Spank A-to-Z Fiction: Team Victory

I have agreed to do the spanking A to Z challenge, and will publish 26 stories over the month, each containing corporal punishment, starting with "A" and ending with "Z".

Team Victory

Her hair fluttered in the wind as the naked woman streaked across the stadium. Her right arm held tight across her bare breasts, the other hiding her shaved slit in vain. She was sexy; the crowd screaming delight as the cheerleaders were stripped one by one and decorated in splodges of orange bodypaint – the colour of the victorious team.

Our colours. Our team.

They shrieked as their slow movement across the sodden ground drew clumps of mud from the boggy pitch into the air. Her calves were splattered with brown drops, her feet as dark as the sky above.

But she was running to me; man of the match always got the first pick of the girls and I had chosen her. Cheering for our nemesis was a sin that would yield punishment on her shivering behind. It was part of our reward for winning the game.

The crowd expected it. They wanted to see warriors competing, and the ravishing of the women was part of the game. The wind swirling through the open stadium whistled over the hairs on the back of my neck, as nerves fluttered in my stomach.

Going first was always a responsibility. Last month, the Falcons’ goalkeeper struggled to perform after his three penalty saves denied the Harriers. While the crowd waited for the Harriers cheerleader to be violated and she waited for the devouring of her luscious maidenhood, his erection withered. Unable to meet the pressure of expectation. She stood, naked in the rain, howling abuse at him, as her lust went unsated. He shrank in despair as he went from hero of the hour to the butt of everyone’s jokes. “Do a Falcon” is now slang for sexual inadequacy. It’s cruel, I know. So very cruel.

But going first was a responsibility I relished. She look so insignificant compared to the storm brewing overhead. Her eyes were soaked in anticipation, the crowd baying for her legs to be parted. They demanded a show and the football was only one part of it. They came to see the spectacle of a rampaging sports team having fun on and off the field. They wanted to see debauchery and desire, fight and fucking. They lived for the raw passion.

And I was going to give it to the paying fans. My paying fans. She approached the small stage at the front of the stand tentatively. She was new, I had not seen her at previous games, and she did not know me; the rules stated I could do what I wanted from a smorgasbord of sinful delights. From the first touch to the last could be no more than twenty minutes. We got anal in cup finals, oral only in friendlies.

She exhaled the moment my hand grabbed hold of her wrists. Her legs parted the moment I pushed her onto the soft wedge, sliding my hands up her mud-splattered calves.

Her velvety skin was lined with a film of sweat, punctuated with orange paint and filthy dirt. A warming spank across her backsides tensed her muscles, another had her groaning. She was so vulnerable, captivated by apprehension. Her body was shivering with anticipation: she knew she was there to be fucked: defiled in front of the watching men who she had loyally supported and whose failure was the cause of her predicament. They were a few feet away.

Maybe it was her brother who played for the losers, maybe her boyfriend, but they were forced to endure the sight of their women taken by the better men.

My cock solidified as my palm wrapped against her immobile buttocks: the sounds of her slapping flesh carrying over the loudspeaker.

There was some impatient heckling. But the crowd knew I would impale the delicious beauty on my cock and a subtle feel of her sex showed me she was ready. My shorts fell to my knees; her lips parted to the feel of my blunt cock, spearing into her moist warmth with effortless ease.

She pushed her face into the foam: many of the girls did, eager to hide from the humiliation but groaning as their gushing pussies swept into repeated orgasms from the fill of a victorious warrior’s prick. “Nice?” I cried, more a statement, than a question. “Play with yourself.”

She froze as my fingers pinched her bum into an agonising squeal, forcing her into compliance. She would orgasm: the public degradation, the sheer depravity and the rampant thrusting against her G-Spot would force her into a climax. A handful of thrusts would send her arousal into to the stratosphere, unable to fight the pleasure for a moment longer.

She was new: the more experienced girls would revel in their pounding; almost wishing for their team to lose so we could force the sort of pleasure from their tired bodies that they could never get away from the football stadium.

But she was new, squealing and writhing as she buried her face into the giant wedge. Her fingers swirled over her clit, touching my cock as I rammed it into her. Her lust was swimming, her pussy spasmed as thousands of people encouraged me to hammer her cunt until she was exhausted and drained.

They wanted me to fill her cunt with my seed, to stamp my victory on the opposing team, and to have her forever remember the day her boys lost to their greatest rivals. They wanted to see her struggle with the humiliation, yet love the feelings in her cunt as my cock had her mind drunk with lust.

But she was already there, her pussy quivering as her deep pants and orgasmic cries filled the stadium: the crowd cheered, our opponents looked away. But I was not finished, slowly and deeply sliding my cock between her thighs and into her tight cunt.

She was climaxing again. Her fingers rubbed quicker and quicker as the feint drops of rain cascaded onto us. She jolted from the shock: the cold liquid sending shivers down her spine as orgasm after orgasm swept through her ravished body, until I felt myself reach my point of no return and a wave of relief powered through me.

She was the enemy, groaning and writhing on the end of my cock, as I held my prick deep into her cunt and unloaded several spurts of my cum. I stepped back, admiring the gentle pink hue on her buttocks with a stream of white pearlescent cum on her thighs. Two other naked girls were streaking across the field to my teammates as my girl returned my flickering smile and walked down the stage to her team.

She picked their goalkeeper and sat back on a chair: the second part of the humiliation, as it was the turn of the defeated men to give oral to their cheerleaders. To suck the cum from her well-fucked cunt. Only then would our sweet victory be complete.

Some weeks we win, some we lose, but life is always so much fun either way!

Spanking A-to-Z Challenge

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