SinfulSunday: Your order, Molly …

Butthole Lane, Shepshed

 Last week, I tweeted Molly about the existence of Butthole Lane in Shepshed, and she challenged me to get a picture …

I couldn’t resist!

Butthole Lane is in Shepshed, Lincolnshire. The football club, the awesomely named Shepshed Dynamo FC, have their stadium on the short road and we turned up on match day! This was a very quick trousers down shot! The etymology of the name comes from the archery practice (“archery butt”) and has nothing to do with the anatomical slang word.

Indeed, the UK is full of rude place names: Minge Lane in Worcester, Slutshole Lane in Nortfolk, Fanny Hands Lane in Lincolnshire or Snatchup in Hertfordshire. Or even Hornydyke Avenue, Bell End, Cumming Street and so on: our towns and cities are fully stuffed with double entendres!

But Molly, your challenge has been met. 😉

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. Indeed it has and with fabulous style too!!!

    I have my eye on Snatchup Lane, it is not that far from me and seems to be calling me.

    Molly recently posted…Guts and GritMy Profile

  2. OMG I can see us Brits in a competition to see who can find the naughtiest road/street names to be photographed with!!! Ha ha ha!!!

    Absolutely brilliant “shot”! I love this!

    ~Mia~ xx
    Mia Sinclair recently posted…Castle ShenanigansMy Profile

  3. I am dying over here, thanks for the pic of your booty at butthole lane. Too cute glad you took it.

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