SinfulSunday: International Man of Mystery


There’s a story to this one …

I do make sweeping generalisations of the British, and as much as my fellow countrymen drive me insane at times (like when they elect morons like Claire Perry to office), there are many great qualities to this country.

Like films, for example. The British Film Industry is pretty awesome: Lawrence of Arabia, Snatch, Trainspotting, James Bond, Clockwork Orange: the list goes on and on. And then there’s the comedies too: Life of Brian, Dr Strangelove, Withnail and I, The Italian Job. All amazing stuff.

But there is one comedy that always sticks out in my mind as being British, that is alas, not from these shores: Austin Powers. If I win the lottery, I’m getting a Shaguar! But I can, and did buy the underpants, and started doing this scene in front of an amused wife.

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. Brilliant!!!!! I love the scene from Austin Powers and the idea of your doing your version is fabulous…. I can totally ‘see’ it in the image… but now I think you should record a little clip for us to enjoy.

    Great Sinful Sunday post, sexy and soooo much fun!

    Molly recently posted…Because YouMy Profile

  2. I loved this movie, more than the others to follow it. “Do I make you randy, baby?”
    So lovely to share a personal, sexy but humorous moment that you have with your wife. xxx
    Scarlett Dubois recently posted…Morning ViewMy Profile

  3. My God! That Divinyls song! I adore it like crazy! I, too, have a really good memory of dancing to it – slightly drunkenly, I’ll admit – with a bunch of other girls, for the visual pleasure of a guy in our university hostel. Although none of us had the Union Jack pants … Brilliant picture. And I’m with Molly – can we please have a little live clip? :-) Jane xxx
    Jane recently posted…Sinful Sunday: These arms of mineMy Profile

  4. Before I even saw the video for Austin Powers that was the first thing I thought when I seen you in your skivvy’s. I love that movie!

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