Story: Don’t tease a dominant

Olivia wanted to play; Olivia wanted to exhibit her new toy and Claire was the chosen victim. Claire never argued against the demands and confidence of her dominant playmates: neither in the bedroom or as a “volunteer” for the regular sadistic demonstrations. She never felt able to resist the offer of immovable binds of rope, or the furious hits of impact play; she longed to have her submissive tendencies explored and her bratty attitude punished.

Story: Mind the Gap

But most of all, I see. See the trembling orgasm, the long breaths and the clenched fist. See the relief on your face as you redouble your efforts on your friend, forcing me to watch her explode into a million pieces of sheer orgasmic delight.

Me and My Zapper Chapter 04

Chapter one – Chapter two – Chapter three To say the trust between Maisie and I had taken a battering after her shenanigans with her dominatrix friend would be an understatement. I loathed the deception but she reminded me that I had clearly gained some satisfaction from the experience and reasoned that she had found …


Growing Pains: Fiona

Fiona This is the erotic tale of a fun-loving eighteen year old, who has to rely on the support of her boyfriend when she is attacked, and how she blossoms wth her new friend. Codes: MF – FF – MMF – exhib – oral – Erotic Word Count: 55,000 Release Date: 09 August 2013 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – …


Growing Pains: Helen

This story is set in December 1998 and shows a small party Reuben hosted at his house for his friends and their girlfriends. It introduces wild girl Helen

Growing Pains: Exposed!

Growing Pains: Exposed This story is set on 22nd April 2000 and concerns Sarah Hutchings, a sixteen year old sister who is about to give her family a big shock. Codes: FF – oral – Erotic Word Count: 2,000 Release Date: 20 December 2012 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – Mobipocket/Kindle – PDF Related Posts:Growing Pains: HelenGrowing Pains: New Secrets …


Growing Pains: New Secrets V

Growing Pains: New Secrets V Rhea has her sword confiscated, Kevin turns up to plead for Sarah’s forgiveness and Olivia has an unusual subject for Andy to photograph. Meanwhile Rhea has a further battle with the headmistress, Sarah is demanding and Andy tries to make amends to Donna. Codes: MF – FF – light – hand …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XVII

New Pleasures Chapter XVII Rhea celebrates her fifteenth birthday as Grace also ticks off another year. Zoe is left angry by her Maths homework, Andy has a dilemma with Sam and he claims his prize from Abi. His money making scheme continues to deliver until he meets someone quite unexpected. Codes: BDSM – FF – MF …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XIII

New Pleasures Chapter XIII Grace is away and both Rhea and Sarah sense opportunity. Abi gets very horny after some male strippers visit, and Zoe gets more confused than ever after getting drunk. Meanwhile Simon manages to make Rhea speechless. Codes: anal – flirt – hand – light – MF – M-Solo – Erotic Word Count: 29,500 …


On the Run

In this book, three people set about stealing from a mad Ukrainian gangster and then have to evade the Police, the heavies and anyone who is prepared to double-cross them for a slice of £800,000 in used banknotes, some jewellery and three priceless Argentinian artefacts.