SinfulSunday: In the news this week …


… Glastonbury and some guy wore a “Schlong thong” in public.

Indeed, I bought one of those a few months ago when I thought they might make a silly SinfulSunday. I am now glad to have the opportunity to crack them out!

I also have a small favour to ask sex writers: This can only work if I get a sizeable response. As part of my unintentional “coming out” as an erotic writer, a comment was made that I didn’t “look” like one. I’m assuming that they were referring to my personality and I have looked into the theory behind personality types. I can’t find any study or consideration about whether there a pattern about who is a sex blogger, are there a couple of personalities that lend themselves towards filthy writing?!

I’d like to get around 20-30+ bloggers, authors, etc and ask them to do a five to ten minute personality test, and let me have the final four-character code, either anonymously or as a comment in this post. 

I know this is probing deep in time, and also something quite personal, so know this is quite an ask but I’d love to see if there is a trend. For the record, I am an INTP, and I find it quite scary how close I think it is to “me.”

That’s … “INTPs are usually very intelligent and insightful people, able to remain unbiased in any situation” … INTPs are flexible and relaxed in nearly all situations, except when their beliefs or logical conclusions are being criticized” … open-minded and even eccentric” And so on – warts and all! 😉 

Now, I know there are huge ranges of people inside each personality test: a quick look at my type has Carl Jung and Tiger Woods as the same “type” but there has to be an objective way of categorising common traits.

(By the way, I’m expecting to conclude that are “no” statistically significant common personality traits!)

If any of my readers want to partake in SinfulSunday anonymously, please take a look at Exhibit A's Blog
Sinful Sunday

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  1. Hi it’s A! M was right, we’re different Lol. I got ESTJ. I think parts of this are wrong. I’m a bit of an anxious bird and like to be in control of situations… but I don’t mind if *I* bend or break the rules lol… so the model citizen part is a bit off, but the in charge and protective and outgoing bits are right. Xoxoxoxo
    cammies on the floor recently posted…PartingMy Profile

  2. Hi John

    I got INFP, which would appear, on the surface, to be reasonably accurate. I am an introvert through and through, I am much happier in small groups of people than crowds, I am the hermit hiding away, who feels misunderstood……I don;t express myself easily but when I do it tends to be(or rather feel) a little emo!
    Hope this helps

    Flip x
    Flip recently posted…Nonsense…My Profile

  3. A massive thank you to those that have already played along with my barmy idea on Twitter or below; I can’t do this without a huge amount of goodwill and effort from you all and it is thoroughly appreciated! 😉

  4. I am INFP and I found the descriptions powerfully accurate when it comes to me especially the parenting section. However, Michael did his and I can’t remember what he got but when we read some of the details there was only the odd snippet that seemed to fit him…. Still interesting though and I look forward to seeing what you come up with

    Molly recently posted…Double VisionMy Profile

    • I found mine to worryingly accurate – open minded … rational … unable to deal with emotionally charged situations … (sometimes) insensitive … loathe rules … honest/straightforward … etc.

      When we did this at work, we had a number that were people to a tee and others less so. There is always an issue when trying to divide people in a number of categories, but i hope it has some merit 😉

      Thanks for completing.
      John recently posted…Spank A-to-Z Fiction: Xebec Pirate CaptainMy Profile

  5. First of all, I love this photo. I have seen several articles about this swimsuit and your photo definitely made me smile. (As your photos often do). As to your other question, I took the quiz today and got ISFP. In the past, I have always been an INFP. I think that suits me pretty well, though there were a few elements of today’s result that seemed very apt. (I suppose, much like a horoscope, we can find parts of ourselves in all results). I’m interested to read about your findings.
    Mariasibylla recently posted…A TwistMy Profile

  6. love the pic but am leary of getting one of these for biker hubby, affraid it will come off at a very in-opportune time, but maybe for play in the bedroom he will get one

  7. The pic is an awful lot of fun. :-) I didn’t realize you got “outted” as an erotica writer. May have to pour over past posts to see how that happened (not that I am nosy or anything.) 😉

    Also, I would have taken your test, but it says it needs a valid code snippet…

    I believe in the past though I have scored ENTJ and INTJ. They say that some few people do have the 50/50 split on I & E, which most certainly is me.
    Jade recently posted…Love Languages, Ad & IMy Profile

  8. Like Molly, I am INFP. I’ve also gotten comments that I don’t look like a sex writer, or when i worked at a sex shop, that I didn’t look like I’m the “type” that would work there…whatever that means.
    Penny recently posted…Bodega ShootMy Profile

  9. The picture made me roar with laughter having seen these slong things in the week and then as I scrolled down and saw the wellies well I was nearly wetting myself at that point!!! Absolutely brilliant!!!

    I did the personality test (twice to make sure!) and came out with ESFJ of which most rings true – very interesting exercise!

    ~Mia~ xx
    Mia Sinclair recently posted…We Found A Sign…My Profile

  10. I like your cute pic.

    I did the test and I am an ISFJ. I read the description and it’s spot on. In the past I did these kinds of test too and I believe back then I was an ISFJ too.

    Rebel xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted…Heart of DarknessMy Profile

  11. I got ENTJ today. Not surprised as I’ve taken it many times (I worked for a company that specialized in personality tests). I am pretty much 50/50 with the I/N and T/F parts. Always have been, even on other tests. The True Colors test has come out 50/50 with blue (feeling) vs green (thinking) every time I have taken it over the past 15-20 years.

    BTW, love your pic this week. Very cheeky. 😉

    Stella recently posted…WithinMy Profile

  12. Great pic, you wear it well!

    As for the personality test, my results were INFP. I suppose I agree with that.

    Only a handful of people know that I write erotica, but I hear the same thing you did “You don’t look like the type.” Which makes me wonder, what do people think erotica writers look like?

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