SinfulSunday: Best laid plans …

I am sure I am not alone in this; sometimes you have an idea for a picture in your mind that is perfect but the execution is far from perfect.

Like this; inspired by the nursery rhyme, “sugar and spice, and all things nice. That is what little girls are made of” I thought of making a woman’s torso, with face, ears, eyes, nose, collar and a peephole bra holding a whip out of sweeties:


The result: not great. All I’ve managed to do is buy enough sweets to send myself, and my entire family on sugar highs for the week.

So Idea 2: a pair of male tights. No, not Robin Hood but a pair of actual male tights.  If you look on the crotch of the “underwear” there is a sheath for my … masculinity …


Only, the more observant of you will realise that I managed to ladder my tights on the heel, and that’s something no man wants! Plus, the “one size fits all” doesn’t fit me and I look somewhat ridiculous.

OK, not quite as ridiculous as when I wore a tutu for Dirty Little Whisper’s Naked Wednesday project but still, ridiculous.

So, I left the idea of making or wearing something, and found this lovely statue of a woman.


After all, what could possibly go wrong with this wonderful statue …



So, I don’t really have a proper SinfulSunday this week. Just lots of attempts!

On another note, I would like to use the collective wisdom of the SinfulSunday crowd. I got asked a question via DM on Twitter today that I have little experience of – “If/when you were single/unowned and you were Sub, would you Self-Discipline [yourself], or just sit and crave punishment?” If anyone could assist with words of advice, I will pass them on!

If any of my readers want to partake in SinfulSunday anonymously, please take a look at Exhibit A's Blog
Sinful Sunday

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  1. Hey I like the sweetie one both a piece of art and delicious (just like a woman 😉 number too yeah ok I noticed the ladder and the tights aren’t great but can I say you have such sexy hands, yeah I know.. Great find on the sculpture though it’s beautiful and of anyone says they wouldn’t boob grab that thing they are lying!
    Holly recently posted…Where to Start with Butt Plugs?My Profile

  2. John, I so adore your sense of humour. I actually love all these images for different reasons, even though they might not be technically ‘perfect’. Your willingness to experiment and show us your ‘whoops’ moments rocks and the accompanying narrative is perfect. I can see Molly’s prompt in all of these, although I must confess I love the sweet lady the best. (How sick are you of chocolate buttons, by the way?!) Jane xxx
    Jane recently posted…Sinful Sunday: TeaMy Profile

  3. OMG!! I love the female made of sweets it is so cool love the tights also 😉

  4. I LOVE the female made of sweets I totally think this works. Are those flying saucers as her boobs? Just brilliant, inspired, fun and cheeky. Best of the 3 images by far.

    As for your question, I will answer it for you but not here. I might write a short post on it or else I will send you something a bit more complete you can pass onto your questioner

    Molly recently posted…BloodbathMy Profile

  5. Brilliant series of shots! The candy woman is pretty sweet (pun intended), and you can probably pull off those tights a hell of a lot better than I could. As for the statue that is the subject of the final two shots, excellent find! I’m certain I’d try to grab its boobs as well.
    Jack (and Jill) recently posted…Sinful Sunday: DeterminationMy Profile

  6. ALL The previous posts are Very Good! The Sweets are great! You got the heel Straight! That counts for a lot, I think! Holding the Boobs Just right is Perfect! Your commentary is Great!

  7. I always adore your photos and this week is no exception. I love the playful ideas you came up with and the journey you took us on as you explained them all. The sweet lady looks delicious! I think the pink tights are bizarrely sexy, the way your hair is smooshed under them, that odd cock pocket and the run in your heel just add to the level of interest. And the wooden woman is lovely. Then, silly, like a John Hughes movie with your hands on her.
    MariaSibylla recently posted…UndercoverMy Profile

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