Story: Luna Mission II

This is a continuation of Luna Mission

She went everywhere with me.

Not a moment passed when the naked, pregnant body of Luna wasn’t in my mind. I dreamt of her constantly when I slept, causing me to wake in a sticky pool of pre-cum. I saw mirages of her as I drove or worked, leaving my underwear permanently soaked and my cock constantly hard.

She was everywhere: every moment I obsessed about the rotund belly, the delicious cunt and swollen breasts of my sexy colleague. It had been bad before that evening in our office; a sweet fifteen minutes of unimaginable pleasure for a feeble £500. It had been sheer torture since.

My mind tormented me with never-ending illusions of my darling: the object of my fantasies. Tuesday couldn’t come soon enough, when we would fuck on her due date. The rest of the promised money withdrawn from the bank, safely tucked away in an envelope and awaiting that special day.

My “preggo porn” accounts were in constant use and I searched for “pregnant prostitutes” on the ‘net. I discreetly messaged my colleague, delicately offering her more money for more sex in a subtly coded message. She didn’t respond.

But I was a walking mass of hormones, desperately needing to sate my unconquerable lust towards pregnant women. My cock itched with impatience; my body sizzled with excitement as I counted down the days to Tuesday. I had booked that day as annual leave.

Saturday was a torment, Sunday was agony. Alone, horny, desperate. I longed for Luna to offer herself to me, I longed to sleep until I could awake and be with my pregnant colleague.

I needed to be with her.

I needed Tuesday to be now. I had it planned intimately. A shower in the morning when I woke; my favourite pregnant pornography film as I ate breakfast. I had arranged for the biggest bouquet of flowers to be delivered on Tuesday morning that had cost almost £100 and I would arrive dressed in my best suit, with my best silk shirt and tasteful silk underwear. I had baby oil to massage the sweet frame of my darling employee; eager to sweep my oiled hands over her delicate body and smooth skin. To bring her into a calm, relaxed state before touching her clit and massaging her yoni to a deafening battery of exhausted orgasms.

And then I’d bring my lips to her sweet hole, the beautiful feel of her textured cunt that oozed gravid sexuality and the remnants of her lustful endeavours. I’d draw her orgasm from her pregnant body, sweeping long licks of worship over her beautiful clit until she breathlessly squealed and came with a whimpering orgasm that left her ravishing cunt slick.

I could taste Luna in my imagination; smell her wet cunt as I dreamt of that moment. Fantasised my senses into a plethora of gorgeous aromas and tastes. I could feel her cunt around my cock as I plowed her inviting pussy, sending orgasmic shockwaves with every gentle thrust into her.

Every moment planned. Every beautiful detail drawn to elicit delicious pure pleasure for us both.

Only it didn’t go as planned. Perhaps we could have guessed, and we shouldn’t have been so naïve to expect the same Mother Nature that had delivered my erotic fantasies to my depraved mind to be so accommodating in the sating of those desires. She rang me on Monday lunchtime. “Come now!” She panted. “Quickly.”

“But …”

“Just now! If you want to fuck at all, come now!”

I ran to her house; she lived ten minutes walk away that I covered in less than five. She smiled at her desperate colleague, holding an envelope of cash and held her stomach briefly. “It’s started.”

“The baby.”

“Just contractions.” My expression must have portrayed my alarm at the news, and she snapped at my tardiness. “Come on. I need to call my husband soon so if you want this, hurry up!”

The payment was given, the battered clothing of Luna’s lounging attire swapped for her smooth birthday suit. I took a brief moment to admire her gorgeous body as she stood before me. Her naked body framed by the daylight streaming in behind her from the window. She smiled: at me, at the power she held and at the last act of copulation before motherhood.

I gulped as her hands clutched her pregnant belly, exhaling sharply. She walked towards me; her waddling motion never sexier as I stood anxiously in my grey Y-fronts. A beacon of male banality against her sensual visage. I ached to sate our lust and waited as the very moment of sexual exuberance I had planned so meticulously in my mind unfurled in a manner I hadn’t expected.

There was no time for massages, or kisses, or sensuality. No time to woo and dote over my beautiful colleague that I had dreamt of. Just a moment of lust. Her hands slipped beside my waist, pushing closed the lounge door as her smooth skin pressed against mine. She felt my cock through the wet cotton, stretched by my desire.

“Kiss me,” she demanded.

Her hand slapped me across the face when I leant to brush her lips with mine. “Not there! Only my husband kisses me there!” Her hands pushed on my shoulders until my knees landed on her soft carpet. She leant against the back of her sofa, her hands supporting her weight as I softly kissed her gentle fuzz at the tops of her thighs.

Her cunt was musky as her delicate, unmistakable fragrance filled my mouth. I swept my tongue over her contours, glancing over her protruding belly as she whimpered. I was impatient, pushing my mouth against her clitoris as my neck was pushed backwards by our position.

But it was a wonderful place to be: underneath my Luna as she whimpered deliciously with every swirl of my tongue over her button. I felt her body seize momentarily and her thighs tense. My fingers pressed against her bosom, drawing wetness from my gentle touch.

It was almost too much already. My cock was tortuously alive and desperate for satisfaction. Luna made me wait, laying gently on her sofa as I knelt in front of her and ate the unattainable woman to a vociferous orgasm.

And then it was my turn. She laughed as I peeled my inadequate underwear from my body; puncturing my pride with snarling and smirking. Her eyes met mine, her fingers guided my erect cock into her moist hole.

Pure warmth; my balls tingled instantly, her body twitched as her muscles squeezed and quivered with my erect dick pushed inside her sanctuary.

I gasped with every gentle stroke; my balls became a mess of fiery lust that thrust me towards my peak in seconds. I whimpered as my hands rubbed her rotund belly and I came, filling her cunt with my seed.

My mind clouded with spent lust, I closed my eyes to savour the sweet sexual release. That moment, that last erotic moment with a pregnant Luna ingrained permanently in my memory.

I never got to eat her cunt free of my juices; a contraction seized her body for a handful of seconds. I watched helplessly as she panted to cope with the strong compressions of her pelvic muscles. “You better go.”

I offered to get my car to take her to the hospital but she declined my invitation, calling her partner after she had cleaned away the remnants of our tryst. She gave birth later that day, posting onto social media a picture of her baby.

Three days after the birth, I arranged to visit Luna and her partner: a tall, wiry man of unsuspecting smiles. The big bouquet of flowers I had ordered for her due date covered her fireplace, along with dozens of brightly-coloured greeting cards.

She glanced at her husband, slipping into the kitchen to make drinks for their guest and she lowered her voice. “I guess now I’ve given birth you’re not interested in our arrangement,” she whispered as her eyes focussed on the sleeping baby in a tiny Moses Basket. She didn’t wait for an answer. “There’s a girl I know and she’s eight months gone. She needs the money to pay off her debts. £499 a time.”


“Yep, non-negotiable. Must be £499. Not a penny more or less. But you’ll like her: warm smile, black hair, delicate body. And a massive pregnant belly. Twins I’d imagine. And she’s aching for sex. Just ripe for a good, deep pounding. Even from a guy who only lasts ten seconds.”

And with those dirty, filthy words from the innocent mouth of my Luna, my cock rose in an instant, causing me to fidget in front of her. My ego smacked by her harsh words. “Could I get her number?”

“Sure. If you promise to treat her gently.”

“Of course.”

“You better,” Luna warned. “It’s my little sister.”

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