Story: The key, the Pepsi and the chastity

She gasped; mewing loudly as her cunt was pounded by the beefy warrior; his muscles glistened under the studio lights, his veins prominent. The alpha male impaled the svelte beauty onto his prick with animal-like grunts. She gripped the mattress, pushing her head onto the bedsheets as he pulled her hips rhythmically into his crotch.

Their skin slapped together as they fucked; her glassy eyes peering at me from across the bed. The porn-star, naked except for a dangling necklace, squealed with every forceful thrust of the well-endowed stud. Her passionate grunts clear that she was lewdly enjoying his thick veiny cock stretching her filled cunt. Her nipples were fiercely erect, delightful points that bounced as he energetically fucked her. I could smell the sex, taste her lust and sense her arousal.

We’d been here many times before.

He was her fourth; she had already been treated to five orgasms and was approaching number six at a rapid rate. I wanted to reach out and touch her: push her long hair from her face and cup her swinging bosom. I wanted to hold her as he drove her into a gasping climax, feeling the passionate quivers of her muscles as her fiery body shivered with saturated lust.

And kiss her. I desperately wanted to kiss the rampant beauty. I longed to wrap my tongue against her ruby red lips as she was pounded into a vocal celebration of wild, orgasmic satisfaction. I wanted to taste her passionate desire for her male co-star as he elicited fervid whimpers from the young slut.

I wanted to play.

“He’s so big …” She cried loudly, more for the camera than for me. She glanced at my restrained cock, caged painfully in a clear plastic prison for her entertainment. His fierce grunts signified a barrage of cum being pumped into her pussy.

She felt it: the warmth spreading inside as her exaggerated cries of pleasure were captured on camera. “OK Tiny. Come here.” She beckoned me from my front-row seat. Her teasing words struck: I was small, I could never satisfy her and I was not fit to fuck her. I was a disgrace to mankind, an insult to her gender and a disgrace to mine. I was hung like a monkey not a donkey, possessing the sort of manhood that made women turn to epic dildos and well-hung studs.

It was for the camera: the shoot demanded it. The pornography studio specialised in niche, and she acted a scowl as we played out my humiliation.

“Get on this bed!” I laid on the hard mattress, and she swung her legs over my head. My cock strained against my plastic prison as the first drips of cum dropped onto my face. “Suck it,” she demanded. “Eat my creampie!”

She leant forward for the cameras, squealed as my tongue swirled against her slippery clit. She groaned and mewed, thrashing as my lips sucked against her hole and my mouth filled with cum.

It tasted muskily sweet; delightfully taboo and deliciously perverted. It had that smell too: the signature aroma of their domination and my submission. My mind focused solely on her pleasure, driving her to orgasm after orgasm, feeling her trembling body squirt spasms of delectable nastiness onto my face, into my mouth and sliding down my chin.

I felt her sit up as her co-stars returned. “He’s cleaning up your mess,” she announced. “That’s all the little fuck is good for!” They ridiculed. Horrid humiliating laughs, as my mouth sucked at her pussy and swept over her slick cunt.

“Cheers!” She cried. I heard the clink of bottles as she adjusted her rump on my face, enjoying a few laughs with friends, with drinks, while I pleasured her. Her weight bore down on my head; I was nothing more than an enjoyable seat for her. That’s all the story said I was good for.

I waited until the end of the shoot. “Can we get this off now?” I pointed at my chastity cage as I asked my naked girlfriend, chatting with two of her male co-stars. She giggled, kissing the key in the heave of her bosom, smiling at her alpha male friends shaking their heads at me. They never understood my kinks, I never understood theirs.

“Leave it on,” one of them suggested to her, squeezing her bottom. “Make him work for it!”

“Ummm … yes!” She laughed at my horrified expression. She unclipped the tiny key and put it on her tongue.

“Love, please,” I begged but the experienced porn-star shook her head. She drank the last of her cola from the bottle to wash the key into her stomach, winking at me. “Maybe at the weekend it’ll come back for you! Maybe not!”

“No! I need it for tomorrow! Where’s the spare key?”

Her wry smile traced her finger along my chest and gently poked my nipple. I squealed as a shot of lust warmed me. “Not a chance, baby!”

“But I’m booked onto the shoot tomorrow with you and Amy. Anal Adventures 5! I need my cock back! Please …”

She laughed, and lovingly caressed my chest. “Baby, you don’t need it unlocked! ‘Cos tomorrow, you’re not the one doing the fuckin’!”

Image from the EveryDayKinky Blog. Pepsi is a registered trademark of PepsiCo


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