Story: Rock our world!

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It was part of the game.

They knew the rules and they wanted to play.

Risk vs benefit, reward vs penalty; the danger made sense to them to keep trying.

Because sometimes they’d win. Sometimes they’d drift past us, use their mates to set up diversions or just circumvent the venue security. Sometimes they’d get to see their idols, talk to them and most often fuck them in the dressing rooms, clearly prepared to offer their female wares to any man or woman who can play a musical instrument.

But often they didn’t win; often we caught them sneaking past us to get to the superstars and apprehend the cheeky minxes. At which point they had an option: out the front to a waiting police car or out the back to a dozen waiting dicks.

If it sounds like blackmail, it probably is, but it was the suggestion of Maggie. What she was short on in skirt-length, she had in abundance in sexiness. Her sex drive was legendary, and her wanton lust for all musicians made her the toast of Telford’s music scene. But she wasn’t always invited, and the venue eventually took out a restraining order against her, preventing the depraved nymphomaniac from coming within a quarter-of-a-mile of my employer.

She ignored the court order, we caught her the next day and she begged for mercy, pleading and imploring for us not to give her up. It would have meant a jail term. And then she made her suggestion: if she showed us a good time, would we hide her aberration from the Police?

That night changed everything; the cat-and-mouse game got more interesting; the stakes became higher. It became personal. All ten of us lined up to fuck the insatiable deviant and a new game was born. She started coming to the shows simply to screw; if we got to her first, then we would get her and if we didn’t she was the had the run of the musicians.

But normally we caught her, and the warm cunt of Maggie became a weekly receptacle for our cum. She’s moved on now; she found a session musician to take her to the shires to live out her days making jam and baking cakes, but her depraved legacy in Telford lives on. All the girls expect to dispense sexual favours if they are caught sneaking in to see the latest music craze. They come for group sex; they don’t really care which man is on the end of the dick firing cum into them. They’d just rather win the game and beat us.

Like the slutty degenerate Rebecca and scheming, sly Sandy. They were dressed in paramedics uniforms, striding past me when I caught a whiff of Rebecca’s distinctive perfume: a mixture of the subtle tones of melon and cheap anti-freeze. “Oi,” I cried and a chase ensued. She reached the top of the stairs when I managed to catch her, a few feet away from the changing room of the ageing rocker. She swore at me, as my colleagues joined us: me pinning her onto the stairs. “Take them out the back and fuck them in the alleyway!”

It was more of a statement than a suggestion, but Rebecca and Sandy both groaned and were escorted by my two colleagues to the back door. They’d been here many times before. So had I. I joined the frenzied fucking at midnight, the two girls resting on crates in the smoking shelter. Their show and punishment was winding down. Sandy had the attentions of our barman, kneeling at his feet as her tongue slid over his erect cock, but Rebecca was alone, watching.

“You look lovely tonight. Sure he would have loved you.” I offered the words as a consolation and she swore at me; that’s frustration and it’s not unexpected. Underneath the discarded green outer uniform, she wore just a grey shirt, black bra and black heels, and was not dressed to be in our cold alleyway.

But that was her problem not mine. She became aware of the zip sliding down my trousers, as I looked her over again. Cum was still dripping from her well-used pussy, while her brown hair was covered with streaky wet spots. Her make-up was smudged and there were finger marks dotted over her thighs. She looked every inch a slut, and must’ve felt it, but with a resigned sneer I knew she had accepted her fate.

“Fourth time this month,” I added. “I think you must like being fucked by us.”

She didn’t dignify my teasing with a response, but fell to her knees in front of my bobbing cock. Her bare knees rested on the cold, cobbled stones while my prick waited. Waiting for her mouth to suck on my slimy, sweaty cock.

She knew her place; her mouth opened to welcome the tip of my manhood, breathing in my cock past her overly red lips. A gentle slash of her tongue against my frenulum caused me to groan. Pant, almost. She’s a damn good cocksucker, impaling her mouth onto the sensitive prick and sliding down the shaft to send waves of relief around my body.

After the first few sucks, it became natural; she wanted my cock in her mouth as much as I wanted her mouth on my cock. Her movements became inflamed and passionate; her actions became desperate and raw. She grabbed hold of my buttocks, thrusting herself on my manhood as she deep throated me with wild abandon.

She was insatiable; the desperate slut ached for more decadence and depravity. Her fingers gravitated to her leaking pussy, rubbing her cum-covered slit as her mouth took me closer and closer to cumming.

But I as I approached the inevitable, I withdrew. Her eyes snarled at me, but I was not done with her, hauling her to her feet and pushing her over an upturned box. Her cunt offered no resistance as my cock slid into her slick pussy, using the other cum as a lubricant.

Her fingers could not resist the allure of her clit, her hand rested on the crate as I pounded into her from behind. A desperate fuck, a passionate fuck, a guttural, intense, wanton fuck. There was no respect, just a hole that I was using. She was a fucktoy: a girl with no use but to be a receptacle for our cum.

But she loved it. The pounding into her pussy, had her writhing. I felt her cunt quivering against my cock as every thrust was met with desperate groaning.

As my orgasm became inescapable, I pounded deeper and deeper, harder and faster; sending her into a state of lustful inebriation as my seed filled her pussy.

I stepped back and watched the cum dripping from her cunt; she looked disgustingly sexy. “Go home.” She glared for a moment at me. “And I hope you have learned your lesson!”

We all know she hadn’t; she’ll be back, probably in a few days time to try her luck again. But she’s having her pussy pounded, by a rock group, or their security guards. And she seems to love that.

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