Sinful Stories: Dear George …

Mr EA_Unadorned has said that I don’t have to use just one picture and so I wondered what a story that used EVERY permitted SinfulSunday picture would look like. I therefore took a list on Sunday when I did my commenting of the ten people who had given pre-permission to use their images and have concocted a story … of sorts! I’ll do a proper entry this weekend! :-) 

All pictures are hosted on their blogs (I’m not hosting the file), and the images link to the blog posts they have come from, but thanks to EA_Unadorned, Masokitty, Ruby Goodnight, Beck, Kinky Biker Mom, Molly, Cammies, Cara Sutra and Happy Come Lucky. Please respect their copyright and do not copy without permission.

Dear “sexy_george_87,”
A Letter
Hey stranger! Long time no see! So did not expect to see you on Fetlife, but your picture in the train was hot.
EA Unadorned
You’ve changed so much since we used to down Jaggermeister bombs at the University bars all night. And most definitely for the better! 😉

You said you wanted to hear of my “adventures” since we last met, although I am not sure if your naivety can handle it! You always did find me too much to handle, as THAT night showed!

But, if you insist …

After I left University, I went back home and started working in the cake factory. The hours were long, and the work was dull, but it was made far more interesting by Jack and Kieran: they were twins and had the most amazing voices with the dirtiest minds imaginable. You know how much the soft Irish lilt turns me on, and they realised how wet my crotch became every time they uttered their saucy words.

Do you have any idea how sexy it is to be fucked on a conveyor belt? The swell of their thick cocks filling my cunt and stuffing me with their cream as we were surrounded by doughnuts being filled with custard and bulging as the thick goo was piped into them; it felt an apt venue! There wasn’t a day that went past without my naked body being squashed up against the Belgian Buns or finding sugary delights ground into my person.

On my last day at work (resigned not fired), they made a cake to commemorate my departure; all the guys were happy to have some, because it was me. My bare-assed body was smothered in a light syrup and then dowsed in hundreds and thousands. You don’t want to know where the chocolate chips went, but I had a dozen tongues licking every part of me. Swirling patterns of good luck whirled on my cunt, on my mons, breasts, ass and thighs. I barely stopped orgasming.
I left because of the job in London, and started lodging with a young solicitor. Amy was cool, showing me the best routes into town and never objected to the frequent male visitors I had. Indeed, I thought she might take more of an interest in the constant weekend fucking between me and her muscle-clad neighbour, but the dozens of orgasms from the pounding of his cock didn’t seem to make her interested at all. Even when I suggested that he wanted a threesome, and thought Amy might be asexual until I returned home from work early to see them.

It was hot. Seriously hot. You know I’ve had bisexual fantasies when I’m drunk, but this was on another level. She tucked a fake cock into her panties, sitting on the bed as she toyed with her lover. The swell of her chest as she panted was so erotic; my fingers delved into my sodden lingerie as I watched. My illness disappeared from lust.
Pack and Play
I wanted her. I wanted to join in, and she smiled at me ogling them from the doorway with a wink. The learnt so much that night! The touch of a woman is divine, soft and succulent as Amy knew exactly what buttons to press. I barely stopped writhing as her hands fondled my arousal, her lips swept me into climax and her over-the-knee spanking drove me to submission.

We had a wet spot the size of a paddling pool, and my gorgeous landlord never felt the need to hide anything about her sexuality again! Indeed, she took her lover and me to a kink club as we played with dominance and submission. I watched as her latex-clad friend crawled, a tail in her butt and desperation in her eyes, as they started a three-hour play session with screaming, orgasms and the sub flying through subspace!

Reluctantly I had to leave London, moving to Edinburgh a few months later for a promotion. Amy gave me a pair of furry handcuffs when I left her house: my first BDSM toy that I had ever owned.
Kinky Biker Mom
I thought it funny at first, but met Adam in a bar, and a quick fumble developed into a decent relationship. I was amazed that he wanted me to dominate him: he was a manager, a football player and “one of the lads” but he needed to be commanded and ordered in the bedroom.

It felt a little weird: having this power over him with little more than words and the threat of a spanking, but he adored it. Every fuck came after a paddling session that would leave his buttocks glowing red and my pussy gushing, and when he was finished, he had to eat me out to orgasm. I came, watching as cum dripped into his mouth, and grinning as his little cock got hard again.

It was sweet, but not for the first time I was falling love, and not the first time, my trust was violated. He was seeing a young couple behind my back for bisexual fun, so revenge was had: he was stripped, tied to a tree, and spanked in the park as I dumped him in front of a dozen people.

And the most embarrassing bit? He got hard. The little fucker loved the humiliation of his ordeal, shamed and aroused by my puncturing words.

But that experience with Adam showed that dominance wasn’t for me. Being dominant is better than being vanilla, but I realised I really needed to be a submissive and started looking. And there are some creative doms in Edinburgh. I’ve played with some of them as they know their ways around a dirty slut’s body!

I played with Madame Polly: she’s a knife play expert and she used the biggest sword I’ve ever seen on my skin. I wanted to die, to preserve that moment for the rest of my life, as my consciousness swam with beautiful lust. The cold blade on my skin was matched by the heat in my cunt and the fire in my eyes. She was cool, controlled and had everything down to the last millimetre, scraping cooled coloured wax from the kaleidoscope pattern on my body with the sharpest of blades. I have my own claymore now, but need someone to wield it on me!
I played with Micky. I was naked one evening in Edinburgh Castle where he’s a senior manager; sucking cocks for Irish tourists as my throat was fucked by their impatience and tears streaked down my cheeks. His hand cupped my cunt, pressing against my hole with his middle finger as I was fingered to a gushing orgasm that exploded in every pore of my body, and only last week I hooked up with Terry and his wife.

They are sadists of extreme skill, tying me up all weekend and teasing me with merciless intent. The stroke of their fingers on my breasts, the whisperings of promised debauchery in my ear and the tightness of my restraints stoked a fire in my loins, which only got worse when they brought out their feather duster. I was on the edge, on their plateau for twelve hours, writhing and begging, desperately pleading as I was constantly teased and denied.
Cammies on the Floor

I was sent to bed in a chastity belt, and barely slept as my tortured body groaned under the torment inflicted upon it.

I had more of the same until Sunday evening when I came. No, I exploded. Every inch of my body was swept into a wave of relief that shuddered and quivered, pounding me into a last desperate act of submission. Only I didn’t come once but a dozen times until I collapsed, helpless on the bed.

It was an intense weekend.

This weekend, I’m taking it easy. I’m going out later in my thigh-high boots, but have just my teddy and sports wand for company. See, not totally insatiable! Although looking at your photo with the peek of your cock over the top of your trousers and knowing the dirtiness of the image has got me all flushed and I think the tops of my thighs have a groin strain that my Doxy is best placed to sort.
Cara Sutra

Well, I can’t go out to the bars feeling horny, can I? And writing this has definitely got me all interested!


Your profile said you are coming from Dublin to Edinburgh next week. I’d love to meet up and meet the new “dominant” George. Let’s see if you can dominate me. After all, you still need to punish me for THAT night, right?! 😉

Love and kisses,


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  2. So much fun! You have one hell of an imagination, can’t wait to read more.

  3. I know you don’t think this is a ‘real entry’ but it’s so fucking clever. What could have been a complete piss take is totally saved by the quality of the writing.

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