzzzzz!

The stereo, binaural nature of the recording is disturbing at first, but she did relax me and sent me into a deep trance. And as she brings you under, her sexually charged voice takes you closer and closer to orgasm until she says “Jackpot” that should induce a climax.

A-to-Z: Y-Fronts and Silly Underwear

Suddenly, life wasn’t about plain cotton boxer shorts or Y-Fronts but there was a whole multitude of possibilities: I had silk boxers, I had tangas and underwear from a dozen other materials. I found Brass Monkeys in the nineties, and then Kiniki, who did even more unique underwear.

A-to-Z: XXX

Sure, it is exaggerated; it’s often unrealistic and offers warped views of sexuality. But it’s an aid, not a substitute to sex. Whether that’s fuelling fantasies or coaxing along foreplay, it’s there to help.

A-to-Z: Wax Play

Although it may sound quite a hardcore, savage activity, dripping hot wax onto a submissive is a wonderful experience. The warm liquid shocks as it lands, and then has a unique feeling as it dries; akin to a contraction against the skin. But I never get a chance to focus too much on each droplet, as another is very quickly behind it, sending a spark of pain and me into a dreamy haze.

A-to-Z: Vampire gloves

She knows how much pain she’s causing, and may temper her stroking with short, sharp spanks, often over already paddled skin; I squeal in pain; the spikes of the vampire gloves on raw skin is desperately painful.

A-to-Z: Uninhibited

It’s the fun exhibitionism.

It’s the fleer as the partner surprises with a brief flash of a lewd display.

It’s the all-day foreplay.

It’s the being prepared to try new things.

A-to-Z: Tease and denial

My wife can take me to the brink of orgasm and leave me on edge. I will be desperate, anxious, squirming for a release as her hands slide over my lubricated cock. She knows the pleasure it’s causing, and revels in the power in her fingertips. She will stop and kiss, before bringing me to the cliff-face again and again.

A-to-Z: Sex stories

Back in the nineties, it was the newsgroups: I spent a lot of time reading them with the tales posted. I found incredible authors such as Rachel Ross, who could write about topics that were well past my red lines and make them sexy and enticing. I found Victorian books, especially Victorian erotica to be loaded with fantastic prose that relentlessly coaxed vivid scenes in my mind.

A-to-Z: Reproduction

Indeed, at no point in my life have I ever had sex to produce children; they’ve been by-products of a soup of uncontrolled lust and irresponsible carelessness. But, from Gaia’s perspective, the overriding reason to give me dangly bits below the waist, and an appropriate slot in the female gender, was to create babies: to reproduce, and continue my line of genes.

A-to-Z: Queening

For those that are not familiar with the term, queening is when a lady sits on the face of her partner for forced cunnilingus or analingus. Obviously it can be part of our BDSM games: the submissive husband eagerly satisfying his dominant wife!

A-to-Z: Prostate Play

Nature has enjoyed a damn good giggle at the male species of homo sapiens, opting to hide our special spot a few inches up our arse. Perhaps, the gods were subtly pointing out to mankind that a bit of masculine bisexuality is the way to go!

A-to-Z: Nudity

I love being naked. I like the feel of warm sun on my bare skin, or the cooling breeze wafting over my body. I adore the liberating feeling of nakedness, unshackled from my clothes and free from restriction. I love seeing my wife in all her glory, at home and doing normal things, naked. It’s refreshing and lovely.

A-to-Z: Love

The Greeks recognised four different types of love: Agape, Eros, Philia and Storge. Storge, or affection, is the love felt between parents for their family and offspring, but the other three all exist between my wife and I in our relationship.

A-to-Z: Jacking Off

Because, the truth is, I like playing with my plumbing. And it’s good for my health too: men who masturbate regularly are less likely to get prostate cancer later in life. It also helps relieve depression, provides a cardiovascular workout and lowers blood pressure. Plus, I’ll know if I get any strange lumps or tenderness, because my hands are never away from my groin for more than 48 hours! It’s good, clean fun.

A-to-Z: Impact Play

An apology for whatever transgression is never enough, it’s too late: I’m getting punished. The fiery look in her eyes, the smack of the punisher on her hands as she warms up, drawing my attention to her weapon. Sometimes she will strip my bottom bare, eager to inflict maximum pain and control.

A to Z: Handjobs

But with a dash of lube, handjobs can be turned from that inexperienced fumbling and into a wondrous, sensual experience. The long, lingering look as her hand clasps over the head of my cock and slides down the shaft; a pout, a kiss, the control of a lover.

A to Z: Glass dildos

My wife and I adore the glass dildos we have purchased; they look like a basic toy but offer versatility in play. They are inexpensive, easy to clean, bodysafe, quiet to use, compatible with every lubricant and can coax dozens of orgasms out of the lucky recipient.

A to Z: Figging

All of the above happens inside ninety seconds with figging: the insertion, the slow sizzle, the fierce burn, the desperate lust – all with an undercurrent of intense pain. The ginger draws blood to the region, and it feeds into an intense arousal.

A to Z: Erotic Electostimulation

While an e-stim device can be used for BDSM play, it can also be used to coax climaxes and orgasms with minimal pain. I bought an ElectraStim EM60 Flick while I was the Erotica Show in London last year as my first foray into the world of erotic electostimulation, and although I like to give the device to my wife for her to control, we don’t use it for its more painful possibilities.

A to Z: Doggy Style

But it’s one of my, and my wife’s favourite positions: a little strange when we play considerably with myself as a submissive partner. For a few minutes, we temporarily switches roles as I control the sex in a more dominant way.

A to Z: Creampie eating

It’s a raw, passionate act. The need to coax more orgasms from my wife that I will do whatever it takes. The pinning of her legs apart with the grip of my hands as I indulge my lust and desires. The dirtiness of it.

A to Z: Bondage

When either of us are in bondage, it encourages my wife and I to discover new angles to our sexuality. When she is restrained, our play is gentle and orgasmic: I will take her to repeated climaxes until she is drained. When I am restrained, our play is sadomasochist and passionate.

A to Z: Acomoclitic

While I think glabrous genitals look nicer, and are tidier, there is a practical element too: cunnilingus is somewhat hampered when play has to pause because a hair is caught between the gentleman’s teeth!