Story: Khione

A trio of explorers find a supernatural woman.

“From that moment, neither myself nor Aaron got much peace; she was seductive and innocent, yet a rampant nymphomaniac. She never ate, slept or wore clothes; her pure white body was rampant for sex and for penetration.”

Spank A-to-Z Fiction: Kisses of Kink

Or so I thought, my impossible dream was vividly real as my exposed rear waited for her. I was ready, desperately wanting the show to begin, yet filled with trepidation. My heart pounded on the soft bench as I frantically replayed the songs in my mind. I’d seen the videos: Melanie was intense, as the poor abused men desperately pleaded with the sadist on the vocals. It was sheer depravity.

Flash Fiction/Darker Flame: Ignorance

She wanted to go further, and I obliged: I kidnapped her walking home from work, bundling her unceremoniously into a van and ripping her clothes into shreds as I tore them from her body. Eight masked men had their way with her in the warehouse as we assaulted her, striking her bare skin with our terrifying arsenal of whips, canes, floggers and crops.

A Darker Flame: Unfathomable Logic and Hypocrisy

This is very stereotypical and full of cliches but I had nowhere to go with this prompt; this is attempt number four. Sorry … Britishness. What is it? What does it mean to be typically British? Sure, there’s the blind sporting optimism and ability to appreciate toilet jokes, but possibly the key British traits are …


A Darker Flame: Viking Pussy (Erotic Fiction)

This fiction is sort of inspired by antics inside the Orkney Saga: my favourite pre-Medieval fiction after Dante Aligheri’s Inferno. We think of superheroes as figures that possess unhuman abilities or characteristics, but the original hero was “a man who is blessed with great bravery and strength, and whom is famed for his fearless exploits.” …