Sinful Sunday: Stop ATVOD


I wore this in Manchester today.

I wanted to show my support to all the people who have been caught up in ATVOD’s misguided censorship silliness. Those standing up to the Daily Mailification of this country.

Today, it was confirmed that ATVOD are to close by the end of the year.

But the fight against stupidity continues. I admire all those who choose to fight illiberal and intolerance when they see it.

Good luck Miles. And Pandora, and Backlash. And all the others fighting for our sexual liberties.

We owe you one.

I’ve had a great day today at Smut Manchester, seeing friends and enjoying the dungeon. And Horny Geek Girl did this, through jeans …

If any of my readers want to partake in SinfulSunday anonymously, please take a look at Exhibit A's Blog
Sinful Sunday

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  1. My suspicion is ATVOD will only be replaced by OFCOM being just as stupid but we shall see.


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