Reviews: My Christmas Reading List!

This year, rather unusually for me, I had items on my Christmas list and instead of tartan socks or underwear, I duly unwrapped a Kindle Paperwhite to replace my ageing Sony e-Book reader. It’s light, quick and there has been a definite improvement in the quality of the e-ink screens. It also gave me plenty of impetus to fill my holiday evenings with smut, and so I did!

Here’s what I read:

Kinky Books, by KD Grace, was my first read on Christmas Day and is the tale of Jill buying a pair of boots that comes with Eleanor, a sexy demon who possesses the unsuspecting lady and takes control of her body. It’s the job of the shoe salesman, Finn, and his team (The Sole Alliance) to keep Eleanor under control, much to the demon’s annoyance, who takes Jill on an roller-coaster erotic adventure like no other.

It’s not a long book, but there is plenty of characterisation and action contained within the page-turns and there are plenty of incredibly hot sex scenes. There is variety too: no sex scene feels the same, and the plot moves quickly while the interplay between Jill, Finn and Eleanor is excellent.

Without doubt it is one of the best erotic stories I have read and while the fantasy, ghostly world of demons and exorcism did little for me, I couldn’t help but be enchanted by the clever plot, fantastic erotic sex scenes and brilliant writing from KD Grace. And, it’s just £0.99: bargain!

The second book is one that I bought a while ago, On Her Majesty’s Service by Edward Levi. Published in 2007 by Pink Flamingo, it’s been a very long time since I had read it, and could barely remember the plot, just that I liked it.

The story relates to a successful art gallery owner, Connie, taking her errant Femdom-magazine reading male receptionist, Alex, in hand and introducing him to a life of submission and servitude, as she opens an exclusive country hotel catering for female guests only.

There is the slightly stereotypical “I need this job, please don’t fire me, I’ve got tons of debts” pleading from the young man, but to focus on that single cringeworthy line in the first chapter would be a rampant disservice; the story is fresh, original and incredibly erotic. Alex is treated to “training” from Connie, as well as the sadistic twins, Louise and Tamsin, who treat him to impact play, fisting, queening, strap-on sex, humiliation, cross-dressing, pony play and finally branding; it’s almost like a Story of O story with female-dominants.

The action is sexy, hot and amazing; I was barely able to put the eBook down and adored every page and every scene: even those sex acts which I don’t embrace in my private life. Edward Levi has a fantastic turn of phrase and it is just a great story, and a sizzingly hot tale.

Third up was Natasha Braithwaite’s The Proposition. Natasha appears to be a new author, or a new pseudonym of an established author, but I have enjoyed a few stories recently that have bisexual threesomes at their core and this one caught my eye.

The Proposition is the tale of a couple – Christie and Nick – presenting a proposal at an important industry conference and meeting Henry Caldwell, a young, successful giant in their field who takes a professional, and lustful interest in them.

The story is divided into four chapters but it isn’t until almost halfway through the book that there is the first erotic, sex scene. For pages, the book hinted and teased but it took, in my opinion, too long to deliver it. The back story and characterisation of the main characters is important and essential, but there was too much in relation to the amount of action provided: I read erotica to be entertained and aroused, and the side show took up way too many words. It was in danger of losing my interest until it heated up just in time.

Certainly the sex is very hot and erotic; the scenes are mostly well written and the action flowed elegantly. There are a couple of lines that are a little clumsily worded, such as “I imagined his hot come bursting into my mouth and I took him even further into my mouth.” Whether the correct spelling of male ejaculate is “come” or “cum” will be argued by many, I personally find the unnecessary use of the same noun repeated in a sentence to be a little graceless; I blame my English teacher.

That pendantry aside, the wordsmithery is very good and it was easy to get lost in the story. There was male-female sex as well as male-male, as expected, and it certainly left me wanting more. At £0.77 the first book in the trilogy isn’t expensive, but the other two are £1.86 each and they aren’t overly long: given some of the other prices on the Kindle store, I don’t think the cost is totally justified.

One other thing I noticed, was that some of the margins didn’t line up; not a big problem but enough to annoy me as I was reading!

The last book was The Hunt by Heather Cole. I love her stories of her real-life slave hunt on her website: they are extremely hot, and was excited by her book. The premise of a group of naked men and women joining a “hunt” where they are chased across a rich man’s estate by a group of hunters who then have their wicked way with the caught prey; it sounds exciting and adventurous, and the book certainly does the idea justice.

Without wanting to spoil the story, there are three main parts to the tale – before the hunt, during the hunt and after, and I found the sex scene before the hunt began, to be a little stunted and unnecessary. I don’t think it added much to the characterisation, plot and I was just keen to get to the woods with Lilly.

However, when those scenes arrived, they were wonderfully written: the author captured the essence of the chase, the seductive thrill of being hunted and amazingly hot sex so incredibly well. I wonder if there is a sequel planned as the final line was inviting a host of further adventures between the two protagonists and I think there is plenty of scope for the author to be creative.

I think the book could have done with some additional formatting: it is not divided into chapters or sections at all, that I think would have been helpful, but like Natasha Braithwaite’s book there was erratic paragraph indentation. I know this is not a fault with my device as the other two books were fine, and my own books created in Jutoh did not experience this issue when I loaded them on the Kindle; in short, it’s a mild annoyance but nothing more.

So in conclusion, I’ve had quite a few lovely stories to read, and they all come highly recommended in my own way!

Kinky Boots Sizzling hot tale with lots of adventure and great sex 4/5
On Her Majesty’s Service Amazing kinky story, full of fantastic scenes and an imaginative plot. 5/5
The Proposition Short story with great action, but lacks some urgency 3.5/5
The Hunt Short story that is topped with hot action and a wonderful location. 4/5

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