SinfulSunday: Censor This!


A painting of a (mostly) clothed woman was removed from the Mall Gallery because it contained a few wisps of the lady’s pubic hair so was “pornographic and disgusting.” All to protect the kids, you understand. It’s all to stop the kids being traumatised.

Only generations of families regularly attend naturist events: my family and I have holidayed in naturist venues and my kids are not scarred. Indeed research indicates they are more likely to be well-adjusted adults with less body confidence issues.

So today, I took a walk into the Cheshire countryside and tried to recreate the essence of that image.

I have every confidence that future generations will not possess the illiberal blinkered prudish attitudes that infects too much of our society. The wait until my generation fucks off and cedes control to our kids is proving to be way too long.

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. If people are worried about the effects of a few pubic hairs will have on children…they need to look at the video games their children are playing have they seen grand theft auto (just for starters) where they can pick up hookers and screw them in a car?? there is nothing wrong with an erotic photograph tastefully done hanging in any public place (my opinion)

  2. I saw Molly’s post about the subject and am appalled at their stance on the photo. Unfortunately I doubt it would have been an issue at all if it was a man instead of a woman in the photo.
    Penny recently posted…Sex Blogger LifeMy Profile

  3. People are just daft overall. Growing up my parents were like violence is A-OK but sexy or nudity must never cross their children’s eyes.

    Love the artsy filter arrangement you’ve put on this and I also like that ya’ll are working on raising confident kids :)
    SpaceBunny recently posted…#SinfulSunday- BBC RadioMy Profile

  4. Wholeheartedly agree. Excellent image to put across this important point. Being ashamed of our nakedness is not natural!

    O recently posted…UnderneathMy Profile

  5. I agree with Penny’s comment. I think if the subject matter had been male it would not have been removed.

    Great take on the painting though. You oddly look like every teen youth I see walking around with his trsouers halfway down his hips

    Molly recently posted…IntrospectionMy Profile

  6. I love your take on the painting, but I too have to agree that if the subject of the painting had been male, it would have still been in the gallery. However, I love what you did here :)

    Rebel xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted…Sleeping AroundMy Profile

  7. Great picture, great commentary. The whole thing is too ridiculous for words. It amazes me that violence & murder is glorified and accepted in movies and video games, yet a pubic hair is dangerous to children’s minds. How ass-backwards is that??
    Jade recently posted…#SinfulSunday – A Work DayMy Profile

  8. Excellent take on the painting. The whole thing angers me too. I have to agree if the subject was male it would be acceptable and I too hate the fact that violence is acceptable yet something as natural as a human body is deemed shameful.
    sub-Bee recently posted…Go Go Go!My Profile

  9. I love your photo – nearly as much as the amazing art that inspired it. But I absolutely the most love what you had to say. Go you!

    xx Dee
    Curvaceous Dee recently posted…UnzippedMy Profile

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