Story: They need Anna

Anna sat cross-legged on the carpet, giggling. “And you wonder why I never told you! You guys are such prudes!”

“Err … we’re not,” I argued, running my agitated hand through my hair as the floozy leant back against the wall. “We just didn’t expect it. It’s a shock.”

“What? Woman makes money through job? Is it really?”
“That job,” my girlfriend snapped. “It’s … wrong!”

“Hey. Prostitution is fine.” The host sighed and held up her wrist. “This watch, a present from a client. I showed him so much in the bedroom and he was so very, very grateful. And …”

“We don’t need to know,” my girlfriend interrupted. “Just keep it to yourself!” I implored Anna to continue, as did our companions. My lady was overruled by the three drunken gentlemen in the room, eager to hear the exploits of the insatiable Anna.

“Look, it’s a tough world out there for guys. Everyone expects them to be sexual masters and they are teased if they don’t have sex or know what to do between the sheets. Women love to gossip about lousy fucks, but no-one wants to show them what to do. They need guidance. They need Anna.”

“So you sell your body!” My disapproving girlfriend folded her arms as she scowled. “Honestly, it’s …”

“I am selling access to my experience and I am providing a service. Just like you pay when you go to see your personal trainer or the physio or your French tutor.” The glaring was acrimonious, the tone of voice unfriendly. “And they need it; eighteen year olds who just want to fuck a hole, pound their little cock into anything that moves and fuck off. I take the raw product and turn them into lovers. Develop their skills and experience so they are fantastic between the sheets.”


“OK. Take Ryan.”

“Well you already have.”

Anna ignored the barbed comment. “Ryan’s eighteen and he wants to ask out a girl but doesn’t have the confidence so he came to me. He was scared that if they got on and she took him home he wouldn’t know what to do. So we started with massage technique; the blonde-haired Maths student, running his firm, strong hands over my oiled body to awaken my feminine urges and soothe my tired muscles.”

“Then what?” I asked.

“Ahhh, then we moved onto the next stage of foreplay.” Her eyes sparkled mischievously as my girlfriend wriggled uncomfortably. “The smooth kisses caressing softly over soothed skin. The delicate touch and fiery gaze as two lovers kiss, fingers dancing lightly over the genitals. Then the mouth, his mouth. His virgin mouth sliding tenderly over my mons and kissing my crack. I show him my clit.”

“Right, OK. That’s fine. Shall we …”

“Oh yeah,” Anna cried, lost in her story. “Hmmmm. That first time he was an animal, poking and slashing at my sensitive button. The boys always do that, they think they need to treat it roughly so I guide and advise. And he responds, softly swirling his tongue across my clit. And it’s heaven. Every virgin is always sheer heaven as they pleasure a girl for the first time. I love it. He writes me a love letter on my clit as I came. I roared with a climax, every inch of my body trembling as the little virgin drove me to incredible pleasure. And this was no fakery; this was the real deal. These were orgasms to rival Krakatoa.”

“I’m not sure we need to hear …”

EveryDayKinky Flowers“But then, the sex wasn’t so good. I mean, he tried, but he was on a hair trigger and a few moments after sliding into me, he was spewing into his condom. He bought me some flowers to say sorry, but it’s fine. I expected it. So we’re working on that. And the foreplay. And then it’s anal. He’s a hundred times more confident now and is so looking forward to some backdoor fun.”

“Anna,” my lover snapped. “Pur-lease! That’s too much!”

She snorted. “Sometimes I wonder how we are sisters; I’m sure I was adopted. There’s nothing wrong with anal sex.”

“It’s … icky.”

“Your boyfriend didn’t mind it,” Anna taunted and winked at me. “He quite enjoyed it when I showed him … oh, you didn’t know we had a fling when he was younger. He was one of the first guys who gave me their virginity. We had so much fun, and we had complaints because I was so noisy when I came.” She smiled at me. “Didn’t we? Although I could have sworn that classroom next door was empty. Can’t believe I got detention for that! So unfair.”

“Yes, it was,” I muttered, feeling the white heat of my lover glaring at me. I should have mentioned it. But she can’t expect me to remember everything: a two month fling with a girl easily passes from your memory with effortless ease.

Alas, my girlfriend didn’t see it like that.

I might have to buy her some flowers.


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