Spank A-to-Z Fiction: Joe’s Surprise

I have agreed to do the spanking A to Z challenge, and will publish 26 stories over the month, each containing corporal punishment, starting with "A" and ending with "Z".

This story came from a “request” on Reddit; it’s more of a brain dump than a short precis for a story so I’ve tried to weave in as much of his request as possible while considering a corporal punishment angle. I don’t think it’s my best work, but was a little hamstrung by the directions given.

To say we were incompatible would be untrue; after all, no man wants to date an exact female equivalent of themselves, and there are many passions we have always shared: we are both into swimming, and love our cookery. We both have Spanish descendants and have been dating almost solidly since high school.

In short, Esmeralda and I have a lot in common.

But there was friction too: her Catholic, sheltered upbringing left the delightful girl shy and inhibited, scared of expressing herself sexually and desperately embarrassed by lewdness or eroticism. Whereas I have always lusted for rampant debauchery, with a zest to sample new adventures and broaden my experiences, she was firmly against trying new sexual exploits as they didn’t “interest her.” It took me four years to introduce sex toys into the bedroom, but I’ve seen the amount of batteries we use so I know they get used often. It took me five years for her to allow me to go down on her: the continuous orgasms converted her overnight, although she still said it wasn’t “proper.” It’s the Catholic upbringing in her.

So while I have a bucket list of lustful endeavours to try, she refused. It caused arguments and friction as I needed her willingness to experiment for me to experience them. It’s an unenviable situation, and tensions only increased when she started her teacher training, staying 100 miles away during the week at the school she had been placed at.

It was tough, for both of us. She wanted to do things as a couple at the weekend, and I just wanted to do her in the bedroom.

Our relationship may have come to a head, if it wasn’t for the death of Robert: he was her teaching mentor and was involved in a road traffic accident outside the school gates. He died by her side in the hospital, but his dying words must have had an impact.

Suddenly gone were the frumpy dresses to the secondary school, but clothes that accentuated her peachy arse and smooth curves. Gone too was the introverted personality, but unleashed was a devilish woman, intent on living her life. It was amazing. But none quite so much as the effect in the bedroom: she was a wild woman that first weekend after the funeral. Sure, her emotions were up and down, but when they were up so was her blood.

She rode my cock like a bucking bronco, screaming profanities into the night. She kissed me like we would never see each other again, consumed with passion as her hands wandered and squeezed my nipples with lust in her eyes; it was heaven.

She was insatiable. Uncontrollably horny and completely rampant. She forced my face into her cunt, screaming as she rode my tongue to repeated orgasms, before turning to her vibrator to nestle against her clit as we fucked doggy style. She woke me up in the night, playing with herself, and she watched pornography for the first time.

I had never watched porn with Esmeralda before, but the smooth texture of her thighs as she sat on the bed, her eyes glued to the explicit imagery on the screen, pleading for me to slide my fingers into her dampness was intense. She loved it; she loved lesbian videos, she adored BDSM, and she was entranced by some of the gangbangs and orgies. But my desire for wicked experimentation was still dismissed: she wanted lots more sex, but she wanted it on her own terms.

However, she was a woman transformed, and I began to worry about her sex drive away from me for the week, but loving the joy of the weekends.

The weekends were becoming one long party, which is why I was invited up to see her one weekend, rather than her returning to the University – a birthday party that she wanted to attend, and my presence was requested: her head of department was turning sixty and had hired a country hotel for the festivities. Esmeralda dressed in a gorgeous black slip dress: I had not seen it before, the material was almost translucent and her bare body glistened through the delicate material. I had an erection the moment I saw her: she would turn heads and engorge cocks! “I have a surprise for you,” she promised, with a coy giggle but would say no more: the tease!

The birthday party was a big affair: over a hundred people attended, and the dancefloor soon filled up. I held my girlfriend tight, my hands sliding over her figure-hugging garment and causing her dress to ride slightly. She gave me a dirty look as we kissed: her hands sliding into the waistband of my trousers and gripping the firmness of my cock through my briefs.

She groaned into my ear as she squeezed me tight, grinding against my body as her finger swirled the pre-cum over the tip of my cock. I grunted, staring into her eyes as she smiled. She knew what she was doing: she was playing with my manhood in front of dozens of people and was bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm.

I had always wanted to play publicly, and she knew it. I felt the awkwardness of the situation, the lust of being exposed and the thrill of the danger. It was intense and as I felt myself nearing orgasm, she withdrew her fingers, coyly licking them in front of me. “Maybe later!”

She was a tease: an unchecked, unrestained coquette of devilish intentions.

She led me into the toilet and pushed me into a cubicle, smirking as she sank to her knees and freed my cock into her hands. Her eyes sparkled as she kissed my unfettered dick, licking her lips and sliding her tongue over the glans and sucking forcefully. Fellatio was a once-a-year treat and she looked at me with fire in her eyes as her head bobbed along my shaft; I groaned, pushing the back of her black hair as my cock slid over her tongue, enjoying the debauched acts with relish.

I ignored the influx of revellers into the toilet, or the gentleman in the adjacent cubicle: all what mattered was her mouth sliding down my cock.

But she was teasing, and as I approached my moment of pleasure, she stopped with a slow, luscious lick from root to tip and slid up my body to kiss me on the cheeks. “Maybe later.”

I gritted my teeth; it was mean, she was mean, but she had her reasons.

We departed the cubicle and the toilets separately, and I saw her on the dancefloor, grinding her body against a colleague with the mischievous gleam in her eye that I had endured all evening. Her hands wandered; his hands gripped the small of her back as she winked at me. I could see her hands rubbing his crotch during a “slow song” and the twinkle of his eyes as he held her tight to his muscular frame.

I should have been outraged, but it was sexy; my cock tented immediately as I saw her lustful eyes in the arms of another man. I wanted a threesome: I had asked for one several times, prepared to watch as another man pleasured my girlfriend if I was not allowed to join in, but at that moment I desperately needed adventure.

I thought it would be delightfully erotic to see the arch of my lover’s back, the heave of her breasts and the pant in her breath as she came, her pussy clamping over an erect cock pumping cum into her cunt with delicious vulgarity.

I wanted to see her go further with him; take him to places he wanted to go and let her be ravished in front of everyone on the dancefloor. I wanted to see her writhe with him, play with him, squeal with him. I wanted … but I did not have.

She waited for the end of the song, and then took me into the gardens, giggling drunkenly as I asked her what she was doing. She didn’t reply, just sat on a lonely bench and pulled me across her knee, giggling in the cool night air as her fingers squeezed my bum. “You wanted to share me,” she countered. “Naughty little Joe wants me with someone else, don’t you?”

I hummed, as she delivered the first hard smack to my buttocks. “Yes,” I spat, swearing as the ferocity of her attack had left me stunned.

“And what sort of boyfriend wants to share his girlfriend?” She asked. “What sort of man would get off on seeing his girl used or felt up on the dancefloor?” I squealed as her hand made contact with my suited trousers for a second time, wriggling. I could have wrestled myself free with ease, but I didn’t want to: I wanted to see how far my diminutive girlfriend would take her games. “Eh?”

I spluttered, interrupted by a handful of stout hits that radiated warmth from my abused backside. My cheeks burnt as I savoured the embarrassment of the situation: my 22-year-old girlfriend was disciplining me in the hotel garden because she was acting lewdly with someone else.

But I wanted it; I wanted a threesome and I wanted her to seize her sexuality. I didn’t want a shy introvert, but was keen for her to unleash her inner tiger. I wanted her to exert and impose herself. And as my posterior glowed under my clothing, I knew she had. “Go upstairs to Room 121,” she ordered, pressing a key into my hand and releasing her grip from my body. “Be naked and ready.”


“Ready,” she said firmly: the promise of the situation tingling my bones with expectation. She pushed me off her, and slid out from beside me. “I’ll be fifteen minutes. Maybe alone, maybe naked, maybe with someone, maybe with a girl, but definitely I’ll be horny!”

My mind whirred as she got up from the bench and blew me a kiss, smiling at my startled expression. I called out after her, but she was gone; gliding elegantly inside the hotel.

I ran to the bedroom, panting as I leapt up the stairs three at a time.

Esmeralda had never done anything like this before, and my heart pounded as my fingers fumbled with the lock. My clothes joined the corner of the carpet in seconds; my erection proudly jutting into the room.

“You’re getting a lot of action tonight,” I promised it, caressing the soft, velvety skin on the hard rod. She took ages to arrive, the coy giggling apparent as the door slowly opened and she walked backwards into the room: her lips glued to the face of her dancing companion, who was undressing my girlfriend.

They both glanced at me. “Honey, get on the bed, face up, feet by the pillows,” she ordered, not waiting for a response before returning to her passionate kisses. I hesitated for a moment, before lying on the bed: my stomach fluttered empty as nervousness and expectation swept through me.

I got a good view of my girl’s visceral touching; her fingers clawed at his belt as his hands felt inside her briefs. This was everything I wanted and much more than I expected. It was a mindfuck; I was desperately horny as pre-cum dripped onto my stomach. I was slightly scared of the unknown and I was impatient, wanting them to involve me.

Esmeralda slid her dress over her head and locked eyes with me for the first time since she had entered the room. “Have fun, honey,” she cooed as she bent over to kiss me on the lips; her warm tongue sliding against me.

Heaven. Sheer heaven. And she climbed onto the bed, and kissed the tip of my cock; I nearly lost control as her lips swirled over my glans. “Get me nice and wet, and ready,” she demanded, pressing her sodden cunt onto my lips.

My heart leapt a bit more; would Esmeralda do what I thought she was going to do? I flashed my tongue to her clit, poking and savouring her musky wetness: she was horny, squealing with every touch on her button, and sliding her lips up and down my shaft with zeal.

I gave nasal grunts as her lips worked their magic on me, licking her clit energetically until a shadow emerged above me and a cock, another man’s cock, poked onto my tongue.

I recoiled instantly from shock, arousal surged with lust. This was unreal, as he guided his cock into her waiting pussy and filled her to the hilt.

His balls slapped against my tongue, as he slowly rode my wife, pushing his thick manhood deep into my girlfriend. She squealed, appreciating his length and motions as he rammed his prick enthusiastically into the writhing lady.

Her skin glowed with lust, my erection dancing with sinful decadence as her mouth disengaged from my cock and she held onto it instead, letting me feel the thrusting of his cock into her body. Every vibration resonated: I could feel every grunt, I could sense her lust and imagine his masculinity as Esmeralda’s body bounced off his manhood.

And I got the best view in the house; the firm shaft of her colleague parting the pink cleft of her skin and sliding into her maidenhood. I could see everything. I could smell their lust, and hear the smooth sucking of her cunt as she delightfully accepted his manhood.

I could sense everything, smell everything, taste everything. My senses worked overdrive as he pulled her harder and harder onto his cock, groaning as he panted, finishing his climax by thrusting into her and watching as his balls pulsed and his perineum shuddered.

My tongue worked against her clit, swirling over her dripping pearl to have her panting onto the erectness of my cock. She squealed, her loins quivering as he removed his cock and a small smattering of cum landed on the bridge of my nose.

It was hot; unexpectedly so.

Her cum-covered hole looked unbelievably erotic as her body lurched into an explosive orgasm and her cunt quivered to the tune of her dramatic climax.

“Keep going,” she ordered. “Come on honey, I know you love to eat your own spunk when you have a wank!” My mind was agog with lust and without reason; her mouth touched the top of my erect cock and sent ripples through my loins.

I didn’t hesitate swirling my tongue over her pussy as her partner got dressed behind me, watching me clean up his muskiness. “I’ll send the next one in,” he told her as I finished the last of his seed.

“Next one,” I mumbled into her pussy.

“Yeah baby, I said I had a surprise for you. There’s a queue outside. I think I love threesomes.”

Can you do better? The request is here.

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