Sinful Sunday: Pain!

“Wax on …”

It’s been a while since we’ve played with waxplay, and my wife had to have the candle close to the skin to spell out the word, so yes, it was a little painful! :-)

But in a good way, of course! :-)

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. *sigh…. I LOVE wax play and seeing this gives me a real hankering for some. Is that candle black? Finding candles that are coloured all the way through and not just coated with a coloured wax can be tricky so if it is would love to know where you got it

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  2. I’ve never experienced wax play like you & your wife. Reminds me when I would play with candles. I enjoyed the feeling when I peeled it off. Cool idea of spelling out a word and especially “pain” I think would be a bit more painful on that area.

  3. Ouch, what a nice shot and I am sure it had to be painful to get that close. I hope you guys had fun afterwards though.

  4. absolutely wonderful! what a lovely wife you have that would do this for you 😉

  5. I used to masturbate with candles….Is the wax actually painful or was it just an opportunity to spell the word?

  6. Love wax play but this must have stung even more having to get so close to spell the word! Ouch! When I use candle wax on him, half the fun is afterwards, trying to remove it from his hairy areas. Teehee! 😀
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