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There can’t be too many things that mankind hates and loves as much as the condom. Loved because it gives people the ability to protect themselves from Sexually Transmitted Diseases and to be able to plan families, but hated due to the loss of sensation during sex.

There is something very delightful about “bareback” sex and, to me, it feels so much more intimate than protected sex. Putting a barrier in between us is just that: a barrier, and recent research has linked unprotected sex to better mental health. However, the abolition of condoms and widespread unprotected sex is just not very responsible; condoms are here to stay and are necessary. That said, I find (and many other men do too) that condoms are tight and restrictive, stretching over me to fit: they may not be painful or uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean they are comfortable either!

Last week, I found a measuring kit from They Fit condoms – a company that has designed 95 separate sizes of condom for the men of Britain! FitKits can be sent out to a UK address or downloaded and printed from their website. Their idea is, if it fits better, it will feel better!

But does it work?

I couldn’t resist and measured myself, using the experience as this week’s SinfulSunday picture. While I am not “big” (and I always knew this; this is not an exercise in ego-stroking), the actual size of my manhood is slightly wider than the standard condom size.

I originally measured myself as an “M17” and paid £1 to order the sample that was one condom of the requested size (17) and one condom of the adjacent size (21), but a subsequent re-measure when I wasn’t trying to juggle a camera, cardboard and erection found that I was actually an “S21”. I should note that the numbers and letters are randomised so there is a degree of privacy for those men who are concerned about stating their measurements!

Tip: I would advise anyone doing this to measure themselves a couple of times before deciding on the size, and I would recommend getting some assistance in this matter! After all, getting fit is fun! :)

The condom itself comes in a foil packet and is only available in pre-lubricated latex that is “colourless” and “odourless.” Currently there is no non-latex variety although their website does say that they are “working hard” on a latex-free range.

A couple of days after placing my order, I received two condoms through the post – a “21” width and a slightly narrower “17” width – and put them aside for the next “sexy time” with my wife. The condoms are sealed in foil packets and rolled up within: there really is no noticeable difference in appearance with any other brand (logo aside.)

However, when putting them on, the difference is very noticeable! When first rolled over my cock, it felt bare: there was no tightness, and it felt like a condom should, but never has! I couldn’t feel it.

I am maybe a bit spoilt as my wife and I do not use condoms on a regular basis so I am used to unprotected sex, and sex with the condom on still didn’t feel as intimate or as sensual as normal but, I got to orgasm, which doesn’t always happen with other condoms and it felt better than any other condom I can remember.

So, the only way I could show this is to compare it to other condoms. Here is the “other” TheyFit condom (17 width) against the Durex on the left and the Pasante Mint on the right.

There is a clear difference between the TheyFit and the Pasante in width: this is a standard sized Pasante condom!

But also in length

So I did my best to add some air to them and it is clear that my TheyFit is that bit wider than both.

I cannot comment too much on it being odourless as once I opened the Pasante Mint, the entire room smelt of rubbery mint sauce (I felt a longing for some lamb!) but the TheyFit is certainly colourless and I didn’t detect an odour.

But all this contraceptive excellence places me in an awkward situation with TheyFit: I still dislike condoms and even with the fitted latex sheath everything felt a little bit dulled when having sex, but if I need to use condoms, then I will want it to be a TheyFit.

I guess I just started hating condoms a little less. :)

Product Name TheyFit condoms
Price £1 for two condoms for testing. Price then varies with discounts for bigger orders: prices from £6.99 for six to £39.99 for sixty.
Summary The best condom I’ve ever found.
Rating 5 out of 5
Legal This review is not endorsed by or written for anyone; the condoms were bought by myself.

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  1. Interesting!!! Jake is larger than most men and your image shows that a “They fit” is wider than a standard Durex even though it is designed for a regular kind of sized guy. No wonder we have so many issues!!! I am going RIGHT NOW to see if this company will ship to Australia
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