Spank A-to-Z Fiction: Winners and Losers

I have agreed to do the spanking A to Z challenge, and will publish 26 stories over the month, each containing corporal punishment, starting with "A" and ending with "Z".

The swell of his cock bobbed in front of my face, the feint aroma of masculinity and sweat swirling around me. There are no chains binding me to the wet floor of the changing room, but I was immobile. Captivated. Unable to move, my lips parted for the first time to allow a man to stuff his erect prick into my mouth.

I was naked; I was vulnerable and defeated, but they cared not. They had no reason to care. I had played the game and I had lost; all of us had. The Woodford Wanderers were hammered by South Oak Harriers and we had to suffer the consequences.

Fortunately, it was just a friendly: the victors could only claim a blowjob for a friendly win, so as the final whistle blew and the referee led the teams from the pitch, our football kit glued to our bodies in the rain, we knew what the Harriers would demand.

It was crowded in the small changing room: victorious yells and screams dominated, echos bouncing from walls and jostling players intimidated and disorientated us. Our clothes were torn from our bodies: the laughter as they saw our naked crotches served to belittle us.

It was part of the game. We had to grin and bear it. They won, they savoured their victory, with excited voices and overflowing testosterone, they were able to enjoy their thirty minutes of fun at our expense.

Their striker, the victim of a few steady tackles from myself, grabbed the back of my neck and pushed me onto my knees. He had short-blonde hair, a bit of bulk around the middle and a cheeky smile on his face. An extrovert, my tormentor, glowed as his cock bobbed free and he swung it into my face. I watched it harden, the veins on his meaty prick becoming prominent. His uncut cock now textured and ready for him to claim his reward.


My mouth welcomed the victor, sliding his warm, firm cock between my lips. I sucked; I’d practised on my girlfriends dildo as we knew the rule changes in the league for this year, but nothing prepared me for the real thing. I licked the soft ridges as his foreskin slid back and his glans became exposed, sucking in his masculinity and swirling my tongue over his sensitive head.

I tasted it, the bitter fluid, a pea of pre-cum forming on my tastebuds as I sucked his manly scent in; his pubic hair tickled my nose, his hands rubbing the back of my head as I closed my eyes and bobbed, allowing him to guide my head further and further onto his cock.

I barely heard the insults, didn’t need to hear to the cries or groans of satisfaction; his cock twitched repeatedly, spasming as my mouth slid up and down his shaft, taking in every aspect of him. Savouring him, enjoying his taste and my submission.

My hands rubbed around his legs; pressing against the roughness of the hair on his muscular thighs. He jerked as two fingers pressed against his taint, groaning as I circled it with firm movements on his perineum.

Pre-cum leaked from my own cock: I had never done this before, and the feeling of the twitching cock in my mouth was far hotter than I expected. I waited for his final twitch and jerk as he pulled against my head, pressing his cock deep into my mouth before several pulses spewed his cum into my throat.

I coughed much of it up; the realisation that another man had come down my throat was intensely erotic yet much of a headfuck. He leant against the wall, eyeing me as his salty deposits dribbled from my chin.

His erection was withering, but the glowing sheen on his shaft was a testament to his victory as he revelled in the sight of his team-mates face-fucking my team-mates. It was visceral: the grunting of the passionate debauchery surrounding us. “I want spanking rule too. And I choose you!”

“But that’s not in friendlies!”

He shouted across the room. “Hey Dino! Spanking rule is friendlies too, ain’t it?” Dino grunted, nodding as our goalkeeper’s mouth swept the captain into a vocal climax that covered our guy’s face in pearlescent goo.

I was pinned to the bench, protesting, arguing as their striker smashed his hand against my backside. My team-mates did nothing, watching or sucking as the nine goal winning margin was played out in spanks on my rump. I had to take them, struggling against the cold wood in the draughty changing room. My face held down on sweaty clothing as the striker counted; each strike bouncing off my arse. It hurt, more than the embarrassment of a straight guy giving a blowjob, more than the humiliation of our defeat, and more than the physical pain of the spanks, but the emotional angst of being hit, being disciplined like I was an errant Victorian child punctured the very core of my dignity.,

I held onto the bench as his triumphantly counted to nine. My arse burnt with agony while my cheeks burnt with shame at his treatment. “Go!” He cried, releasing his grip on me and watching as I scrambled to my feet. “I’m so looking forward to our match in three weeks time,” he gestured, licking his lips. “I want to get my prick up there!”

And with the way we play, I was going to be sucking a lot of cocks, and being fucked by lots of men before the end of the season.

This story is continued at Chapter Two

Spanking A-to-Z Challenge

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