SinfulSunday: Moist

Because sometimes lustful thoughts makes things … moist


This was inspired by a work conversation where a colleague stated the word “moist” made them feel physically sick. I can’t quite see why, myself.

But what words or phrases sends shivers down your spine?

Personally, I think “ITV Football” should be worthy of any list!

And a massive thank you for including me on the round-up from last week; an unexpected honour 😉 

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. I think that word is damn fantastic. M and I have had an in joke about it since watching the movie ‘The Imposters’ a few years ago. There’s a great line delivered by a male actor in the movie: “I too am (long pause) moist.” Effing brilliant. Jane xxx Oh, and you are definitely … moist. :-)
    Jane recently posted…Sinful Sunday: MMy Profile

  2. excellent photo love how you got the string of goo between your finger and your willie

  3. I’m with Molly – LOVE juicy :) Okay this is a weird one…But I hate “ax” (when someone means to say “ask” as in “let me ask you a question.” Cash always laughs how I makes my skin crawl when people say that! So I won’t judge too harshly the person who hates “moist.” We all have our weirdness I guess! :-p
    Rori recently posted…Sinful Sunday: ReflectionMy Profile

  4. “But what words or phrases sends shivers down your spine?”

    In the good way? Or the bad way? TELL ME I NEED TO KNOW!!?! :)

    As for shivers (in the good way), “Yes Ma’am,” and “Please let me taste you” are pretty high up there on the list. 😉
    Dumb Domme recently posted…bad domme, bad sub, or bad dynamic?My Profile

  5. Ooo, I like this photo! I used to despise a lot of words, but somehow grown to love them. ‘Arse’ was one I couldn’t even get my fingers to type…

  6. This is a brilliant picture and really shows what a wonderful word moist is. Words that jar with me tend to be because they are wrong for the context. I will have to think which ones I really avoid though.
    HappyComeLucky recently posted…RipplesMy Profile

  7. I absolutely love the word moist, and you give a good portrayal of it in this brilliant photo.

    As for words sending bad shivers down my spine? “Down there”, yep, definitely!

    Rebel xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted…Eat Your GreensMy Profile

  8. Always disliked this word, unless we’re talking about cake. I do like a good moist cake. With buttercream. The photo is beautiful, especially with the dark curls.

    Åsa x
    Åsa Winter recently posted…UndoneMy Profile

  9. I think it is all in the context of the use of the word to how it affects me. You do a wonderful job of showing how spectacular moist can be.

    Stella recently posted…BruisedMy Profile

  10. hahahaa hmmm I have always not liked the word tits for some reason LOL it just sounds like crude idk I don’t even like saying it I usually say breasts. I don’t get offended or anything it’s just one of those words I don’t like, However, the word cunt doesn’t bother me at all LOLOL! Great photo btw! Delightful.

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