Review: Uberkinky Spiral Chastity Cage

It feels somewhat weird to be writing this review; after all, this is a sex toy designed to prevent orgasms, not give them! However, last October, I treated myself (and my wife) to a Spiral Stainless Steel Chastity Device from UberKinky’s vast range of chastity devices for approximately £60. For my money, I got a cage, a padlock with two keys, and two cock rings sent nicely wrapped in the post.

My wife and I were, and still are, new to chastity play, and while it might seem quite a simple concept: lock up a man’s cock until the dominant decides to play, there are powerful psychological forces at work that demand respect and understanding. UberKinky have a selection of male chastity devices  while there’s also a Beginner’s Guide to Chastity

Therefore, we also purchased a book in addition to the chastity device as we wanted to do it safely, and took slow, baby steps as we experimented. This is also why I have waited five months before posting my review: we started by putting the device on me in the evening for a few hours at a time, before building up to using it overnight and then for a bit longer; however, I sleep naked and regularly walk around the house with nothing on, and the device is something I obviously cannot allow our children to see, so some forward planning was and is required!

The chastity device is made from stainless steel, and comes with two cockrings of two different sizes: 40mm and a 45mm in diameter. I am not “big” anywhere down there, but shortly after receiving the item, I did contact Uberkinky to ask if they did a 50mm version of the ring as I thought it would be more comfortable and easier to get everything “in.”

Some chastity device manufacturers do offer 50mm rings, and I have seen them advertised, but after a few occasions of practice I have squeezing everything into the 45mm ring down to a tee, and while it is “snug” it is not uncomfortable (although this has coincided with a weight loss of around 2st.) That said, I am sure there are some men who would benefit from a larger ring, and they might want to measure themselves prior to any purchase.

The biggest problem I have now, is that the act of going into chastity causes significant blood flow to the part of my anatomy where I least want it! I find the steel always to be incredibly cold (as expected) when I first put it on, and that does help. I have not had to resort to frozen vegetables being balanced on my groin, as yet, but I have heard that it is a potential, if cruel, remedy!

To attach the device to the man, slide his testicles, one at a time, through the chosen cockring and then push his unerect cock through the ring so that the steel cockring is held in place by his testicles. The cock rings have a notch on top of the ring, which the cage portion of the device connects into and the padlock fastens to.

I certainly found that “sliding” my manhood into the cage was never easy, as the rings of the cage would push the skin towards the base of my cock, and the skin would then be “pinched” as I joined the cage to the cockring; I solved this dilemma by extending my foreskin, and pushing that to the end of the cage as I connected the two halves of the chastity device. However, I don’t think that this phenomenon is unique to this product, as I have similar connectivity pitfalls with my plastic CB-6000, and is just a nothing more than a tiny speedbump towards incarceration.

The device is well constructed, robust and feels sturdy. It is comfortable to wear for hours or days, although the nocturnal erections are distinctly uncomfortable. I did some walking in it, and it was comfortable, and never rubbed or made parts of me sore. The padlock supplied comes with two keys: I have access to one key, for clear obvious safety reasons, while my domme keeps the other.

The device is open so washing everything is easy, and I can testify that vibrations caused by sex toys do travel around the device very effectively! I found that while there is a slight additional bulge, it is nothing that is too noticeable, and unless your clothing is latex, rubber or Spandex I doubt many people would have an issue.

So in conclusion, it’s been a great addition to our BDSM play: it is cost-effective, well made, easy to use and robust enough to stand up to masculine frustrations. It also looks fantastic; one issue I have with the plastic CB-6000 is that is doesn’t look imposing, but the Uberkinky Spiral Chastity Cage looks like it was made to dominate my cock, and to this end, I have used it for my SinfulSunday submission.

And I cannot, no matter how hard I try, manage to get any orgasm while in it. But then, I think that’s the point!

Product Name Uberkinky Spiral Chastity Cage
Price Around £60 from Uberkinky
Summary Great-looking, robust steel chastity device
Rating 4 out of 5
Legal This review is not endorsed by or written for anyone; the toy was bought by myself. 

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