Story: Winners and Losers Ch 12

The narrator plays three games, and attends a birthday party.

“I wanted to take him at that moment; pushing him up against the 1970’s textured wallpaper and sink my lips over his circumsized head. To bring the smooth, hairless shaft into my mouth and inhale the delicious scent of masculinity through my nostrils as his young cock bobbed against the back of my throat.”

Story: Winners and Losers Ch 11

Our narrator comes to terms with his bisexuality

“…I warned him, grunting that I was about to come, and he sucked powerfully on the tip of my prick as my loins pulsed and my cock squirted my cum into his mouth. He coughed as I withdrew, leaning against the wall. He wasn’t so innocent now, cum leaking from his lips…”

Story: Winners and Losers Ch 10

An MMF bisexual threesome the night before a spicy semi-final leaves our man confused

“….He prepared himself for me: the losing man rubbed the slippery water-based lube into his arsehole for me, subjugating himself and readying his body for my penetration. The pillaging of his vulnerable arse, given meekly to me after he lost the battle….”

Story: The Pussy Patrol

A man on Pussy Patrol meets a rule-breaker but she has the last laugh.

“…But I wasn’t the real enemy: her lust and arousal were. The trembling cock ring was delivering unrelenting vibrations to her sensitive clit and her body was releasing the torrent of frustration with a vocal climax that echoed in the small thoroughfare….”

Story: Winners and Losers Ch 08

Chapter eight of my bisexual-male football player series.

“…I was nearer the end of the queue. His bottom was bloodied and beaten by the time I reached him. The air had been think with yells and cries, squeals and screams. Profanity filled my eardrums as player after player savaged the losing team, smashing their rumps with ever increasing harder implements…”

Story: Winners and Losers Ch 07

Excitement surged through me, wondering if Paul would slip his cock inside me. We had a bottle of lubricant in the foreground of the photo, and I relaxed my muscles as I expected him to poke me with his prick. I almost wanted him to, closing my eyes as I took deep breaths.

Story: Winners and Losers Ch 06

I wanted him; I wanted to taste him and experience the flavours of his cum sliding over my tongue. And I wanted to bring a friend to orgasm; to feel that bond of friendship tightened by the enjoyment of mutual bisexuality.

Story: Winners and Losers Ch 04

The crowd wanted action, and behind us the losing players entered the field of play. Many were shirtless, accepting the cool breeze of a late September afternoon. Their goalkeeper was naked, his large cock swinging as he walked towards the mats. I think he wanted to show off his masculinity, to try and salvage some pride from his well endowed prick.

Story: Winners and Losers Ch 03

It was a meat market. There was no consideration as to whom they were going to select, just a bawdy scream of cries from the crowd of horny men. All they wanted was holes; that’s all we were to them, a couple of orifices to bring them guilty pleasure. To boost their ego and to feel the consequences of their victory.

Flash Fiction: Outlawing “Sorry”

Her tongue swept over my cock as she sucked, drawing her mouth down my erection as her hands toyed gently with my balls; a gentle finger here, and small squeeze there had me teetering on the edge of my climax. I watched; staring intensely as her slick movements sent shivers through my cock.

SinfulStories: Her cock vs his cock

He was well-endowed. Very well-endowed. His veiny thick manhood stood prominently erect and I squealed as it bobbed in front of him. “Nice, huh?” Donkeydick muttered, boasting as his hands cupped his erection and exhibited it for me. “You next.”

Me and My Zapper Chapter 03

Chapter one – Chapter two Maisie crossed her arms and stared at me; she was angry. “I make specialist receivers and transmitters,” I told her. “It’s only a garage operation but I …” “For getting men to force women to have sex with them! That’s disgusting!” I shook my head quickly in disagreement. “No. It’s …


FFF: The (Not So) Innocent

The Rules Word Length – 444 Required Word/Phrase – Ingénue (pronounced an-zhuh-noo) Forbidden Words – Mirror, Pasta, Doggie, Tutu 25 bonus words – Share an experience that happened at a performance Extra Credit – Explain where her mother is (25 extra words) The Story The “actress” sighed. “I put you in the erotic show,” he reminded her. The impressionable 18-year-old …


Wicked Wednesday: Why spoil a moment?

A bizarre and unrealistic fiction fantasy, I know; I really did struggle for any sort of inspiration and wanted to write a happy piece of erotica. This is my sixth attempt; my first attempt didn’t go all that well given I was not in a happy place when I tried to write it. I am …


My ass is on fire!

A few days ago, on a Twitter conversation with a couple of people, Dirty Little Whispers mentioned the practice of figging, and I was half-challenged (albeit mostly in my own mind) to try it. For those that don’t know, figging is the practice of taking a “finger” of ginger root, removing the skin and smoothing it …


Wicked Wednesday: A little bit of confusion

This is fiction, written in a very unusual style for me, and is the work of a diseased and perverted mind. Apologies. Please let me know if it does or doesn’t work for you! Gentlemen: This is a public service announcement. I wish to warn you about a scheming little minx called Marie and to …


Growing Pains: Helen

This story is set in December 1998 and shows a small party Reuben hosted at his house for his friends and their girlfriends. It introduces wild girl Helen

Growing Pains: Jez and Jodie 02

Growing Pains: Jez and Jodie 02 This story relates to a scene with the troubled Jodie Roberts and her friend Sarah Bailey. Her affair with her boyfriend’s father offered her something she could not get at home, but this shows just how desperate for affection she had become. This conversation happens in January 1999. Codes: MF …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XIV

New Pleasures Chapter XIV Andy hits on an interesting money making scheme, while Sarah takes some friends to London to see her boyfriend. Zoe agonises over her mixed emotions and Abi finds a nerdy college boy to torment. Codes: anal – exhib – F-Solo – hand – M-Solo – oral – toys – Erotic Word Count: 16,500 …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XIII

New Pleasures Chapter XIII Grace is away and both Rhea and Sarah sense opportunity. Abi gets very horny after some male strippers visit, and Zoe gets more confused than ever after getting drunk. Meanwhile Simon manages to make Rhea speechless. Codes: anal – flirt – hand – light – MF – M-Solo – Erotic Word Count: 29,500 …


The Lottery Winner’s Challenge

The Lottery Winner’s Challenge A truth-or-dare fanatic sets up a series of challenges with her Internet friends where the top prize is a cool million. This contains story codes that I have not written before and the entire story was written at the request of a person a few years back on a forum. She …