SinfulSunday: Can you C my invisible underwear?

First of all, congratulations to last week’s successful Triptych winners; I thought all of the entries were fantastic and think Molly and her army of co-judges must have had a nightmare in choosing just six!


As with so many of my Sinful Sunday pictures, there is a story to this.

I love quirkiness and stumbled across the male “C” String (the female version is here). My curiosity got the better of me, so I parted with £3. It’s pretty much what expected it to be, and as I sat down to watch Arsenal vs Wigan, I shunned my naturist ideals and wore it.

I thought it would cause a few laughs and giggles but it’s surprisingly comfortable to wear. I’m not sure I’d ever wear it out the house: it’s too close to women’s panties for me to be comfortable wearing it. Although it’s designed for men who don’t want their underwear to show on a night out … and as my previous Sinful Sunday has shown; that is not a problem for me!


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Sinful Sunday

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  1. That looks interesting! I think I like it!!

    ~Mia~ xx

    ps – your link to the female version throws up an “untrusted connection” flag on Firefox stating it does not provide adequate identification protocols. I have not gone through it but will look elsewhere. Just thought you might like to be aware x
    Mia recently posted…Triangle…My Profile

  2. There really is only once solution to visible panty line and that is to leave the panties at home but then I know you agree with that

    Molly recently posted…BouquetsMy Profile

  3. How interesting. Is it lace? Or a more manly netting of some sort? Like Kazi, I had no idea that men cared about that sort of thing. Awesome image, you look so relaxed, though I admit I’m a bit disappointed with the material covering part of you.
    Cammies on the Floor recently posted…LickMy Profile

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