Story: Remote Control Punishment

A girl seeks to stop her arousal from becoming public.

“…The toy squealed and hummed, barely audible over the noise of the train as her month-long horniness boiled angrily inside of her. I watched her writhe and squirm, bouncing on the heels of her boots as her breathing became ragged…”

Flash Fiction: A confused voyeur

It was her weekly gift, and that evening was particularly intense: no quick rub around her clit, but over an hour of delicious solo love making, coaxing repeated climaxes from her deliciously lithe body: the gentle curves, the succulent breasts that I would do anything to feast on, and long, toned legs. Today, they were encased with the mesh of fishnets. I wanted her.

Flash Fiction: My Boss

And then there’s the young brickie: Ryan was sent to pick up some paint one day and got his treat, despite the size of his order. What he lacked in pounds sterling, he made up for as his trousers fell to the floor. My dungarees offered no resistance as the young man stood akimbo, his proud cock jutting into the shop, waiting for me to allow him to take advantage.

Story: Caged!

Grown men don’t cry, do they? They do. And I am crying. I am crying, begging and pleading for the agony to stop; wishing and desperately hoping that she will yield and show mercy to me, but I know my cause is hopeless. She will not submit to my pitiful cries and deep down, I …


Growing Pains: Fiona

Fiona This is the erotic tale of a fun-loving eighteen year old, who has to rely on the support of her boyfriend when she is attacked, and how she blossoms wth her new friend. Codes: MF – FF – MMF – exhib – oral – Erotic Word Count: 55,000 Release Date: 09 August 2013 File Download: EPUB/iBooks – …


Lucy and My Blue Balls

Dirty Little Whispers wrote a piece about Blue Balls that inspired this; do take the time to read her sexy blog post about them!  “Please,” I begged and spied at my girlfriend’s defiant glare. “I really, really, really need to.” My brown-haired Lucy just shook her head and tapped my erect cock with a giggle. …


Growing Pains: New Pleasures XIV

New Pleasures Chapter XIV Andy hits on an interesting money making scheme, while Sarah takes some friends to London to see her boyfriend. Zoe agonises over her mixed emotions and Abi finds a nerdy college boy to torment. Codes: anal – exhib – F-Solo – hand – M-Solo – oral – toys – Erotic Word Count: 16,500 …