Story: Khione

Her body rocked as I ogled them through the gap in the rocks. Her cries loudly echoed in the stone chamber; her thin, wiry body coated with grit and sweat as her breasts swung wildly in the vast room.

Khione was getting fucked by Aaron.

I glanced at the other companion in our party, Lucille, rolling her eyes as I looked towards her. “Want to see?”

She sighed, barely registering my offer; Khione was always screwing. “Don’t you think it’s a little weird?”

“What?” I asked, not removing my attention from the heaving white body being pounded by our fellow explorer. Her skin glistened with the sweat, beading on her pearlescent skin. “She has a sex drive. You should try it.”

Lucille snorted and sighed, slumped against the stone wall; the remnants of our last meal lay next to the subdued fire and my friend pulled her blanket around her body. The ice storm crashed against the stone walls as an icy blast roared through the castle, alive with the sounds of the vicious pounding of skin on skin. “She’s hardly … normal.”

“Who defines normal? Who is normal?”

I couldn’t deny Khione was a little strange.

For weeks our village had been plagued by incredible ice storms; hailstones the size of cushions flattened houses and killed animals. Three of us had volunteered to travel North and into the unknown. It was uncharted territory; no man or woman had travelled across the moors and returned to map the hostile lands beyond.

And, as we discovered, the lands were hostile; we were ambushed twice on the moors and then attacked by lizards and serpents as we crossed the estuary. Each time we survived and sheltered in an abandoned castle during a vicious storm, stumbling across Khione pleasuring herself with a ten-inch dildo.

From that moment, neither myself nor Aaron got much peace; she was seductive and innocent, yet a rampant nymphomaniac. She never ate, slept or wore clothes; her pure white body was rampant for sex and for penetration.

She demanded it; she was strong too, never taking “no” for an answer. The blue-haired minx pawed at Aaron’s clothes within seconds of meeting him and bounced on his erect cock the moment his clothes were shed. Lucille and I watched horrified, as her powerful screams echoed around the building, rocking her hips against his masculinity with increasing intensity. In front of us: no embarrassment, no shame.

She shuddered as she came; her eyes rolling in her sockets as she thrust her hair back, soaking in the full force of her climax. Her tattoos were distinctive, the girl was friendly. She helped us set up camp and told of the dangers beyond her shores, but every hour she demanded sex.

For twenty days and nights, Aaron and I had serviced the demanding vixen several times a day. She loved the cunnilingus I gave, swirling against her milky-white cunt with my tongue as she ground her crotch into my face.

But she always demanded sex: as the ice clattered against her castle roof, she was always being fucked; pinned by her wrists to the cold stone floor; her ankles resting on my shoulders as I pounded into her tight cunt.

And for twenty days and nights, the boulder-sized ice smashed against the castle, barring our departure to fulfil our mission.

“She looks a little weird. She acts very weird and she just needs sex. That’s not normal,” Lucille ranted.

“She’s probably a different race,” I muttered. “Don’t be racist!”

Lucille swore. “Well … something’s up with her. There’s something weird.”

I hummed, returning to the desperate pounding of Khione’s cunt by my friend; she was coming. The loud cacophony of lustful screams was accompanied by a deafening crash from outside; the ice storm had instantly doubled in its intensity.

“Hang on …” I muttered, grabbing a flaming stick of wood poking from the dying fire, carrying the burning stick into the main chamber. “Khione,” I shouted.

ADF_1409_FeatShe squealed. “Get away from me with that.”


“Go away!” she shouted; her yells accompanied by an icy blast of air from her mouth. “Get away!” I protected the flame from her desperate cries.

I ran towards her, holding the stick behind me as she screamed; bellowing loudly with glacial blasts burning my cheeks cold. She ran as I got close, running down the steps and onto the snow-covered island. I gave chase and plunged the hot stick between the shoulder blades in the small wood, watching as she screamed and fell to the ground, motionless.

The hailstones stopped instantly; the clouds parted. Khione stirred, her body turning green and her hair turning red as I watched open-mouthed. She stood in front of me, stretching and crying, feeling the warmth of the Sun as she turned to face me.

ADF_1409_2“You killed me,” she yelled. “You killed me and freed me.”

“Errr …”

I had no time to argue as the naked girl pushed me onto the fresh snow, and fumbled at my crotch, stroking my cock to its full length. Her eyes sparkled, her skin glowed as her cunt slipped over my manhood and she rode my cock. The Sun’s rays grew stronger as she bucked more forcefully, crying and squealing as my hands tweaked her nipples.

I felt the coldness of the melting snow against my back as her lustful cries echoed amongst the trees. My companions stumbled across us, fucking wildly. I panted and squealed, feeling the lust rising from within as I came into the green goddess, bucking on my cock.

She came too; her orgasm causing a blast of sunshine that turned the snow into water.

My fellow explorers returned to our village the following day, triumphant; I stayed behind to keep the sun shining. She is demanding; five orgasms a day at least, but without it the Goddess of Weather would offer us snow and ice and it would destroy my village.

So I made a selfless sacrifice.

The images come from here and here; they are used under a CC-license.

A Darker Flame

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  1. Fantasy story with this man sacrificing himself for his village by fucking the Goddess of Weather to promote good weather, is a task I would Love to volunteer for! The pictures are great! Thanks for this Excellent Erotica!

  2. Brilliant take on this…and must say, the bondage green-girl pic, is a nice Star Trek nod that this reader appreciates.

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