SinfulStories: His torment

I’m not sure this works, but I had the idea of a bit of a monologue when I saw the picture and had to write it! Let me know what you think. This is my third entry into the SinfulStories competition

You’re what? Horny? Don’t make me laugh! Of course you’re horny, I’ve encased your little cock in a little cage.

And stop whining about it.

It’s caged because I want it to be locked away.

You knew I liked to make you suffer when you agreed to become my husband, my sub, and my slave. Love, honour and obey: those were your vows. And I can’t have anyone playing with my property! I’m out most of the time so I need to make sure you aren’t tempted by any of the loose women who you work with.

So what that’s it’s been ten months since you last came? Honey, your suffering really makes me happy. Your desperation and pleading makes me horny. You’re … it hurts? Really? Do you think I care?

You are here to suffer for me!

OK Honey, stay there and watch, remember this toy? Yes, it’s your Mistress’s favourite.
Cara Sutra

Can you hear the rumbly vibrations, baby? Do you know what they mean? Yes, it’s climax o’clock for me. And they feel so good … they’re magic. Oh, baby you have no idea how fantastic this toy feels! My cunt gets so wet, it feels so awesome.

Oh, this feels so …

… don’t look like that baby? Feel my pleasure through your pain.

I’m floating. This is everything I want: your tears, my wetness.

And look at your little cock, straining to get out of the little cage. It looks so cute, desperate to join in. Bet you want me to free your cock, and suck it, drive my tongue around the head and draw my cheeks in while I look at you with deep eyes. And then I’ll slide my hands across your balls, squeezing each one gently as your wet cock glides over my tongue.

But the bit you’ll love is me taking my finger and running it over your prostrate, pressing on your P-Spot until you’re on edge, relief etched upon your face as your cock spews its cum into me. And you groan as I suck you dry:

That’s your annual orgasm, can you remember what that feels like? Your special day. But your birthday isn’t for another six weeks, so today’s orgasm is for me.

And your crying is so hot, baby, so fucking hot. My cunt hasn’t been this wet since those bodybuilders fucked me as you sucked their jism from me. You liked that didn’t you? You liked being my little clean-up boy.

Oh God, this … Oh God, this is so … fucking magical!

So … Oh fucking God. This toy is … wow!

I’m breathless.

Now, I think it’s time I left for the evening. Don’t worry, I’ll bring back someone to play with; I want to be fucked tonight. Here, look after Teddy.

He’s more likely to come tonight than you are.

And Baby …

… Love you!

Many thanks to CS for the picture!

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