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I must confess my wife and I are not normally fond of foreplay/sex board games; in our experience they often possess a lower build quality to “traditional” board games, and the structured rules ruin the spontaneity of the foreplay. The constant stop-start nature between the board and your partner becomes disjointed, and we have just found them frustrating.

Furthermore, as “sex” is a very broad term covering an incredible range of practices, dynamics and limits, it is inevitable that some turn-offs for us will be included within the games and some of our turn-ons will be excluded. It’s almost inevitable: we are all different and get our kicks in a multitude of ways, and it’s easy for game manufacturers to include just “mainstream” sexual acts to appeal to the widest audience at a loss of variety and excitement.

But Tie and Tease any different?

Rev_TieTease_03Simply put, yes!

It is focused on the D/S dynamic, with the cards geared towards BDSM play. When my wife and I played Tie and Tease, my wife played the dominant role and I played the submissive, but there is a provision for those couples that want to switch, with the inclusion of the D/S die.

Included in the box is the game board, around 75 cards, two die, four counters, a blindfold and a cloth for tying hands and ankles. The blindfold is of good quality, while the cards are thick and well-produced. The playing board is sizeable and robust, and the whole game has the attributes of a premium product. This is at variance from almost every other niche board game we’ve ever played. We did substitute our “tying cloth” for one from our toy drawer as we just found the fabric a little slippery, but that could easily have just been us.

On the game board, there are different types of action to perform, and we had six sets of ten cards that related to the six types of space. With each set of ten cards, five of the cards are rated as “1” (for gentler, milder play) and five rated at “2” (for a greater intensity). We played the game with two circuits of the board, the first with the “1” cards and the second with the “2” cards.

Rev_TieTease_02The Role Play cards require acting a given scenario. Neither my wife and I are particularly comfortable actors, and we both struggled with the “Role Play” cards we landed on: I can’t remember the last time I flirted with anyone in a bar, and felt incredibly embarrassed trying to do so. We both became happier when we moved onto the second circuit where the role playing became less suggestive and more sexual!

The SEX cards were stuffed full with salacious acts of foreplay which we both enjoyed, and the Sensory cards were a delightful mix of mild BDSM tasks and sensual stimulation.

The Impact cards were quite mild for us: only last week I received 300 hits for teasing, so the card where I got three was a little tame! Joking aside, I think it is impossible for any game like Tie and Tease to get the numbers right for every couple given the diverse nature of the dynamics, experience and thresholds for those that will play the game. In future, we will use local rules to increase this number five fold, for example, and I think other impact lovers will need to do something not dissimilar.

The Bondage cards demanded mild restraint and we both relished the other type of space: Contract. These were exceedingly varied, fun and added a real spice. They were, in our opinion, the most challenging, intense and exciting cards. The board game ends when a player reaches a D/S square and a card is selected from a random four to continue the play away from the board.

Rev_TieTease_01A couple of points to note: one was that I usually don’t wear much clothing around my house. Indeed, the night we played I was wearing just my dressing gown, a left sock and a right sock. There are cards about underwear and undressing; they were a little lost on me! I’d certainly recommend that naturists and exhibitionists don a few more garments around the body before starting the game.

Secondly, a few cards require some additional toys or tools: massage oil, spanking implements, ice cubes, for example. Players may want to have a cursory glance through the cards before playing the game to make sure they have everything they may require in the house.

Lastly, and I think this is true of every board game, is that there are a limited number of cards printed. Our old Trivial Pursuit became useless when we had played it a dozen times and I knew all the answers to the questions because we had had them before, and I think Tie and Tease could benefit from purchasable blank cards or a downloadable smartphone app. My wife and I would definitely add some of our own fantasies/games to complement those printed, for our play. Unique to us and our dynamic certainly, but they’d work for us.

But this is a minor consideration. I tweeted that Tie and Tease was the best sex/foreplay game we have ever played and I stand by that claim. It is certainly a high-water mark, and I know a couple who would love to play this, and will definitely be putting it under their Christmas tree this year.

And why not? The cards are hot and varied, the product is well produced and well designed, and the game, just works to produce a sizzling evening of sensuality, sexuality and submission.

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